Weekend Open Thread


‘Any Questions’ fielded the editor of the online ‘news site’ The Canary Kerry-Anne Mendoza without telling us it is essentially a mouthpiece for Corbyn…not a ‘news site’ at all is it?,  good of the BBC to give it a platform…though maybe not as what we got was childish, ignorant, partisan nonsense from the editor…a bit of insight into what you could expect from The Canary itself?

Interesting to hear Dimbleby describe the audience as ‘self-selecting’…always thought they were carefully and rigorously vetted and selected for impartiality and to provide a good balance that represented the full spectrum of political viewpoints from across the country….Dimbleby also suggested that most of the audience would like to eat less meat….is that because he ran a poll or because he knows most of them are lefty sandal-wearing veggies?  The latter I suspect.

Any instances of the BBC ‘self-selecting’ the news that suits it….list it all here….

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  1. StewGreen says:

    7:30pm Inside Out
    West Mids : “this is very very rough surgery ” says the expert commenting on video of Brain surgeon Hussien El-Maghraby
    They spoke of authirities initially covering up his flaws
    Full news story

    West Edition has another dodgy surgeon Tony Dixon vaginal mesh


    • StewGreen says:

      East Mids edition
      – 6 year old Syrian refugee
      BBC Emotional blackmailing on one of their pet SJW issues


  2. taffman says:

    Trump comes up ‘Trumps’ and supports UK in the present crisis ?????
    How will Al Beeb report it ? If they do ?


  3. taffman says:

    Looking at all the posts over the weekend …Al Beeb treats its Telly Tax payers like mushrooms.
    It keeps them in the dark and feeds them loads of SH -‘one’- T


  4. Up2snuff says:

    The i Newspaper, front page courtesy of the BBC here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-43367131 tells me of the start of a Women Only Club.

    “Funny, I thought, Pete. Funny.”

    “I thought they wanted equality, Pete.”

    “So did I, Dudley. It strikes me that what they have got there is exclusivity, Dud, and of a kind that if it were restricted to the mail of the species, it would attract opprobrium of the feminist kind right up to the brim.”

    “To the brim, Pete? Phew! Nasty that.”

    “Yes Dudley, to the brim. Perhaps even beyond and to excess.”

    “Oh dear.

    Do yer wannanother pint?”

    “Only a half, Dud, this time.”

    “Oi Luv! Bring us a couple of halves, same as the last ones. Ta.”


  5. StewGreen says:

    Wow so Laura Southern has been banned from the UK
    and border force have called distributing LGBT posters “racist”
    Since Islam is a belief system NOT a race, challenging it is NOT racist
    so Border Force are being deceptive …why ??
    Possible scenarios
    #1 Border Force are under the thumb of Hatey No Hopers
    #2 There is a plausible terrorist threat TOWARDS conservative anti-Islam speakers ..and the gov keeping them out is protecting them
    # Something else ?


  6. StewGreen says:

    Now on BBC4 Islamic Spain
    Presenter “ruled by Arabs for 700 years”, “nearly 900 years”


    • StewGreen says:

      A recent poster in Luton advertised Al Quds Day
      ..Isn’t that the march where a few people demonstrated support FOR terrorism ?


  7. StewGreen says:

    Latest video from Tommy : Antifa attack
    seemingly an unprovoked attack by MASKED antifa in a McDonalds carpark going for the camerawoman particularly
    At one stage Tommy comes back punching, and a black voice say “wow man they were all on you but you [email protected] em up on your own”
    .. Tommy was down the road from an antifa training thing
    so when Tommy gets to police lines antifa come to intimidate and shout “racist” but are unable to repeat anything he has genuinely said.
    It already has 1/4 million views and his Italy one topped 1 million in a day


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      An MBE is an award given by the Queen to an individual for outstanding service to the community or local ‘hands on’ service. The definition of MBE is Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

      Sir Tommy Robinson should be top of the list.


  8. davylars says:

    Art of Spain BBC4
    As we all expected, a Beeb Documentary telling us how grateful we should be for Islam.
    I did watch it as I have a keen interest in architecture from any period.
    However it was a bit like the Monty Python sketch, ‘What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us.’
    However I did discover the mistake.
    “Muslims introduced Green Peppers……. err no.
    Place of origin of the capsicum (green pepper) is South America, but they spread to Central America between 5200 and 3400 BC.
    It is claimed that Columbus himself is responsible for introducing chile to Europe from where it spread further to Africa and Asia..


  9. Al Shubtill says:

    I watched the PM’s statement to the HoC earlier, re the dead Russian in Salisbury and it occurred to me:

    Why doesn’t she (ever) talk half so tough as that with the scEUm in Brussels?


  10. taffman says:

    Notice that there is a dearth of HYS of items on Al Beeb this evening.
    All day even.
    I wonder why?


  11. taffman says:

    Incoming news! “Some say” …………………………
    “That Trump will be cleared of collusion with the Russians” ?


  12. StewGreen says:

    Antifa are out of control
    a week ago Antifa Shut Down a Planned Debate Between Yaron Brook and Sargon of Akkad at the King’s College



  13. taffman says:

    Message to Al Beeb and maxi, President Trump is “Draining the swamp”.


  14. tomo says:

    BBC Monday Morning shift

    “There’s been another child rape scandal”

    “Fuck, which one of us got caught”

    “No, in Telford”

    “Oh, you mean BBC Radio?”

    “No, a grooming gang”

    “Great, get it on the headlines”

    “They’re Asian and Muslim”

    “Oh. Replace it with this story on Meghan’s beret”

    h/t Ranty Man


    • taffman says:

      It must be very embarrassing for the so called ‘leaders in breaking news’.


  15. tomo says:

    Apparently it’s retaliation speculation time

    So one to add to the BBC’s list:

    MI6 – Find a British traitor living in Russia and try to bump him/her off?


  16. vlad says:

    When Telford first broke I predicted that a) the beebishite would sit on it as long as poss, then would b) bury it under Shropshire. Guess what? That’s exactly what happened.

    But read the article carefully and a further point emerges: not ONE SINGLE mention of some crucial but taboo words: the ‘M word’ (muslim); the I word (islam), the P word (pakistani) or even the
    usual slimy euphemism, the A for Asian word (highly insulting to all decent Asians to be lumped in with muslim paedophile rapists).

    And of course no photos of convicted perpetrators, and no incriminating names like Ali and Mohammed.

    The deception continues, the collusion continues, the collaboration continues.

    It’s called lying by omission, you cnuts.

    Full mendacious ‘article’ below.

    Inquiry call over Telford child sex exploitation.

    A new investigation claims hundreds of children could have been abused in Telford over decades
    Calls are being made for a new inquiry into child sexual exploitation in a town following further allegations.
    A Sunday Mirror investigation claimed hundreds of girls were abused in Telford, Shropshire, dating back to the 1980s.
    The town’s MP, Lucy Allan, said she would raise the issue in Parliament and is calling for independent inquiry.
    West Mercia Police said it takes all allegations “extremely seriously” but the latest information was “not new”.
    Midlands Live: Man stabbed to death over pool game; Brain surgeon’s operations ‘appalling’
    The Sunday Mirror gathered allegations of abuse, said to include cases involving girls as young as 11, who were drugged, beaten and raped.
    Assistant Chief Constable of West Mercia Police, Martin Evans, said tackling offences of child sexual exploitation is a priority.
    He said the issue has gained prominence in Telford because of high profile cases, like Operation Chalice in 2013.
    But he claimed a number of changes have been made, with the Home Office and Ofsted conducting inspections to see how agencies in Telford are working to tackle the issue.
    He added: “Tackling child sexual exploitation is, and has been for some time, the number one priority for police in Telford.
    “We have specialist officers and resources in place tackling this type of offending, and we are committed to using our resources and technology to pursue anyone who sexually offends against children – whether that offending took place today, last week or years ago.”
    He urged anyone who felt they have been a victim of such crimes to come forward to police.
    MP Lucy Allan said there needs to be an independent review into child sexual exploitation in Telford
    The Police and Crime Commissioner for Shropshire John Campion said “this horrific crime is happening in our communities now and has been for many years” and that it was a “continued area of focus” by police.
    The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) in England and Wales has confirmed it has plans to look into Telford as part of its investigation into child sexual exploitation by groups and gangs.
    The inquiry was set up in 2014 and is being led by Prof Alexis Jay, who headed the inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.
    The leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, Councillor Shaun Davies, intends to write to the Home Office to ask them to bring the review forward.

    Telford & Wrekin Council leader Shaun Davies said he will be calling for the IICSA to come to Telford
    Figures provided by the council show that between 2013 and 2016, there were 303 cases referred to its specialist Children Abused Through Exploitation (CATE) project, a team that deals specifically with victims of this type of crime.
    Conservative Ms Allan said the latest reports were “serious and shocking” and she hoped the decision in 2016 not to conduct an independent review into the problem would be reconsidered.
    She said: “The IICSA will not investigate whether any of the authorities in Telford should be accountable.
    “That is why we must have an independent inquiry into what happened in Telford; such an inquiry is outside the current scope of the IICSA.”
    A spokeswoman for the NSPCC said it was “vital” action was taken against these crimes to prevent them from happening in future.
    She added: “The scale of the problem of child sexual exploitation in Telford and Wrekin is deeply concerning.
    “Child sexual exploitation is a pernicious crime which ruins lives and victims must be able to speak out in the knowledge they will be taken seriously and action will be taken.”



    • vlad says:

      The evil beebistan still trying to keep a lid on the sheer scale of the epidemic. But you know what happens when you keep a lid on boiling liquid? It eventually explodes in your face.

      Come the day.


    • Oaknash says:

      Vlad – The story was “covered” by the “World at One” yesterday but was buried three quarters of the way through the programme. The article was barely 3 minutes long and squeezed in between a much longer eulogy to to Doddy and a piece on the Chinese leader Xi Pingpong . It covered only the most brief headlines and it was obvious that the article was rushed through at a rate of knots.

      The fact that an article involving multiple counts of rape and probable murder of British girls was placed immediately after the long and boring piece about the dead funster Ken Dodd gave it an incongruity which only the despicable BBC could be happy with.

      I am afraid these shits have reached a new low in news management that only the likes of Kim Jong Un could be happy with.

      I think we are now gathering speed on the slippery slope to total media control by the left and the probable one policy state (all alternative parties either succumbing to the approved “Common Purpose” view of the world or being strangled at birth) The left wing media cockroaches have been breeding in the dark whilst many of us were looking the other way and will soon be forcing the rest of us out into the street.

      It just goes to show that the tradition of democracy in this country is only as strong as those at the top. When you are led by weak, incompetent and cowardly leaders such as Sharia May and Amber Rudd then it is all too easy too lose the freedoms many of our forebears fought and died for.



      • vlad says:

        Oak thanks for the update about World at One. I rarely watch or listen to the odious beeb and my comments are mostly based on their repulsive webshite.

        PS. As you say, tickle sticks so much more important than mass rape by muslims.


  17. Pounce says:

    I see the bBC in line with the leader of the Labour Party have come out in support of Putin:
    Vladimir Putin: What does the world think of Russia’s president

    Funny how so many people love him, especially in the US. Yes the man who uses cluster bombs in Syria, Ukraine and Georgia. Who promotes a hate gays agenda inside Russia, who promotes a hate Muslim agenda inside Russia,who kicked Chechnya into the Stone Age, who has overseen nuclear threats on European countries. All of which are despised by the left including the bBC If even thought about in the West. Is given the whitewash the tonsil treatment by the arse bandits at the bBC who love nothing better than dating a Russian Bear.


  18. Pounce says:

    Regards the bBCs version of how fabbott shagger Corbyn questioned donations to the Tory party by Russians living in the UK, Whislt the Buggering British Children states that Fabbot Shagger was derided by Tory MPs they fail to mention that he was also derided by labour MPs and who do they bring out to defend him..

    Funny thing is , not once do they mention Corbyns links with Russia

    Funny how the bBC forgot to mention JC links to Moscow of which he has been paid a pretty rouble.


    • Oaknash says:

      Pounce – I agree with the main thrust of what you are saying regarding the hypocrisy of Corbyn but in truth with Rudd and May in charge we are still heading down the same plughole of chaos – just in a more roundabout way. The BBC will be more than happy to keep the Russian Bear story running as long as possible as it deflects attention away from more (ahem) embarrassing stories on the home front. No doubt Putin is an evil bastard but when you have a country that has been turned into an international laughing stock with no credibility by blowhard liberals – then the real spooks will just see us as a glorified playground.

      The deportation yesterday of outspoken but generally level headed journalist Lauren Southern under “terrorism” regs has made me realise just how low this country has sunk under Mays islamic, arse licking leadership.

      A turd is still a turd no matter what colour you spray it with.


      • Pounce says:

        Regards the Southern story here’s a few facts on that story which should have people asking questions about how the UK bends over backs for the Islam.


        • Oaknash says:

          Things might get very confusing at the BBC soon – GAY IS GOOD! GLAD TO BE GAY! GAY AND PROUD!
          Phone rings – Yes, Yes, Mr Ahmed – I will get onto it straight away

          I suppose supporting two conflicting views at once has always been the BBC way but I cant help thinking that some of Aunties more artistic and flamboyant types may well be getting a few shocks the way this country seem to be heading.

          Tolerance is a wonderful thing but when we tolerate the totally intolerant and the intolerable above all things then society and democracy comes unstuck.


          • Guest Who says:

            This one should further sweeten the pot.


            • Payne by name says:

              Jesus, this country. Tolerance of LGBT is everything but if you dare promote it to Islam (totally fine if you ram it down the throat of CofE and force them to have gay marriages in church), that is suddenly racist.

              So, is this an admission at last from the fools running HM Govt that Islam trumps Women and LGBT rights?

              Come to the country on an agenda of promoting a faith system (not race) that has a backwards attitude to women and LGBT’ers and you are green lit with high fives.

              Come to the country to report on what’s going on and they’ll bring up when you dared to challenge aforementioned faith system and use that as a reason to ban entry.

              The Beeb and the left literally lost their shit at Trump banning individuals from a list of unsafe countries, yet are totally cool with barring entry to women who have an opinion counter to the establishment.

              I truly despair at how our country is being run into the ground by a collection of PC cucks.


    • Pounce says:

      Here is something else. JC and the bBC don’t make clear regards donations to political parties:

      Who can you accept a donation from?
      You must only accept donations from permissible donors.
      A permissible donor is:
      • An individual registered on a UK electoral register, including overseas electors and those leaving bequests.
      • Most UK-registered companies.
      • A Great Britain registered political party.
      • A UK-registered trade union.
      • A UK-registered building society.
      • A UK-registered limited liability partnership (LLP) that carries on business in the UK.
      • A UK-registered friendly society.
      • A UK-based unincorporated association
      that carries on business or other activities in the UK.
      You can also accept donations from some types of trust,
      and from certain public funds. You can find more information in


    • scribblingscribe says:

      And in answer to Owen’s question, “How do Tory MPs think jeering and screaming at Jeremy Corbyn for raising the Tories’ extensive and undeniable donations from Russian-linked sources is going to look”

      Well Owen, the country was screaming at its radio and TV sets at the same time. Corbyn didnt understand the situation called for national resolve against an enemy that is trying to kill us in out streets.


  19. AsISeeIt says:

    One has to admire the response to BBC accusations from Russian spokesman Sergey Markov:

    “Give us documents, give us evidence, not blah blah blah”

    If only BBC news would take notice. Not just about this nerve agent story but on every news subject the BBC taint with their biased editorialising.


    • Guest Who says:

      What they need to do is wheel out Nick Robinson, headphones now fully front to back, chirping ‘sources are saying; sources are saying’, to reaffirm bbc credibility.


  20. Guest Who says:

    I knew getting the popcorn in early was a smart play.

    Other exchanges are also available.


  21. AsISeeIt says:

    Asad Ahmed on BBC London news this morning has only time for three news headlines in the short local bulletin and for one of them he brings us the happy news that Grade Two Listings have been awarded to two of the capital’s mosques.

    There’s a point to be made there somewhere – but I’m damned if I can say what it is.


    • Foscari says:

      AsiSeelt- For the viewers that the Londonistan programme is
      produced for, it is happy news. I am going to ask the BBC to
      put this programme on Asian network site.


    • Guest Who says:

      You could ask, but they can be defensive.


      • AsISeeIt says:

        Anyone heard whether the BBC have chartered a helicopter to overfly Telford yet?


        • Oaknash says:

          AI – Not possible it will be too busy flying over the Russian embassy.

          Expect much huffing, puffing and posturing from Theresa today. She is always more comfortable being shitty with foreign leaders than she is with being shitty with those who make excuses for those who rape and murder some of our youth.

          Still they are working class white kids – so in the eyes of the elite and the BBC they dont count anyway.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      It means that adorning them with bacon is now against building regulations.


    • Payne by name says:

      I’ve always thought that if Islam wanted to help integrate itself into the UK it would put clocks on their mosques.

      Then at least some people would find looking at those buildings a useful public service in telling them the time and maybe less of a reminder of a backward faith spreading like cancer throughout the country.


      • Al Shubtill says:

        You won’t be able to do that once they are all listed buildings or when Britons become a minority in Britain (c.2060).


  22. Scroblene says:

    Just a thought, why does the awful bbbc suck up to our enemies – either ‘religious’, or just fanatical, when the perpetrators can’t even write or read the Queen’s English?

    Presumably, the downtrodden foreigners rely on the benefits of lefties, snowflakes and sjws everywhere to try and translate!


    • Guest Who says:

      Seems they can swing a job as border officers quite easily, if that letter of Ms. Southern is anything to go on.


      • Scroblene says:

        We can’t really say we have a border, it’s just an imaginary space somewhere between the UK and elsewhere, manned and womanned by the sort of people who just turn up for an eight-hour shift, compliments of The Ome Orifice…

        (Perhaps I ought to read the letter first before I enlighten myself too much…)!


  23. Guest Who says:

    OT, but I love blondie’s face as things take yet another poor turn.

    OMG, as Katty Kay will not be RT’ing.


  24. Beeb Brother says:

    They are talking about Worboys for the billionth time but no mention of Telford.

    They are an absolute disgrace.

    Worboys segues to an obsequious story about Islamic architecture! Who cares about the thousands raped when there are some nice buildings?


  25. Sluff says:

    Just listening to Toady this morning, live from Glasgow University.
    Apparently the big crisis in Universities and virtually the only thing Justin Webb wanted to talk about …repeatedly..was the ‘access to poor students’.
    Yep. That’s official. The university sector is simply now a test bed for social engineering. Above all else. Its the only thing that matters.
    Statements about how poorly paid lecturers are and so they need to keep their underfunded final salary pension scheme went of course totally unchallenged.
    As for topics like research, or the balance between what the country needs and what courses the universities should offer….silence. Not a murmur. Nothing.
    Crass low brow useless virtue-signalling journalism and yours for £4bn.


    • Tabs says:

      The BBC and Universities are in the same leftie echo chamber.

      Universities get lots of free BBC TV coverage for their moaning and they return the favour by sending a Professor of Brexit Disaster Analysis Studies or Professor of Why Immigrants Are Great for the UK Studies to be interviewed on BBC TV.


  26. Sluff says:

    I can’t help noticing that the …errr…..underperformance of Corbyn in the Salisbury nerve agent attack debate….is rather lower down the BBC news agenda than most other news organisations. So much so, I didnt even know about it until this morning.
    I think its called ‘burying bad news’.


  27. scribblingscribe says:

    I don’t watch BBC news or listen to it on Radio 4 anymore, unless my blood pressure is unusually low.

    Here are some samples from the BBC news web site compared to Sky news site about Ahmed Hassan who tried to murder people with his bomb on Parson’s Green Tube.

    “Ms Cable, a lecturer and mentor of his at Brooklands College in Weybridge, Surrey, said when he started there in April 2016 he was in “the worst state” she had seen a student.”

    Sky news:
    “The Iraqi teenager on trial over the Parsons Green bomb said it was his “duty to hate Britain””

    “… mentor Katie Cable became concerned about his behaviour despite him being named student of the year in June last year.”
    — yes I know, student of the year!

    Cable “told the court she (Cable) alerted Prevent after she saw a WhatsApp message on the 18-year-old’s phone in August 2016, saying: “IS (Islamic State) has accepted your donation.””

    “Zoe Spencer, had accompanied Hassan to an immigration interview in January 2016. She said when he was asked if he had been involved with terrorist groups such as IS, he said: “Yes, I was recruited by ISIS for three months.”
    And the reaction of Zoe to this revelation? “Ms Spencer said she stopped the interview as she felt Hassan did not understand the question.”

    Haven’t yet heard Gary Lineker’s views on this child asylum seeker.


    • G says:

      I know, ridiculous isn’t it? But it fills the airwaves sufficiently for the serious issues like events in Telford to drop off the page.
      Just as ridiculous as granting a number of mosques, ‘Protected Status’ because it “celebrates” our muslim “heritage”. Really?
      “Heritage” – Oxford English Dictionary: “a nations historic buildings, ……..when regarded as worthy of preservation”. So, precisely who thought the mosques, “….worthy of preservation” then? Perhaps the residents of Rotherham, Rochdale and all the rest now including Telford all got together and pleaded with the Heritage Trust to grant the status?
      Heritage also covers, “inherited circumstances, benefits etc”. So, I ask myself what “benefit”?
      Truth is, its the muslim community trying desperately to cement some kind of history in the UK. Interesting that on the Historic England website it says: “Particularly careful selection is required for buildings from the period after 1945.” So what, “careful selection” was applied to these mosques?…………………..
      Accommodating and appeasing islam. Perhaps Treezer told the National Heritage people to list the mosques following her meeting with the Saudi leader last week………….


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      Get him doing his home jail at Lineker’s house.


    • Payne by name says:

      Surely Gary L is helping with the legal fees for this immigrants defense…


  28. thirdoption says:

    My apologies to anyone on this site who is from Salisbury and suffered poisoning from an unknown source.
    My apologies to anyone on this site who has a family member or close friend in Salisbury who is suffering from poisoning from an unknown source.

    But…..I really don’t give a toss and I am sick to death of the ludicrous amount of coverage it has been given.
    Compared to other stories not getting mentioned it is small beer (cue outrage from all SJW’s and snowflakes).

    I wish this country had the backbone to go after traitors in the same way.


    • Up2snuff says:

      third, makes you wonder whether it is being stirred up for a purpose, doesn’t it?

      Especially now that Theresa May has given President Putin such an obvious Get Out of Jail Free card.

      “You have 24 hours to confess!”

      “OK, OK, it’s a fair cop. We did not do it. We did not authorise it. We have checked our closely regulated and controlled substances and found that some have been stolen. We think you have lot of Russian crimis in UK. Please send back with all their monies and properties. We will punish them for you. Paceba.”


    • Payne by name says:

      Couldn’t agree more. This guy was a traitor to Russia and props to them for eventually getting their man. We’re talking about the world of espionage where even the most retarded individual understands that it’s a highly dangerous world.

      I wish we had done the same to our nest of disgusting traitors a la Kim Philby etc


      • Rob in Cheshire says:


        I could not disagree with you more.

        The man in question did his time in the Gulag, and was then released under a prisoner exchange. That is the end of the matter. One of the Russian agents who went the other way was Anna Chapman. It would be as wrong for us to now murder her as it was for the Russians to try to kill a man who spied for us.

        There is no comparison to the likes of Kim Philby, who never served time, and was not part of a prisoner exchange. He was a traitor who fled to the USSR. We would have been within our rights to have bumped him off, but even during the Cold War, we did not do that sort of thing.

        I was prepared to give Putin some credit at one stage, but he is revealed now as a thug and a bully. Using nerve gas against British citizens in a British city is beyond the pale. I just feel sorry for the people of Russia that their brief taste of democracy is over. Russia has reverted to a tyranny once again.


    • theisland says:

      Whether the Russians are responsible or not, I hope this incident isn’t going to be used by the government as an excuse to stay post-Brexit within the closer EU ‘Defence Union’ (much already surreptitiously signed up to by Whitehall civil servants), with all its potential future problems for us.
      See @VeteransBritain


  29. Fedup2 says:

    The toady interview of saz montague with a pole and a Russian on the Salisbury poisoning was pure popcorn and great fun for such an awful incident .

    It really is worth a listen. Monty goo so far out of her beeboid depth . She sounded like she is on a drug which stops her from listening to answers and then tailoring the next question.

    Al beeb hasn’t argued for connecting this to brexit yet but can’t be too faraway .the “ Remain and we ll be able to deal with Russia “nonsense .

    Meanwhile Saudi oil bribes have bought protection for London mosques. Not Blighty any more . Islamic terrorist underground attack trials played down.


  30. Up2snuff says:

    FakeNews or FalseNews from Sarah Montague on the BBC’s R4 TODAY programme at approximately 8.15am.

    She has obviously forgotten the Budget is now in the autumn/winter. It is the first ever Spring Budget Statement from the Chancellor today.

    Bit much to expect 100% perfection from the BBC. Ah, but that is the standard they set for themselves (thank you, Ritula) and for the new social media that they fear and loathe and love and use. Fall below it BBC, and the finger gets pointed at YOU.


  31. G says:

    BBC’s Sopel frothing at the mouth again: Rex Tillerson condemns Russia’s alleged Salisbury attack but, we are told, the White House is strangely silent. Could it be that the “Beauty” British Broadcasting Corporation, (the ‘Voice of the Nation’) has pushed its serial condemnation of the President too far and whilst he would really like to express his genuine view – “Fu*k you Brits”, has decided to remain silent?


  32. Fedup2 says:

    I’m hoping that US/UK are playing roles in the response to Russia. Whatever the outcome it will no be good for Blighty . If May is seen as too soft the government will be attacked and comrade Corbin/McDonald cover themselves by attacking –

    If the response is hard – such as breaking off diplomatic relations only the French and Germans win . It’s no good looking for anyone’s support as it’s about financial national interest in the end.

    Let’s hope when Putin does it again it’s not in UK .

    As for Sopel criticising President Trump – poor sopel is a diminished journo these days but he needs his job so sings the albeeboid tune like a parrot.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      I would have thought Corbyn would be lying low just now.

      Apparently Russian spies are being murdered on the streets of Great Britain.


  33. EnglandExpects says:

    BBC tv news finally reporting the 1000 girl abuse, drugged, raped scandal in Telford. 2 days after the Mail covered it. But nothing on radio 4 this morning. The listing of mosques deemed more important.


  34. JamesArthur says:

    R4. Knocking Trump because he hasn’t tweeted about Russia….funny normally they knock him for tweeting about anything….basically they are looking at any means to attack him.
    On a different subject..been out of loop recently but does anyone know the ethnicity of the 4 blokes that stabbed Liz Hurley’s nephew? – it’s been reported by BBC — that 4 men…..so which doesn’t usually means white right wing activists…


    • Fedup2 says:

      Me thinks more too it than meets the eye and perhaps the victim isn’t too saintly, in Beeb world not mentioning the perpetrator race normally means black or paki derivative – and not calling for witnesses also points toward a less than innocent picture for the actress’ nephew . God knows why it got national cover .
      Celebrating our diverse mosques is far more important.


  35. Sluff says:

    Its very late but just thinking about what stories the marxists in the bBBC newsroom editorial suite decide to cover or not to cover.
    I swear the other day one of the main stories was ‘person dies in hospital’.
    The agenda of course was’evil incarnate Tories underfund the NHS’ but even for the bBBC this one really was scraping the bottom of the barrel.


  36. seismicboy says:

    A plethora of snowflakes are appearing and bleating about the need to separate sport from politics wrt a possible boycott of the football world cup.
    Cast your mind back to the alleged FSB tampering with doping samples after the Sochi Olympics to try to exonerate their athletes.
    This is from the Guardian of all places, a source I would not ordinarily quote, anyway here it is again.
    “Among a series of extraordinary claims that were published in the New York Times, Rodchenkov said Russian anti-doping experts and members of the FSB, the Russian intelligence service, secretly replaced urine samples containing banned substances of medal winners with clean urine. To do this they set up a shadow laboratory in Sochi, having found a way to break into supposedly tamper-proof bottles.”
    So, can we separate sport from politics? I suspect not.


    • G says:

      Simply muhammed’s disciples going about his good work and closely in his footsteps…………


    • Payne by name says:

      Good point. The left are always terribly concerned with brainwashing our kids yet their ‘sitting on their hands and just sweep it under the carpet’ inaction is going to lead to a lot of very angry (justifiably) individuals with a genuine axe to grind against a certain culture that treated them with such contempt and a society that stood by and let them be sacrificed in the name of multiculturalism.


  37. StewGreen says:

    R4 Jim Al-Khalili’s prog, close to the end crowd psychologist repeated the assertion that it was the working class that voted for Trump ..Well, it’s certainly more complex than that stereotype.
    He then went onto talk about Orban
    And in the next breath about dictators as if Orban and Trump are dictators ..no they were both elected and in the case of TRump with the system against him.


  38. Old Timer says:

    The government and the media are really getting their knickers in a great big twist about a disreputable Russian spy and his daughter being poisoned. However he was not spying for Russia of course he was spying for Britain, so he was a British spy, and had committed some very damaging acts against his own motherland of Russia, paid for by you and I.

    So having been swopped in a spy exchange deal did he consider himself lucky to have got out of jail in Russia? Was he lying low and being discrete and making sure he was not seen in public? No he was wandering around Salisbury, a popular tourist town, with his daughter. He had a meal in a popular restaurant, a drink in a town centre pub just as any tourist might do. Some might call this bloody stupid, or damned arrogant and putting other lives at risk, especially his daughter’s life.

    Remember this has happened before, and more than a couple of times, and in this country, and he knew better than anyone what the risks were. Frankly it comes to mind that he must have had a death wish.

    So what about our glorious government and his British handlers? What a dozy lot they must be letting him wander about in public knowing he was a ticking bomb endangering the public every moment he was out and about. I expect lessons will be learned, or not. And the May Pole thinks she can punish Russia. Ha, ha bloody ha, ha, ha. I’m sure Putin will be laughing his socks off as he might at the antics of a fly on his nose.

    On the other hand, as others on this forum have already said, thousands of children have been raped and even killed in this country by invaders from foreign lands. That’s the first thing that successful invaders do of course, rape the women and children and steal their belongings. Not to mention the terrorist bombings and vehicle drive overs of pedestrians and the acid attacks and knife murder epidemics that the well-respected London Mayor now calls normal.

    The blame for both of these terrible crimes is absolutely and completely the fault of this and previous British governments and this Prime Minister is probably the worst of the lot. Useless, incompetent and doing her best to create a police state where free speech is called hate speech and a prisonable offence.

    The next episode in the demise and destruction of Britain will be along shortly but do not expect the BBC to stand by us in our hour of need. Their faces are twisted away in order not to see. They care not for the suffering of our children, after all they harboured one of the worst paedophiles in plain sight. The Saville Broadcasting Company goes on regardless like a gargantuan snake from hell.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Old Timer:

      Your comments make no sense. The man in question was living very quietly in a sleepy English cathedral city. Is he never meant to go out for a meal or a drink?

      He was part of a proper agent exchange. This has happened for years, and has always been the end of the matter. No side ever goes after a spy who has been properly exchanged (note, this would not include someone like Oleg Gordievsky, who escaped from Russia in the boot of a British Embassy car).

      It looks as if the norms which even the USSR agreed to mean nothing to Putin. We are dealing with a very dangerous and amoral man here, the usual rules and customs mean nothing to him. He reserves the right to kill any Russian (or in this case, former Russian) anywhere in the world, for any reason, and is prepared to use radioactive poison and nerve gas to do it. If you are happy for the Russian government to commit murder in our country using these evil substances, good for you. I am not.


      • ID says:

        I was listening to the vile O’Brien on LBC this morning and one of the callers was making the same point as Old Timer. It seems to be a variation on the “we have brought it on ourselves” shtick so beloved of apologists for muslim terrorism or the “the USA had it coming to them” mantra after 9/11. Even O’Brien could not swallow the caller’s thesis that the spy had committed the ultimate crime by betraying his country and so deserved death. Usually any mention of patriotism would unleash gales of laughter from O’Brien. The left always adopt the “cui bono” approach to discover the “truth”. Just think of Tony Benn sucking on his pipe mouthing nonsense. Some LBC bint is now claiming that “Trump is a wholly owned subsidiary of Putin” because of the latest sacking and Trump’s unwillingness to help out one of his principal denigrators by denouncing Putin.


      • Old Timer says:

        Rob in Cheshire,
        For goodness sake did you really think I was advocating his murder? I was not; I was saying he, Sergei Skripal and our government should have been more aware of the risks. As you say Putin is a very dangerous man and whether we like it or not he clearly has the power to reach into our heartland and kill those that he thinks have done him and his country wrong. That is a fact but absolutely not one I am “happy” about and to infer that was my meaning, as you say, “makes no sense” and is very wrong.

        I do believe however that it was incompetent and sloppy of our government not to foresee that this could happen and try to prevent it by ensuring the man kept a low profile, as well as perhaps was given some form of protection. If you cannot see that I am sorry.

        My other point was the disparity between the fuss over his death by the media, headed by the BBC, as well as the government, and those THOUSANDS of British children raped and terribly abused here in this country, some of whom have also allegedly been killed.

        I hope you can see that point too because it they are the most shameful and sickening occurrences that have happened in this country in my lifetime, bare none, and it would seem that most people on this blog and in this country agree. I hope you do to.


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          Old Timer:

          Fair points, but the fact is that he was living quietly and not making any waves. After being part of an official spy swap, that should have been it. Even the USSR observed those rules. If the Russians had wanted to kill him, they should have done it when he was in the Gulag, not in Salisbury. Even the Russian court did not hand him a death penalty.

          HMG does not have the resources to give someone like this 24/7 security, nor should they have to.


          • Old Timer says:

            The Russian/British spy, Skripal, had apparently given a “phone directory” of names of his Russian comrades to the British and that means to the USA as well.

            This will have put many others at risk of harm or even death, after all spying is deadly game.

            Skripal will therefore have had many enemies not just Putin. To have wandered around in full view was, as I said before, therefore arrogant and stupid. To imagine otherwise would therefore be living in La La Land.

            That is my opinion, to which I am of course entitled.
            Shall we agree to disagree now?


            • ID says:

              Old Timer
              You may as well say that an IRA supergrass “had it coming to him” because the IRA were angry they had lost men because of his betrayal. It is just as ridiculous to say that the supergrass would be to blame if the IRA killed innocent bystanders in an attempt to kill him. Maybe you believe all subterfuge is wrong and would have refused to act on enigma intelligence during WWII because a “gentleman does not read another gentleman’s correspondence”


    • Fedup2 says:


      A long way from London
      Labour constituency
      White Working class of no value
      Young white girls are asking for it .

      So forget it. Put it in the same box as other towns which don’t matter – let’s concentrate on notes being sent to muzzie mp s who can dine out on the victimhood from now to the next election
      Even if I went soft and said that msm now wants to investigate this it can’t because it has avoided it in the past and cannot admit to its culpability .

      Lawrence , Grenfell , warboys becomes an easy al Beeb fixation but paki Muslims raping underage white girls is not important to al Beeb


  39. BRISSLES says:

    Discussions on VD re the Telford groomings. Funny how we didn’t have child abuse (not counting the Irish Laundry/Catholic church/Saville scandals) on this scale until we opened the doors to the 3rd world.


    • Al Shubtill says:

      The age of consent in the UK is sixteen, it’s a good deal lower than that in Muslim countries and virtually non-existent in the Third World; what has happened is what it is obvious would happen if large numbers of people are imported from those places into the UK.


    • StewGreen says:

      VD interviwed the Telford journo
      guess BBC are doing the story in a controlled
      way “so how’ve you gone from the 12 you spoke to to estimated hundreds ”

      that was then uploaded up to the BBC Shropshire news list

      Posted at 10:04
      ‘I was raped by multiple men’
      A woman told the Victoria Derbyshire programme earlier she was raped by multiple men in Telford.
      She spoke following a Sunday Mirror investigation which claimed hundreds of girls were abused in the town, dating back to the 1980s.
      The woman, who appeared anonymously, said she was the victim of a grooming gang and was first abused at the age of 14 and had two abortions.
      She said her phone number was sold by boys her own age to older men, who bombarded her with calls.
      Telford MP Lucy Allan has called for an independent inquiry.


  40. MarkyMark says:

    For Douglas Murray seeing the future is possible (Telford) ….

    “For the best part of a decade the BBC – like most other mainstream media – chose to ignore the issue of the northern Muslim grooming gangs. … But nobody should be surprised if the BBC reverts to ignoring crimes like Rochdale in the future.

    “Will the BBC go back to ignoring grooming gangs? – Douglas Murray {spectator 04feb2018}”


  41. Swelter says:

    1030 am…Just trawled through BBC s web site no reference what so ever to Telford from what I can see


    • G.W.F. says:

      Boris is getting ready to nuke Russia over some geezer getting poisoned.
      Treezer and amber Amber are sending the army into Telford to establish some control over the savages that have occupied that town and are raping the children..


  42. dafydd says:

    Even Sky found Corbyn out of order in the Commons yesterday regarding his disgraceful response to the Russian chemical attack in Salisbury.. Genuinely, if Corbyn gets into power then God help us all..!!!!



  43. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC News Channel include Telford among their headlines at 11am but it is 11.35 before we get the story with Ben Brown delivering the rather self-justifying comment “details are just beginning to emerge”

    Of course by now the BBC have their money shot lined up. A clip from the Vicky Derbyshire Show of victim “Holly” stating : “It wasn’t just Pakistani men, it was men of all races…”

    So that’s all ok, then.

    You have to hand it to the BBC, that was a veritable masterclass in educating us dimwit plebs in what’s important and what’s not about this story.

    Lefty fans of the BBC have now got their killer quote supplied to them with which to redirect attention against the generic ‘men’.

    Is this poor girl being treated by the BBC as a victim or as star witness number one for the defence of a religious/ethnic grouping?

    Has she been groomed by lefty liberals into compliance with their dubious community cohesion activities?

    I hate the way the BBC would rather tar innocent men than attribute blame where it belongs.


    • Tabs says:

      Just a tiny text link on the main BBC News homepage. Salt in Chinese Takeaways is more important in BBC land.

      Telford abuse: ‘I was sold twice a night’

      No mention of a 1000 girls raped. Link makes it appear to be just one girl who was “sold” not “raped”.

      The BBC are still the biggest abusers of children.


  44. MarkyMark says:

    Telford make that news page! Hooray! 13mar2018 @ 11:48


    “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed (Telford): everything else is public relations (Pork Pies).”

    ― George Orwell


  45. s.trubble says:

    Yet again the bBC is caught red handed with regards to the reporting of Telford matters.

    The same old 3 card trick ( also perfected by the Roman Catholic church)

    1) Ignore/Deny
    2) deflect
    3) Play victim card

    There is a stench coming from this operation…………. surely its putrefied enough to warrant its closure.


  46. MarkyMark says:

    “The EU is a mafia. Money flows up, shit flows down”

    – parody account responds to this ….

    “To those of us who recognise Brussels’ as a democracy-free zone, the noxius method by which Martin Selmayr was appointed Master of the EC came as no surprise. We are only surprised that some are… surprised.” – Yanis Varoufakis


  47. Tabs says:

    The Sun were reporting a BBC Radio Star investigated over an allegation of a historical sex offence involving a child.


    Still no mention of this on the BBC. Probably no room on the website due to the Telford Chinese takaway salt reporting