Mussolini Rides Again


The Sqwark on Newsnight was suggesting that the spirit of Mussolini was riding again across the Italian landscape as the anti-immigration debate hots up in Italy due to the invasion of thousands upon thousands of economic migrants being shipped in by NGOs….the Spectator doesn’t adopt the same narrative that the BBC does, it takes a more balanced and impartial look at what is going on….

Amid relentless propaganda about Italy being in the grip of fascism, Italians go to the polls on Sunday. It will be an attempt to produce their first elected prime minister since 2008, when Silvio Berlusconi won. Since his resignation in 2011, Italy has had four unelected leaders.

Italy’s migrant crisis has dominated these elections, especially after the discovery of the chopped-up remains of an 18-year-old Italian girl in two suitcases by the side of a road in the picturesque hilltop city of Macerata in Le Marche. Three Nigerian migrants are in custody for the murder. And in revenge, a 28-year-old fascist lunatic drove around Macerata opening fire on black people at random, wounding six (none fatally). He then gave himself up to police.

What happened in Macerata transformed Italy’s migrant crisis, already a big factor, into la questione numero uno of the election campaign, despite massive efforts inside and outside Italy to use it instead to talk only about fascists.

The Italian left and a largely supportive global media are doing their best to brainwash Italians into thinking that a vote for the right is a vote for fascism. But neither Italy’s right, nor the Italians, are fascists. What they are is fed up with the floods of illegal migrants coming into Italy, where they represent what Berlusconi has described as a ‘social bomb about to explode’.

What we get from the BBC instead is its usual refusal to accept that massive, uncontrolled immigration will destroy Europe…it prefers to bury its head in the sand and spread alarm about Fascists allegedly on the march….if they are then they are a creation of the BBC and its ilk.



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  1. Fedup2 says:

    Look come on let’s be real . If the Italian people vote for something which the ReichEU disapproves they’ll be told to have another vote to get the right answer – similarly to what’s floating here over another referendum .

    It’ll be more interesting than usual to see if there is a young/old – country/town split on the immigration issue . I’m sure the Italian people will see sense.

    Al Beeb will spin it as a victory for multiculturalism or if it goes the other way they’ll ignore it and keep talking about running out of grit. Or it being too cold for polar bears in the zoo… here’s a cute picture of a penguin ..


    • Doublethinker says:

      Fed up,
      If the Italian people do vote in a coalition dedicated to getting hundreds of thousands of migrants out of the country the BBC will be unable to ignore it, it will be just too big. I think that their response will be to either say that a few thousand powerful racist ,fascist , bigots have lied and mislead the Italians into voting for them, or, to claim outside interference , or possibly both. The one thing that they will not admit is that in a free and fair democratic election the parties promising to rid Italy of the invaders won. I expect that if a new Italian government starts to implement their programme of returning the migrants then Brussels and other on the left will immediately try to invoke some HR legislation to stop it. No doubt all manner of obstacles will be thrown in their path. All of which will prove to everybody that letting these invaders into Europe is the worst thing that has happened to Europe since WW2. This will further increase the level of anger that the European people feel and eventually somewhere this anger, if it is continued to be ignored , will turn to real violence. The elite are sitting on a time bomb that if they don’t start to do as the people wish will blow them and many others to kingdom come.


  2. kaffir Latte says:

    Poor Italy……such a lovely country with a massive coastline facing north Africa and the economic migrant invasion aided and abetted by well organised NGO “rescue ships.” A very large economy in tatters because they are in the eurozone and trapped by EU strictures.
    The EU, working with our left wing media and so-called elite – seeks redistribution of wealth from richer countries (us) to poorer countries (Eastern Europe) redistribution of people through free movement and mass migration to become one homogenous mass of economic parity.
    Is there a powerful group pulling the strings including people like Georg Soros or is it just thousands of naive but influential people trying to even out inequality?
    I won’t be manipulated by the bBBC and good for the Poles, the Italians, Austrians, Hungarians who are digging in their heels over the EU as if pushes us towards its Marxist ideals.
    I heard the Moggster’s interview where he said that Maastricht was the most “whipped” piece of legislation in recent times, pushed through Parliament with no referendum on the transformation of The Common Market turning into a political and legal superstate.
    Was that debated then on the BBC? Would love to know…..


  3. David R says:

    It will be interesting to see how far the Italiians have to go before the EU Wehrmacht are sent into correct their attitude.


  4. johnnythefish says:

    The hard left internationalist Corbynistas at the BBC showed their true colours as soon as Blair came into power.

    Day after day we had the likes of Horriet Harrible and the Smith woman lecturing us about the wonderful vibrancy and cultural enrichment of immigration and multiculturalism, and labelling us as racists if we disagreed.

    Of course, the debate then was just about immigration.

    Now it is about mass immigration. That is how much the hard left have moved the goalposts and sloped the pitch in that relatively short period of time and the main mover behind it has been the BBC, carefully choosing its guests, line of questioning and what to leave out of its news reports, plus its relentless re-writing of history to fit its ‘nation of immigrants’ and ‘Britain doesn’t have a culture anyway’ agenda. The trouble is, as someone paraphrased on here a couple of weeks ago, ‘If you support open borders you will eventually run out of other people’s neighbourhoods to put the immigrants in’.

    This is why they hate Brexit. The EU is the blueprint for an open borders world and if we leave and gain control of our own borders it will put their Soros/Club of Rome/UN-hatched secret agendas back decades (but hopefully for good with the help of our Italian and East European friends).

    The BBC has brazenly declared war on anything that jeopardises their beloved EU project. I hope they get the routing of their lives.


    • Fedup2 says:

      It was interesting that I read an article in an American newspaper which highlighted the proposal by the krauts that EU funds not be sent to states refusing to take or keep migrants / foreigners / illegals .
      Hungary and Poland are top of the list and hopefully Italy will be next .


  5. John Ogilvie says:

    If being in favour of controlling illegal immigration makes you a fascist then what does that make Obama? And just what exactly is the opposite of wanting to control illegal immigration? To be anti-fascist you presumablty need to be in favour of uncontrolled ilegal immigration.


  6. Annunaki says:

    Makes you wonder, their country is at war what do they do ? run away and take selfies on their iphones when they get here, we should have done that in 1940, sodded off to America, what did the French do ? teenage girls fought for their country, organised resistance and never gave up even under torture, now we have these dregs running away and bringing their religious and tribal hatred with them,


  7. Annunaki says:



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  9. NCBBC says:


  10. Do Beeboids Dream of Electric Goats says:

    NCBBC, very good video indeed. Quite revealing that the whole thing is a multi faceted human traffic business. The actual immigrants do not matter, it is all about easy profits paid by Italian public money. Thanks for posting.


  11. NCBBC says: