Blue Peter or the Red Flag?


Just listening to Blue Peter’s Radzi Chinyanganya [described as TV presenter…not ‘BBC’] on Question Time…a bit of a Corbyn fan-boy….Guido asks…

How does this work then? The Question Time panel tonight includes Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya, who is bound by the BBC’s strict impartiality rules. Question Time is a political opinions show. Radzi won’t be able to give any political opinions. Not sure they thought this through…

Yeah right…I think they have thought it through as the radical Radzi tells us Corbyn has dealt with the criticisms with…

‘honour ,dignity and nobility…that’s real leadership’

Aiming for the youth vote?  By the time the election comes all those Blue Peter viewers may be able to vote.  As for Corbyn’s honourable and noble reaction….whitewash springs to mind as well as sinister threats to silence the Press…never mind his little problems with Jews and women, his endless lies and his cosying up to terrorists and collaboration with the EU to sell out Britain and Northern Ireland….forget possible past betrayals just watch what Agent Cob does now…not on the BBC of course!


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14 Responses to Blue Peter or the Red Flag?

  1. Fedup2 says:

    It’s hard to picture the scene of a load of beeboids sitting at a table running through a shortlist of QT types . Yeah let’s put a young beeboid who is dusky and got an Afro on it. Shows we re down with the kids and gets the age average down . Poor ken Clarke must have thought “what the hell?’ And then got back to his dotage of US of Europe .

    The kid admitted have just done the Winter Olympics so he must be right in the groove of what’s happening in Dee street.

    I watched a bit of it to see how much stick mr Farage would get but it was Blackpool which I don’t think was the normal shipped in beeboid audience .

    The main thought stream seemed to be around people who voted in the referendum didn’t know what they were voting for or against cos it was all too complicated and never properly explained .so have another go

    Which assumes that the debate in a second referendum would explain all and the electorate would be better informed so come to the correct result of remaining .

    Best of three wasn’t discussed . I gave up at that stage cos I couldn’t figure out what meaningful discussion that panel might have on anything else . Shan’t watch again for a very long time or until whenever JRM is on again but they’ll be shy of him for a while and put him up against a real star from eastenders of Corrie – as I believe it is called.


  2. Annunaki says:

    THERE has been a “stealth” revolution over the past 20 years which has brought us back to the “Middle Ages”, created a quasi-religious fanaticism for Jeremy Corbyn, destroyed patriotism and could destroy democracy, according to historian David Starkey. Universities are no platforming speakers which lead Jerry Seinfeld to refuse to perform on US campuses because everyone is too “politically correct”.

    David Starkey believes this is a worrying trend and the last thing comparable was the puritanical revolution in Cromwellian times.

    Speaking on the BBC’s This Week, Mr Starkey said: “For in the last 20 years we have had a revolution by stealth.

    “Not in our streets but in our values as a generation brought up with no rules and no religion has lurched with quasi-religious fervour into a puritanical group-think where debate is stifled and difference of opinion cannot be tolerated.

    “Everywhere is back to the Middle Ages. In the Universities, no platforming is a heresey trial without the stake.In Law the uncovering of historic sex abuse has turned from due-process into a witch craze.

    “Accusation proves guilt, every victim must be believed. This is Salem.”

    He argues the PC culture has created a divided world in which politics takes on a religious intensity.

    He added: “In politics too there is a new pseudo-religious intensity. Pro-Trump and anti-Trump, Remainer and Brexiteer confront each other in a sort of holy war.

    “While in the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn – JC – plays the Messiah and momentum presents itself as a cross between the Jesuits and the Knight’s Templar.

    “This does not bode well, last time that religion so dominated politics was in the Puritan religion which led to civil war, the abolition of Parliament and military dictatorship.

    “Welcome to the Millennial’s Millennium.”


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m surprised that any one as sensible as Dr Starkey is still allowed on al beeb . In this day and age he has the misfortune of knowledge of our past and its impact on our present .

      Admittedly he was buried at midnight on Thursday night .

      Pity albeeb didn’t give the civilisation. Gig to him

      He is right about the new Puritanism and the polarisation of views . I try to think thing through once in a while but lost at the moment . Methinks we may be due for a black swan event


      • Annunaki says:

        Trial by Twitter, a new generation who have no idea of the enemy within:

        A part-time religious teacher who tried to groom children to become future suicide attackers has been convicted of preparing acts of terrorism.

        Umar Ahmed Haque, 25, was dragged from the dock at the Old Bailey shouting support for the Islamic State group.

        He had been inspired to carry out an atrocity by the 2017 Westminster Bridge attack.

        He had taken limited steps towards fulfilling that plan and sought to radicalise children in a small mosque.

        Police believe he came into contact with more than 100 children, some of whom have received deradicalisation support.

        Haque was arrested two weeks before the London Bridge and Borough Market attack.

        Also convicted at the Old Bailey on Friday were:

        Abuthaher Mamun, accused of helping Haque research and finance the plans
        Haque’s confidante, Muhammad Abid, who failed to alert the police

        Haque had also been charged with showing an extremist video to children at the Lantern of Knowledge School in east London, but the jury was unable to reach a verdict on that count.

        He had already admitted charges of possessing IS-related extremist material and showing extremist videos to children at the Ripple Road mosque in Barking.


        • Annunaki says:

          And yes maybe we are due a “swan of colour” event, as long as it’s “Kulture” is respected by all other swans and lets hope all the orphaned white cygnets are kept well away


        • Alicia Sinclair says:

          Given how difficult it is meant to be to be a teacher who can work in a school, this needs a good look.
          How the heck did he get in-a DBS?…unqualified to teach? So why is he able to get away with this?-being Muslim seems to be enough.
          I do know that half the staff aren`t qualified these days, unless it`s exam courses and you`re year 10/11.
          Blair and Blunkett stuffed schools with a Mums Army of “teaching assistants”-ostensibly to help the teachers do the mundane , routine stuff-like put up posters, do photocopying-and( as it is now clear) -actual teaching.
          TA`s are on £9per hour or so-those who teach are called cover supervisors get an extra quid.
          Win win for schools-save money, have a reliable sump of tattoed estate slugs on tap to go in and discuss their chaotic lives and the kids run riot.
          No wonder there`s never been any programme about what`s going on in schools-same reasons why you never see the psychiatric hospital or prison crises now at eruption point.


  3. AsISeeIt says:

    A couple of points spring to mind:

    Assuming we did elect Comrade Corbyn to be Prime Minister – do we then get a second thoughts election – just incase we didn’t quite understand what we were voting for?

    As for massed ranks of juvenile Blue Peter viewers being influenced to vote Left… good luck with that…

    ‘Did Blue Peter actually get zero viewers?’

    By the way Radio Times popped up a window on me reading: “We’ve noticed you are using an ad blocker. We rely on advertising to offer our journalism for free.”

    The BBC has gone an awful long way down hill since unbranded squeezie liquid bottles.


    • David R says:

      “Assuming we did elect Comrade Corbyn to be Prime Minister – do we then get a second thoughts election – just in case we didn’t quite understand what we were voting for? ”

      Sort of, but not quite. Corbyn would be replaced as Liebore leader in record time and Momentum’s chosen would become leader and hence Prime Minister.


  4. Wild Bill says:

    The Blue Peter lad came across as in favour of Leave I thought, which made me wonder if he has put his BBC job in danger?


    • countryblues says:

      He seemed to me to be for and against everything all at the same time! So, I just ignored him 🙂

      A Corbynista? 🙁


  5. Annunaki says:

    I thought Blue Peter was dedicated to showing kids how to make things out of elephant shit and sticky tape, maybe not,its been a long day my memories going, I remember Vals nipples though


  6. Annunaki says:

    Is there any end to the disgusting behaviour of these immigrants?

    Halal slaughtermen who chanted and performed a tribal-style dance as they butchered sheep in a British abattoir are spared jail

    Slaughtermen chanted and performed tribal dances as they hacked at live sheep
    Kabeer Hussain, 44, and Kazam Hussein, 55 were filmed taunting the animals
    They waved knives in front of them and shouted at them, a court heard
    Hussain and Hussein received suspended prison sentences yesterday at Leeds Magistrates’ Court for causing unnecessary suffering to animals

    Read more:


    • johnnythefish says:

      Thank you Annunaki.

      You have just supplied my daily dose of cultural enrichment.


  7. wronged says:

    The snow is now thawing. It must be down to Global Warming.

    Dear Climate Change- Big Businesses Corporations (BBC),
    Now I have said this on this site can I have some money please from big business as my heating bill has gone up due to the cold weather.

    I am happy to falsify figures to suit your argument, we now need one less blanket to cover our legs in front of the fire.
    Tomorrow I am only going to wear 4 layers instead of 5, which proves the climate is getting warmer.
    My car is now able to drive a part of the way down the road.
    I no longer have to feed the birds in the snow due to the thawing effect of Global Warming.

    So then, can you forward me a lot of money and I will keep supporting your version of Global Warming. This will make you and me richer irrespective of whether it is true or not.