Whipping up a stormtrooper?

This pamphlet was produced in support of one Walter Hesketh. In November 1961, Mr Hesketh was the Union Movement's parliamentary candidate for Moss Side. The pamphlet — an identical copy of which can also be found in the Working Class Movement Library in nearby Salford — makes for instructive reading.


The Mail is going in hard on Max Mosley…

The Daily Mail accuses F1 tycoon – who bankrolls Labour deputy leader Tom Watson – of racist thuggery and asks…Did Mosley lie to orgy trial?

What will be the BBC response?  Ignore it as long as possible, especially with the Labour connection and the fact that Mosley funds Impress, the Press ‘regulator’ which he no doubt hopes will bankrupt the newspapers?

A short while back Mosley was on R4 with Trevor Kavanagh discussing the trial concerning a little bash Mosley attended which some claimed to be a Nazi themed do [hence the trial]….Sarah Montague called it a ‘party’….hmmmm…Kavanagh told it like it was…a sado-masochistic sex-orgy.

Undoubtedly the BBC will frame this as ‘fake news’, the Mail whipping up a storm about nothing because of Impress.  Trouble is, it does look like a story worth investigating…if Mosley lied to the court about the existence of that pamphlet and the court case result provided him with a platform to present himself as a victim of Press intrusion and he has been able to attack and undermine the Press ever-since…it may all be based upon a lie.

Not on the BBC website yet….wait a week and it might just creep on there ala Agent Cob


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10 Responses to Whipping up a stormtrooper?

  1. Jerry Owen says:

    It will get as much attention from the BBC as Corbyn’s spy links, virtually zilch, just a denial will do apparently going on the BBC’s agenda.
    I agree this is a story that appears to have some meat to it.. worthy of investigation by reporters and journalists.. remember them ?
    Labour is rife with antisemitism and anti white activists as the new head of it’s LGBT equalites group will show.
    The BBC apparently is anti racist, so I expect an extended ‘news at six’ tonight that covers the neo nazi anti white direction the labour party is now travelling towards at some speed it has to be said.
    i look forward to Alan’s epic dissection of the BBC’s huge coverage of the alarming rise of antisemitism and neo nazism in Her Majesties opposition party !

    OT, sorry. I watched the first edition of the BBC’s ‘Collateral’ on my sky plus last night. As with much BBC ‘murder mystery whodunnit type of programmes ‘ white males are being written out in favour of women especially Asian ( Pakistani ) women. men are relegated to insignificance.
    I watched it for about thirty minutes when the two female hero cops opened a garage door to find two hijab covered immigrants huddled together. They were asked if they spoke English one muttered ‘no we don’t ‘ ( ha .. how did she know the question? ).
    The lead female officer then turned to her ( this time ) black female colleague and said ‘ they come here for a better life, is this really the best we can do for them ? ‘
    TV off. parts two and three deleted !
    Looks like I’m the first here, but I’ll not make a song and dance about it… yeeee haaaa !


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘….is this really the best we can do for them?’

      I would guess the next scene isn’t of a Muslim family of 10 living on benefits in a large detached house in London.


    • miker22 says:

      I saw that Collateral was by David Hare and that was enough to warn me not to touch it with a barge pole.


  2. Demon says:

    It’s a Mosley family tradition, float between Labour and a National Socialist type party. His dad did it, so he does it too, same as the Churchills did between Conservative and Liberal parties.

    Some years ago there was a TV drama about Oswald Mosley. (Probably BBC.) It wasn’t too bad considering it was about a loathsome individual and his even more loathsome wife. If anyone doesn’t know his history, he started out as a Conservative but quickly shifted to Labour where he achieved Cabinet Ministerial level.

    He then founded the British Union of Fascists, and despite imprisonment and the revelation of the Nazi atrocities it was clear he and his Mitford wife remained of that thinking.

    Now the point, the character playing Mosley in the drama said to someone “I wish now that I’d stayed in the Conservative Party”. I’d bet a pound to a penny that Mosley neither said that nor thought it! It was a subtle attempt to link the Conservatives with the Fascists, where unquestionably, due to Mosley, the links between Labour and the BUF is much, much stronger.


    • RubbleT says:

      You are forgetting the final stage of Mosley seniors career where he fought for a united Europe ..


      Sound familiar ? I have a feeling the Beeb wouldn’t be so keen on mentioning this.


      • Demon says:

        Rubble, I had either forgotten that fact or wasn’t aware of it. Fascinating link that shows Mosley would certainly approve of the current EU and its aims for full integration.

        Those who pretend to be triggered by people calling the EU “The Fourth Reich” are either deluding themselves or trying to delude us.


  3. Jerry Owen says:

    The DM’s exposure of this story is pretty huge. I rarely watch BBC news .. why should I , SKY news is just as bad ! but I am looking forward to see their take tonight ( if they do of course which isn’t guaranteed ) let’s see just how skilled the BBC is at making a turd smell like a rose !

    BTW the first three points on that 1961 flyer are still totally valid today, just shows how long the elites have been pushing globilization.


  4. Alicia Sinclair says:

    And TODAY is the very day when Sir Oswald-potential future Leader of the Labour Party at the time, the very golden boy of social and progressive causes-set up his British Union Of Fascists in 1931.
    Glimpsed him looking shirty with Channel 4 News last night, hope the poppet did some job on Max…who campaigned for dad I`m told.
    And Jerry-you`re right that these issues are still valid questions if we`re talking facts, and the need to get the consent of the governed by democratic mandate. There has been deliberate efforts to impose a second new electorate and client base upon us, and none of us agreed to this one bit.


  5. John Ogilvie says:

    Just now, because we have had a bit of snow and temperatures are just below zero the BBC thinks we are having ‘extreme’ weather. What the heck do they call the weather in Antartica? It’s all part of the BBC’s attempt to convince us that global warming/climate change/climate disruption/extreme weather is a huge problem and that anybody (you know who) who isn’t in favour of economic madness to solve a non-existent problem is an idiot. So I prefer to go to Guido and Biased BBC to get my news.
    With regard to the above leaflet, who’s been keeping a copy for 57 years and who brought it to light?


  6. Annunaki says:

    Dear John,

    On this one you have to understand that at -5 in March we can’t blame the BBC or anyone else, if you wish to compare us to Antartica then feel free but as we do not have indigenous penguins and polar bears then maybe you could have a little rethink about why….it is a simple fact that climate is changing and it has been since the world was formed, nowadays we can see this in front of our eyes without the BBC, any fisherman or angler can tell you or anyone who works or lives in the coutryside, what you have to consider is why ? and, there’s the rub, human activity or natural change ? and the BBC will inevitably blame the white man as he gropes wimmin and disrespects muslims and etc. etc. and there is the problem…trying to adjust our activity rather than trying to adapt ourselves to the inevitable, I worry more by seeing what our lovely new guests have come from: war torn shitholes bases on the religion of peace and what they will do to our country if they are given half a chance