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The good Bishop in the interview below says they can’t get rid of Jesus from Europe.   Some might say Christians, Christianity, Christian culture, Western culture are being erased from Europe.  Slowly but surely.  Time for a bit of that muscular christianity or liberalism we keep hearing about?  Of course it would help if people could remember what liberalism was about.  The BBC et al seem to have forgotten and now tolerate the intolerable, not just tolerate but promote it as something good that we must all praise and appease.  You get the feeling the Nazis might get a more receptive welcome these days from the BBC if only they could present themselves as the victims. [By happy accident I seem to have coincided with a theme on the open thread….. relativising about the war and the Brits/US being war criminals]  Yep, here’s the algorithm…murder 6 million Jews and then, when you have been roundly condemned, claim you are the real victims,  victims of discrimination, marginalisation, alienation, that your community is being targeted by the security services unfairly and this is all making your youth feel angry and unwelcome in Britain.  They are angry and becoming radicalised and this anger may be expressed in violence, quite justified if, naturally, ahem, unjustified, but who can blame them victimised as they are?  Nazis must have their own schools, their beliefs and culture must be respected and non-Nazis must adapt their lives and behaviour so that it does not offend the Nazis.  Nazis spokesmen and their views will be given prominence in the Media and given rapid promotion to places of power and influence so that they feel they have a stake in society.  Nazi culture, beliefs and values will be promoted by the BBC as the norm, as part of British culture, as British culture, and all critics of Nazism will be denounced and vilified as racists and Naziphobes.

Trouble is, that is not a joke is it?

In the meantime….laugh….






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  1. Fedup2 says:


    The first shall be last

    Al Beeb is erasing Christ from British society – there are no religious programmes on television . Prayer for the day and ‘sunday’ Tucked away on r4 but that’s it. As a Roman Catholic I am not represented even though my religion was the state religion here for over a thousand years

    The only thing you’ll hear on al Beeb about Roman Catholicism is linked to the evil and sins of some paedophile priests . Islam , however, can do no wrong.


    • MoreHamHead says:

      Celtic, and then Roman, paganism was the religion of Britain for centuries and centuries before Christianity. Can’t remember the last time Radio 4 represented Pagans by organising a prayer for the rocks and trees.


      • vesnadog says:

        “Celtic, and then Roman, paganism was the religion of Britain for centuries and centuries before Christianity”

        Who Knows? Maybe the Christian God permitted those ancient religions ample time in order to try to know/find Him but failed therefore trying other religions yet alas had to gave them up also because all their attempts to find Him failed?.


        • MoreHamHead says:

          Replace ‘Christian’ with ‘Islamic’.

          See why your point doesn’t make sense?


          • vesnadog says:

            Well, the answer to that objection is a fairly long one and I don’t think I’ve got the time nor energy here!

            But the answer is plainly revealed in the OT.

            From the first book of the Old Testament right through to the last book Malachi there was promised to Israel but ONE SEED:

            Genesis 3:15. “and I will put enmity between tthee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it [or, He] shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel”

            Moses himself points to this future seed when he wrote: “The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me [a Jew]; unto him [a Jew] ye shall hearken [ listen to]”.

            This can never refer to Mohamad as one must first be a Jew to be this promised seed. (You try telling your local muslim that their prophet was jewish and see their response).

            Throughout the OT the Jews were promised this ONE seed and this one seed alone was to be the true Saviour of the world. Or the promised one for Israel.

            Muslims however try to get out of this problem by claiming that Abraham didn’t offer Isaac to God for sacrifice, instead they TWIST this incident by claiming that Abraham offered Ishmael and not Isaac – what a lie!

            How about that for the religion which claims to be the “truth”.

            As for the Muslim claim that Mohamad is the last prophet – well, Islam by claiming that Abraham offered up his other Son Ishmael and NOT Isaac makes itself void of any respect re its claim of being the last true faith.

            If Islam lied on this Biggy, what else does the Qur’an lie about?!

            One must be a JEW before one can be The Saviour of the Jews and the World!

            If there are any Muslims on this thread why not check it out!


            • Fedup2 says:

              Thank you for the explanation. I’m done with this discussion because my beef is with al Beeb and what it does and doesn’t do


              • vesnadog says:


                Hi. I completely agree with you.

                Like you, I didn’t want to get into religion as this is a thread re the treacherous BBC; but I felt the need to reply to your question.


  2. MoreHamHead says:

    Christianity, Judaism and Islam belong in the deserts they originated from. It cannot be denied that Christian values helped to build Europe, but they are now holding us back and being twisted by the modern Liberal elite to espouse the message they want.

    Christ was an admirable person from whom we could learn a lot from, but as for being the Son of God… No.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Yes He was. John Wayne told me.


      • 291029realblacktuesday says:

        Is this the famous scene where the director said “John, can you say the line with more awe?”

        John then does the line:

        “Awwwwwwwwww – surely this man was the son of God?”
        Apparently true.


    • Fedup2 says:


      We’re treading on the tricky ground of religious belief and I’m not happy debating here what the gospels say versus slagging of al beeb for its bias .

      No need cause offence to anybody apart from the false religion of peace which wants to kill anyone not it their vile club.


      • MoreHamHead says:

        Of course Islam is demonstrably false. But the same level of criticism must be levelled at Christianity to remain fair and impartial.
        Muslims believe Mohammed flew to heaven on a unicorn, which is an absurd notion. But Christians believe the world, or a small section of it at least, was submerged for forty days and nights despite zero geological evidence pointing to this.
        Which idea is more absurd? Who can say.


        • Iain Muir says:

          “But Christians believe the world, or a small section of it at least, was submerged for forty days and nights”

          I don’t think I’ve ever known a Christian who really believes that. Nutters aside, Christians don’t generally believe something simply because it is in the Bible. I suspect, however, that it would be far easier to find a Muslim who takes the Koran literally as, unlike the Bible, it is supposed to be the word of god.

          That is a very important difference, IMO.


          • MoreHamHead says:

            Then they aren’t Christians. They can’t just pick and choose what to believe from the Bible.


            • Iain Muir says:

              Says who? Christians have to believe the whole of the Bible to qualify?

              You’re entitled to your opinion, obviously, but I cannot even come close to agreeing with that.


        • montmorency says:

          The examples you give of Islamic and Christian fables are both absurd to be sure, and can be seen as metaphors. They are not taken seriously in either religion then? Maybe what you should be asking is who would use those fables to bring down consequences upon those who question them. For crying out loud. Is it Noah and the flood?


          • taffman says:

            What has all this discussion got to do with Al Beeb’s Bias?
            On another matter, who is the head of Religion and Ethics at Al Beeb?


  3. Fedup2 says:

    More ,
    If you are looking for a discussion about religion not involving al Beeb perhaps you should go somewhere else . I’m not going to start explaining the difference between the old and New Testament but I have reported the comment as you didn’t take the hint the first time.

    If you choose not to be involved in an organised religion that is for you – but please don’t slag mine off


    • MoreHamHead says:

      There is no ‘difference’ between old and new testaments. Christians follow the laws Jesus set in the NT, but that doesn’t invalidate or falsify the content from the OT. To a Christian, they’re all true and tell the story of God.

      All religions are fair game. Funny you can see the ludicrous elements of Islam, but not your own. Keep that in mind next time you’re bemoaning Muslims believing the stuff they do.


  4. Fedup2 says:

    Thank you for your comment .


  5. Oaknash says:

    I think the salient point as I see it is.
    In Western societies, whether we like it or not our law (and by association the freedoms we have up until now enjoyed) have developed from the Judeo Christian tradition. Whatever religion you currently believe in and whether you believe in the accuracy of the scriptures or not is immaterial and irrelevant.

    What does seem relevant to me is that within most Islamic dominated societies they suffer a lack of freedom, intolerance and violence which is completely off the scale when compared to Western Judeo Christian /societies.

    To me it does not appear as a co-incidence that parts of our societies have started to resemble Islamic ones since the Church has started to surrender many of its core beliefs and given up defending itself in order not to offend increasing numbers of enriching elements in our society.

    Under the likes of Welby and with the encouragement of the BBC it is conceding and compromising itself and us to irrelevance in favour of the Religion of Peace.

    I am sure we all have our beliefs and various axes to grind about religion. However we should be very careful before dispatching Christianity to the realms of fairy stories and fantasy and mumbo jumbo. Sometimes it is too easy to chuck the baby out with the bathwater. You make a vacuum and something will always fill it and sometimes that something is not very nice!


  6. Holly Selassie says:

    I think that we can see the death of Christian public thought in this country with this interview. Muggeridge and Stockwood are as great an advert for atheism as you`ll find.
    The audience are as fair as you`d ever see again. Compared to today, this is the last throes of balance and public engagement. And the church blew it. I only got to know the film in the early nineties.
    The church no longer gets a forum to speak in public by right-and these two hopeless Church patronising snobs probably thought that they won.
    Far from it.