Fake it to make it



If you can fake sincerity you’ve got it made.  It helps of course if you have the inherited respect and reputation of a venerable and massive institution behind you giving your claim to probity, truthfulness and sincerity a sheen of credibility whenever you are lying through your teeth.

The above interview by Wark of Anne Coulter is on an Ofcom reporting level of dishonesty and misrepresentation so utterly and wilfully deceptive and misleading is it.  Wark is ostensibly interested in ‘fake news’ but it is only alleged fake news that she claims comes from the Right.  Guardianista Laurie Pennie isn’t there to be interviewed, she is there to bolster Wark’s ‘argument’ that Right-wing fake news is a danger to democracy.  Penny is allowed to talk freely and make her points without interruption or challenge whilst Coulter is in the hot chair constantly under attack and inquisition.  Penny makes a completely false claim that Coulter is trying to make out that there is no difference between fake news and the truth, calling Coulter a troll, when in fact Coulter has consistently pointed out fake news in the MSM….Penny deliberately missing the real point…that fake news is the same as MSM news these days, that the MSM news is not the Truth, a point Wark was totally uninterested in examining despite it being more important than fake news coming out of a dodgy website in Macedonia that few people see or believe.

Look at the issues Coulter raised….Ferguson where a black man was shot dead by a white police officer…the BBC still falsely uses this case as an example of police racism in America when in fact it was conclusively proved the officer was justified in using lethal force having already been punched in the face, his eye socket fractured, by the suspect who tried to take his weapon and who later ran at the officer in a threatening  manner and was then shot.  The BBC lied about this being a racist killing, it lied about so many other similar cases, and it is this narrative from much of the left-wing media, of Blacks being deliberatelyy targeted by police and killed, that helped create the murderous backlash we saw when Blacks started to murder police officers in ‘revenge’ attacks.  Trouble is that narrative was completely false, a dangerous lie that the BBC knew was untrue  but continued to peddle it anyway as it suited their agenda.  How many people died because the BBC lied?

Coulter also mentioned Trump being attacked for allegedly mocking a disabled reporter.  The BBC reported this as fact.  Unfortunately the gestures and words used by Trump were the same ones he used to describe anyone whom he thought had lost the plot…and the evidence was plentiful that this was the case.  Trump was not mocking a disabled person he was in fact treating him as he would anyone else in similar circumstances.

Two big fake news stories from the MSM and Wark was totally uninterested in exploring that, she was only concerned with right-wing fake news on social media, as no doubt directed by her bosses, the BBC blatantly targeting social media and trying to blame it for right-wing terrorism, hate crimes and abuse of politicians….never mind it is mostly Muslims and the left-wing who are guilty of the majority of that.  Remember Wark’s attack interview with Tommy Robinson in which she blamed him for the Finsbury Park attack…forgetting conveniently that it was the BBC programme, ‘Three Girls’, that the police said was the catalyst for Osborne’s radicalisation….and indeed Robinson had absolutely nothing to do with the attack or Osborne.

What else is the BBC downplaying?

How about a foreign billionaire trying to corrupt our democracy by using his billions to fund anti-democratic movements in this country in order to overturn one of the most democratic votes this country has ever had?  The BBC is more interested in allegations that Russia interfered in American democracy than in blatant attempts to corrupt our own.  The BBC doesn’t like Trump so it supports all narratives that it thinks will unseat him, on the other hand they don’t like Brexit so they happily ignore the foreign Soros’ attempts to buy influence and power over our Parliament and country….we did have John Humphrys suggest that Soros was ‘subverting the democratic process’ but beyond that we have had almost nothing from the BBC…a remarkable silence about a real corruption scandal when the BBC was quite excited about a C4 programme about a fake Chinese company buying power and influence entrapping Tory politicians.  Hilariously in the Humphrys interview with Lord Malloch-Brown, who runs the campaign that received the Soros money, M-B claimed that he was empowering democracy and that the referendum result was ‘a howl of protest of the people being ignored‘.  Hmmmm…..so he empowers democracy by trying to overturn a huge demcocratic vote and he answers a ‘howl of protest at being ignored’ by, er, ignoring that protest.  What a knobhead.  And Soros has stumped up even more cash as a snub to his critics.  I’d say ‘lock him up’.

And if you think Soros isn’t dangerous look at the boasts of his ‘missionaries’ and then think on how it all turned out…the Arab Spring, Libya and the Ukraine….

It was later during lunch at a plush Budapest hotel that I encountered the full force of the arrogant ethos promoted by the Soros network of organisations. At my table I listened to Dutch, American, British, Ukrainian and Hungarian representatives of Soros NGOs boast about their achievements. Some claimed that they played a major role in the Arab Spring in Egypt. Others voiced their pride in their contribution to the democratisation of the Ukraine. Some bragged about their influence in preparing the ground for the overthrow of the Gadafif regime in Libya.

Then there is Trump again….the CIA have been caught trying to buy compromising material on Trump from the Russians…they deny that this is what they were doing but that must have been their main purpose….getting back so-called cyberweapons is by its nature impossible…‘Yes of course I’ve given you all copies!’…so there must have been another purpose for the meetings…..and remember Trump jr was said to have committed treason for meeting a Russian who claimed to have information on Clinton…so is the CIA committing treason on that logic?  The BBC were very interested in Trump jr, seemingly not so interested in this even though it broke in the lefty NYT….


Just more proof the Russians were intent on damaging Trump and yet the BBC still pushes the notion that he was colluding with them.  Fake news?  Course it is.





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10 Responses to Fake it to make it

  1. Fedup2 says:

    The bollock brown paid mouthpiece of soros is never made clear by al beeb. See the wiki for the connections over the years .

    Our Kirsty as to shout like the boys ( o brien , Robinson , humph ) to keep her production company job so she’s bound to go for the al beeb line .

    It was never more appropriate to use the “swamp” expression because it is . The uk one can’t be drained because of the tax money


  2. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    How vile is that Laurie Penny?


  3. countryblues says:

    Do the likes of Wark and Penny genuinely believe what they espouse?

    Am I going insane? 🙁


    • Demon says:

      Penny is too thick to know anything apart from the bullshit she is fed.
      Wark believes that toeing the line will see her get paid hundreds of thousands of quid from the TV Poll Tax money raised from the BBC’s victims. Beyond that I doubt she gives much thought as to what is actually true as long as she knows the meme to peddle.


    • Fedup2 says:

      No – they do it because they can earn a living fromwriting what a certain type of people want to read and for people like us to have a few about these —- shits.


  4. TV Dead says:

    Sorry, only managed about three minutes. Nothing turns the stomach quicker than watching two liars lying on a fake news show accusing someone else of lying.
    I need to go and lie down now.


  5. Guest Who says:

    The bbc is quite active on social media this morning. Including Newsnight.

    So I am treated to the careful staged studio testimony of one ‘Raspect’ as to why stop and search can see innocent people of ridiculous fashion questioned in an attempt to reduce the stabby stabby. Clearly the new chick shares Kay Burley’s Tottenham Rules.

    Then over on Facebook and the ‘news’ of Britain tells me how ‘Canadians’ are feeling about a case similar to that of Tony Martin.

    Not all Canadians however, rendering their headline at best semantically dubious, as the comments…..