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Panorama have pulled a programme called ‘My Return from InSanity’…apparently it is about Anna Soubry’s retreat from loony radical extremism back into the fold of moderate politics but she has vehemently denied it was her…ah, no, my mistake…that was just me thinking she had once deserted the Tories for the SDP…which she claims is “a terrible lie that is put about”.  Hmmmm…Marxism Today in 1981 seemed pretty sure she did defect to the SDP…

In August there was the defection of eight prominent Tory ex-students, including three recent ex-chairmen of the Federation of Conservative Students from the period of co-operation with the left.  With rather rabid Thatcherites now in control of the FCS, the large minority of Tory students who voted for one of the defectors, Anna Soubry, for the post of chairman (sic) last year — she only lost by 119 votes to 128 — will be tempted to follow them. The defecting wets had planned to make a bigger splash at the beginning of this academic year, but their plans were leaked, and they had to go early.

Not as if she has changed since then…always ready to abandon her party and her principles if she thinks it serves her own purpose….looking to create a new party last year that would dump Brexit….

Anna Soubry was still more positive about a new party, arguing: “If it could somehow be the voice of a moderate, sensible, forward-thinking, visionary middle way, with open minds – actually things which I’ve believed in all my life – better get on with it.”

Soubry always looks and sounds like someone who has had a finger shoved up her bum and she doesn’t like it…still, she had her fans back in the day….one who also sheds more light on the SDP ‘mystery’…

When she was 22, [she] attended a conference held by the Federation of Conservative Students in Liverpool, where the 19-year-old Paul Goodman, who was badly hung over, witnessed her performance:

“The debate droned on.  My eyelids drooped downwards.  Then what appeared to be a small nuclear explosion took place in the general vicinity of the microphone.  A young woman wearing skintight jeans was addressing what Sir Edward Boyle once called the only intelligent audience in the Conservative Party.  My eyelids lifted up.  She was shouting vigorously.  The conference was shouting back…

I was transfixed.  Less by the quality of the argument (if that’s the right way of describing what was taking place) than by the gorgeous pouting allure of the speaker.  To my youthful imagination, her primal rage suggested Helen of Troy getting down and dirty. How had she managed to get those jeans on?  Would I be able to get them off?…. she was then, by Conservative standards, very left-wing indeed….She hung around for a bit in the Party – I recall reading that at one conference she declared “Knickers to the TUC”, the kind of detail which my memory clings to – before vanishing from view. The cause was not so much her dalliance with the SDP (she only returned to the Conservatives after the 2001 election defeat)

The answer to the second of these questions turned out to be “No”, as he admitted on recalling the occasion in a piece for ConHome published in 2011. But Soubry, as he realised, was a woman to watch.

Maybe to watch out for.

So people around her at the time seem to think she did join the SDP….is she a liar?

The BBC don’t care, they give her every utterance top billing as long as she attacks Boris, JRM and Brexit.




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6 Responses to Not me guv

  1. Fedup2 says:

    I’m not sure we should be hard on Soubry – any one half listening to her will realise she is a drunken loon so may do the Brexit cause more good that harm – Clarke and Adonis are more dangerous because they sound as though they believe in their own cause – leaving out the undemocratic bit!

    I do wonder why al Beeb restricts itself to so few reamainers when there are meant to be so many . The days are ticking down and it’s bound to get dirtier.

    I would not be surprised is Soubry went for the sympathy vote in a kind of Jo Cox way …me? A cynic?


  2. honestus says:

    Fed, you are correct in regards the sympathy vote. Soubry sounds slightly (alright largely) deranged and in urgent need of ‘calm down dear’ tablets.
    One thing she and her ilk ill definitely will not do is form or join another group on a ‘don’t leave EU’ ticket because they know that only the family, friend and fellow loons will vote and their deposits will be forfeit as will their argument.
    Her statement that ‘this is not what leave voters voted for’ betrays her classes arrogance and their remoteness from the actual thoughts and aspirations of the voters who actually put them in power.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Honestus – your last sentence is the absolute crux of the matter and should be used as a challenge to every Remoaner allowed to air their devious agenda on the BBC.

      Fat chance.


  3. Richard Pinder says:

    I believe that Anna Soubry was originally a Liberal Party member. I think this was when IS meant Imperial Service.

    Also, I believe Lawrence of Arabia left IS in Syria after taking Damascus for Britain, wanting to give it to the Arabs. But the Imperial Services gave it to the French instead, so he left IS.


    • taffman says:

      Richard Pinder
      Anna Soubry ? Half the blinking Tory cabinet are Liberal Remainers.
      Lawrence of Arabia? A great Welshman!


  4. johnnythefish says:

    “If it could somehow be the voice of a moderate, sensible, forward-thinking, visionary middle way, with open minds “

    Ah, that would be the party, had it existed, which would have pushed for a third question on the Referendum ballot paper, something along the lines of ‘Leave, but be part of a trading agreement which negates all the reasons for leaving’.

    Or maybe it wouldn’t have been that honest.