Dementum on the march



One has to laugh doesn’t one?  The BBC rattle on about abuse on social media and it has to sack one of its own for wishing death upon Zac Goldsmith…

BBC Sack Zac Threat Presenter

The BBC has sacked a radio presenter who told Tory MP Zac Goldsmith that a death threat sent to an 80 year-old Brexit-supporting constituent “should have been addressed to you”.

Then again the BBC is not too eager to delve into who it is that is dishing out most of the abuse on social media to politicians even as May threatens new laws to curb such abuse telling us it is a threat to democracy.   Would have thought the real threat to democracy were the mobs of Corbyn supporters and hard-left activists who use violence, intimidation and mass disorder to disrupt not only lawful debates and discussions but also to attempt to close down businesses that they do not like…this is verging on terrorism and is a very real threat to democracy and social stability.

Whilst not looking too closely at the activities of Corbyn’s Momentum stormtroopers the BBC doesn’t bother itself with the Remoaner’s ‘Forlorn Hope’ of door kickers, Dementum, whose mission it is in life to say the most abusive things they can about Leave voters and Brexiteer politicians in the fading hope that the resultant headlines will somehow persuade everyone to come aboard their rapidly sinking ship.

Something of a mystery that May claims abuse is putting people off becoming politicians when it is high profile politicians who are more often than not just as guilty as anyone else….and indeed BBC journalists who aren’t shy with their thoughts about Leave voters being stupid, old, uneducated, racist little Englanders who have made Britain a nastier and more racist place….and of course not a few commentators and indeed politicians have expressed the wish for the old Leave voters to die quickly.

Impartial civil servants prove their impartiality with very uncivil comments about Brexiteers….calling them ’emotional nutcases’, ‘completely crazy snakeoil salesmen’, ‘rabid brexiteers’ and ‘Nazis’.  Yes, I’m sure every Treasury leak is pure accident and the documents absolutely fair and irreproachably impartial in their assessments on Brexit.

Then of course there are the actual politicians who deride Brexiteers as ‘swivel-eyed loons’, “elderly retired men” without mortgages or young children’,  wreckers, mentally ill, as well as the usual disparaging insults about being uneducated, stupid, bigoted, racist, not caring about children’s futures, old and wanting to recreate a mythical past where Britain was all white.

Then there’s Matthew Parris who is in a class of his own….he dishes out the usual insults as above and does so relentlessly and with abandon….but his favourite meme is that Leave voters shouldn’t be allowed to vote…they are just too stupid…but here’s his latest….Brexiteers are insane zealots…..hmmm…so zealous that they don’t actually believe in what they are doing…thus they are also liars…..yes, can’t quite work out the logic but here, you have a go…..

This is the same Parris who said this about voters in Clacton….

“Clacton is going nowhere. It’s voters are going nowhere, it’s rather sad, and there’s nothing more to say.”

“This is Britain on crutches. This is tracksuit and- trainers Britain, tattoo-parlour Britain, all-our-yesterdays Britain.

“I am not arguing we should be careless of the needs of struggling people and places such as Clacton.

“But I am arguing – if I am honest – we should be careless of their opinions.”

Pretty much sums up the attitude of the Remoaners whose contemptuous arrogance and disregard for the people of Britain is blatantly apparent in everything they say.  Good job we have the stalwart, honest and impeccably impartial BBC to hold them to account and to bring light and truth to the matter of Brexit.



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7 Responses to Dementum on the march

  1. Andy Dozefeet says:

    I’ve been following the postings on this site for some time. This is my first comment.

    I saw for myself in this weeks Sunday Times the latest bleatings of Mr Parris and the arrogance of him and those like him never ceases to amaze me.

    He illustrates his point (I still can’t work out quite what point he seeks to make) by citing the lies told by Eden and Blair for what they believed was the greater good.

    He could have illustrated his point far better if he’d pointed to some of the lies told by Heath etc. in the run up to the 1975 Referendum. The likes of Tony Benn and Peter Shore called it perfectly when they alerted the population to the fact that Heath and his fellow traitors were about to sign the UK up to a Federalist programme that would see it subsumed by an ever expanding entity.

    The remainers of the time sneeringly denied the accusations made by those that campaigned for a leave vote labelling the likes of Benn and Shore as small minded alarmists and assuring everyone that there was no hidden Federalist agenda.

    Years afterwards, once the UK was (as he thought) sufficiently caught in the EU net that it would never escape, Heath admitted that he had lied to the electorate but pompously justified the lies as necessary for the greater good, the strong implication being that the plebs (many of whom had fought for the freedom of their country in one of the world wars) were too stupid to see the benefits of his big vanity project.

    Utter twat Heath and utter twat Parris, both enemies of democracy.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Welcome Andy – I remember the 1972/3 campaign and the lies that were told to the voters. We would just be in a market for cheaper goods – that’s all – not a lot would change . Immigration was still discussed back then but afterwards through the 80s and 90s and 2000s through to recently it was shut down. Only the Brexit vote got anywhere near to reflecting individual feelings about what has been done to people and services without democratic assent .

      At 4am on the day of the result politicians like Soubry looked like they’d been hit on the head with a cricket bat. Most remain in denial and I guess always will .

      By the way – I think people were so suspicious of the likes of benn and shore for being in the pay of the ussr that anything they said was construed as anti British . It all comes back to the ever closer union on the front of the treaty of Rome – the United States of europe – USE – followed by the United States of Africa and onwards


  2. Nibor says:

    I don’t suppose the BBC or other media will ask Mathew ( I once went to Europe now I feel integration is good ) Parris if he believes 16 year olds should have the vote ?


  3. Nibor says:

    Lib Dims applaud the EU s decision to award prisoners the right to vote .
    LibDims want to ignore the people’s vote .


  4. Guest Who says:

    Dementum seem to have hooked up with FBPE in the troops being marshalled.

    Anyone dubious about the impact of George Soros on politics here now gets called an ‘anti-semite’ (ironically).

    May be worth checking advocates of George just being George felt/feel the same way about billionaire meddlers like Rupes.

    Especially when their troops seem to gain entry into the studios of trusted and transparent national broadcasters with either no vetting or the special bbc deep six variety.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      Strange how the Remainers tried to stir up the Fake News that the people who voted in favour of Brexit were somehow brainwashed to do so by some kind of Russian social media brainwashing but are quite happy for Soros, the supreme globalist manipulator, to finance their persistent, fanatical attacks to overthrow Brexit by any means, fair or foul, real or imaginary, that they can dream up.


  5. Beeb Brother says:

    The other hate fact they ignore about the ‘online abuse’ against women is that so much of it is perpetrated by other women. Just as so much of the hate speech and intolerance they bemoan from the ‘Far Right’ more often originates from the Left. The world just does not fit into their neat Marxist oppressor group versus oppressed group dichotomy.