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How much of John Humphrys’ f**king mega-salary is he willing to give up to save Carillion or the NHS?

List the bias here….



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  1. davylars says:

    Don’t know if this has been brought up before. Advert on ITV for the TV licencsing company
    Basically, the advert shows about 10 different pictures of our multicultural family existence quickly scrolling through.
    I noticed that there was a disproportionate amount of white faces in the advert.
    I did a quick rewind and played it back on slow motion and did a headcount…
    The result was.
    53. Bame
    25. White
    I was actually quite shocked, but not surprised.
    Definitely discrimination against white people.



    • Fedup2 says:

      They are pushing non white faces into every thing . I have software to switch them off . I’m still waiting for my visit from TV licensing …..


    • Lefty Wright says:

      These figures tell me that British TV is racist and it’s sure not against the people of darker skin.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Within the space of 2 or 3 years, white families and white couples portrayed in adverts and dramas are now a thing of the past. An alien landing from Mars and watching our tv would believe we are an island populated by whites and other minorities of equal numbers. This over diversity is never mentioned in the media, but the ‘man in the street’ bloody well does, when you get talking to mates its something that everyone has noticed, yet for fear of calls of bigotry its never mentioned publicly. I believe it should be, because its take-over by stealth – where we are brainwashed by adverts in the beginning, then how long before a white man in government will be a novelty.


    • StewGreen says:

      \\ @ShaGGy_Uk tweeted 15 Dec 2017
      Did that #channel4 logo just show it was smuggling immigrants in over the channel to the white cliffs ? //

      Yes I agree
      We see a platform of none whites, they are moving above the waves
      they lift up , they are on top of the Channel giant stick man, he’s just arrived at the white cliffs of dover
      I set it to play direct at segment


  2. StewGreen says:

    Interesting contradictions in lib/migrant thinking
    Note applies to UK also
    “America, the land of the racists! Every one there is a racist, Americans are all racist. …” Let’s all move there. -??

    “America sucks!” “Make America Mexico” … “Don’t send Mexicans back to Mexico.” -??

    “White people are all racist, I want to live in the white neighbourhoods”..

    More like that
    feminist extremist/gender-studies in a nutshell
    Video the Gay Republican calls out liberal outrage bus over Sh*tholes


  3. Beeb Brother says:

    They used to bully poor Sean Spicer ruthlessly but his replacement as press secretary, Sarah Sanders, has had an easy time from the press.

    It shows how being a straight white man is not the cakewalk progressives would have us believe. They would not dare attack Sanders due to her gender, just as Obama would not receive even a thousandth of the abuse Trump has endured because he is not white.

    Yet we still hear so much garabage about the ‘oppression’ these minority groups endure. In reality to be a ‘diverse’ person living in the US or UK now you must be one of the most privileged individuals in history. Not only are you far more likely to be hired, once in a job you can get away with extreme incompetence as employers are so terrified of being accused of racism, sexism or some other ism.

    I heard today Obama may have pretended to be a Kenyan national to game the system. He certainly received all sorts of perks and special treatments because of his race. There must be so many ‘diverse’ people gaming the system and doing extremely well out of it, something the liberal media would never tell you about due to their obsession with victimhood.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tusk says the EUs heart is still open to Blighty. I would argue the EU has no heart . However the EUs coffers are still open to British taxpayers to pay for the fucker . 438 days to go .

      C4 reporting Tusk like a hero


  4. Fedup2 says:

    Like so many remainers Macron is in denial that Blighty is leaving the reich EU. He wants Britain to take more African s sitting in Calais .

    Blighty must not take any more. They can claim refugee status in France in accordance with the treaty of Dublin . Not Blighty.


  5. Despairada says:

    Radio 4 ‘Word of Mouth’ prog on greetings.
    Ears pricked up when they were talking about hand shakes mentioning that Pres Trump held on to Macron’s hand for too long in their handshake (so what?)
    One of the speakers saw fit to describe how to greet a muzlim woman, you must not try to shake hands, instead you touch your chest and bow slightly.
    As usual in this kind of thing, said with warmth and positive tone.
    So, we have to adopt their customs.
    Salve domina!


  6. Beeb Brother says:

    Farcically the brouhaha over the black child/monkey business top continues in H and M continues.

    Why publicise it? Apart from the self-indulgent buzz of virtuosity what greater good do SJW campaigns like this, so beloved by the BBC, actually achieve? They just spread anger and in this case incite serious criminality as stores in South Africa have been attacked. Why not just memory hole it when something like this happens rather than stirring it up? They did an extremely good job with covering up Rotherham, why not do the same here?


  7. Chalkywhite says:

    “Wasn’t it David Davis himself who said ‘if a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy”
    Democracy, fair enough. But when were Donald Tusk or Jean-Claude Juncker voted into power by a democratic vote? I think the answer is never.
    “Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, who has said Parliament should have the power to reject any deal reached and force ministers back to the negotiating table, welcomed Mr Tusk’s remarks”. Nick Clegg? who’s he? He’s not even an MP.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Another Rotherham working class story but the BBC/MSM probably can’t be bothered to get off their Trump/Weinstein outrage bus to stp and report
    Rotherham rape victim loses daughter after court hearing


    • Fedup2 says:

      House of saud Part 2

      Wasted opportunity to further expose what Saudi Islamic money is doing to Blighty – paying for mosques and madrasas and terrorism .

      Instead we get the well trodden path of Arab corruption and the involvement of British companies to get business. Nothing new .


  9. StewGreen says:

    themoggcast : Jacob Rees-Mogg is producing a podcast every two weeks hosted by Conservative Home.

    I quote
    “I am impressed
    – especially his view that HS2 is a huge waste of money and should not go ahead,
    – other topics covered include the NHS
    (I was amazed to here that the NHS can charge council for keeping someone in Hospital who should be in social care but this is not being used)
    – House of Lords v the people,
    – Carillion etc.”


  10. Sluff says:

    Things you won’t hear on the BBC no. 63.

    ‘Now Mr. Corbyn, given the collapse of Carillion, tell us how the construction sector is doing in Venezuela’.

    The answer is that is has created the most appalling inequality, a fraction of which in the UK would cause Jezza and his followers apoplexy.
    But in socialist Venezuela, it must be OK.
    Judge the hypocrisy for yourself


  11. Holly Selassie says:

    Didn`t I just know that when Victoria Derbyshire was on her awful programme this morning, she`d be bleating on about the usual NHS “crisis”?
    And-didn`t I also know that Clare Gerada -archetypal bullet headed lefty lesbian kinda look-would therefore ALSO be on to compound VDs ignorance with her Corbyn stuff, as she does on all BBC pops at the NHS?
    So there they were. Clare and Victoria. And near enough all manner of excuses and time allocations to shaft the Tories, claim the NHS as Labours birthright and not to be questioned by the likes of us.
    Thankfully some NHS Refrom lad did a good job spiking their guns with facts they`d rather not want to know . Such as we`re better than the EU average in things and that the NHS has had plenty ring fenced dosh to create the imbroglio that Clare and Vicky seem to want yet MORE money to waste. Clare and Vicky made to look a bit stupid, when the bloke was allowed his say-but Clare said that figures vary and off they trotted. None of that argument stuff-not used to it.
    But The BBC would not have liked this.
    God help Geradas GP practice-she`s never there, clearly politics comes first and the BBC too.
    So much for overworked GPs-Clare has an endless free ride around the BBC to shaft the Tories, it seems to me.


    • BRISSLES says:

      When Derbyshire first took over the morning slot on the Beeb I almost became one of her ‘victims’ ! after the first fortnight of listening to the woes of victims, and every doom and gloom story that her researchers could drag up, I was almost reaching for the Valium bottle myself. There should be the warning of “anyone of a nervous disposition” activated before her programme starts, cos sure as hell if you weren’t depressed before watching, then you will after an hour of it.


    • StewGreen says:

      Parked up in the BBC car park ready to revved up
      : a fleet of special issue “outrage buses”
      … NHS, posh-wimmins-pay etc.

      Ability to drive the outrage bus is in a BBC presenters job description.


  12. StewGreen says:

    C4 now Prof Green
    white model agency female boss “Well the white boys don’t seem to have the confidence”
    she replies to his question. He’d pointed at the shelves of photos which were often black guys and asked “There’s not a lot of working class white guys here ?”


  13. StewGreen says:

    Flashback : 2016 BBC money in Bermuda


  14. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Get your hate crime jacket while stocks last!



  15. taffman says:

    “Trump’s cognitive ability is normal, says White House doctor”
    He is running rings around the media and in doing so, “draining the swamp”.


  16. taffman says:

    Will Al Beeb cover Jacob Rees-Mogg’s new assignment ?………………..


  17. montmorency says:

    Thank you for having me on your site. I was waking up to Brian Redhead and John Timpson every morning when I was a teen and the World Service sustained me when I was overseas.. I am so disappointed with the way the Beeb is headed now. I’ve asked myself, as others have on here, is it me? It seems the Beeb is accelerating towards one world view, and the problem is, what if that isn’t mine? I know I can read a paper and know its view. I can agree or disagree, I can look for an echo chamber and feel all warm and covered in kittens or wind myself up til I am so cross I eat my own cooking. But at least I know where it’s coming from. – but the BBC, impartial??? This struck me as a long time in politics, just over a year, enough time for the Beeb to switch hats?


  18. Dover Sentry says:

    The question that is never asked ….

    Why is Britain so desirable for those at Calais?

    Will the BBC investigate? They have the resources to do so, i.e. our money.


    • taffman says:

      Dover Sentry
      “Why is Britain so desirable for those at Calais?”
      If the EU is so good why do they wish to come to these so called ‘racist’ islands ? Perhaps the ‘remainers’ can tell us?
      How many ‘remainers’ have left for the continent that promised to go after the referendum?
      People vote with their feet!


  19. taffman says:

    Will Al Beeb cover Jacob Rees-Mogg’s new assignment ?………………..


  20. taffman says:

    “Does MP Sir Desmond Swayne nod off in Ken Clarke’s speech?”
    Must have been an interesting speech about why we should remain in the EU?