‘Why is coventry a shit hole?’


Why is coventry a shit hole?

Likely Coventry is described as such because it smells bad, is an unpleasant place to be, trashy, un-kept, or generally lacking in desirable qualities.
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Friday, February 03 2012

So not skin colour then?

That’s odd because as we know the use of that phrase is predicated upon racism and skin colour….as the liberal quoted by the BBC tells us:…incredible the way he can just twist things to make black white and white black…..apparently Trump was actually calling Haitians and Africans ‘shitholes’ not their countries….most might agree with Trump…hence they flee their own ‘shithole’ countries and head towards America….

Yes, it was racist

Mr McIlwain: Yesterday, Donald Trump said African and Haitian immigrants hail from “shithole countries”. A little black girl and child of Haitian immigrants I know overheard. Unprompted, and defiant she responded to her mother: “Donald Trump is a shithole!” The word itself was foreign to her, but she intuitively understood the words were derogatory, demeaning – racist. [really?  No. she didn’t] In Trump’s words she recognised a constellation of associations and inferences that Trump drew on to make this so.[No she didn’t]

A statement is racist when it explicitly denigrates and/or asserts as true a negative, longstanding stereotype about an entire group of people, signalled by the colour of their skin. “Shithole” fits the bill in the vilest way. [er in what way is ‘shithole’ associated in anyway with colour of skin?  It describes a place not a person] Those who manage with a straight face to say Trump’s words were not racist no doubt will point out that he did not specify that black people from these countries are shitholes. But, he did not have to.

We have longstanding and differential associations between the colours white and black. For much of our recent history, white has always represented all that is pure, clean, desirable. These associations are found in the language of our dictionaries, the one-time definition of Africa as the “dark continent”, and the way we demarcated slaves from non-slaves throughout the slave trade. These associations define our beauty standards, animated through film and television’s past and present. And, these colour associations still dominate our perceptions of leadership, images of success and attributions of worth and value.

Because of these longstanding and pervasive associations between black and white, Trump need only connect a few dots to express his racism. Denigrate immigrants from countries like Africa and Haiti as shitholes with no value, then specify their opposite – people from “Norway. Even a little girl can see what the primary difference is between the two.

The only dots being connected are by a ‘professional black’ whose whole identity and being is wrapped up in being ‘black’, a black ‘victim’….naturally he works in the media department of his university…..

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Typical of the mindset of so many on the left…and in the BBC.

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17 Responses to ‘Why is coventry a shit hole?’

  1. Pounce says:


    • Demon says:

      This is the whole interview. Brilliant, even with a “surprise” technical hitch and the Skybot’s reaction to it.


      • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

        Sky Presenter: What about President Trump not coming to the United Kingdom?
        Raheem Kassam: Well the problem is the United Kingdom is rapidly turning into a shithole because it is full of arseholes like yourself, while London according to the latest crime figures has become the shithole capital under the leadership of Sadiq Khan.


  2. maxincony says:


    That’s odd because as we know the use of that phrase is predicated upon racism and skin colour….as the liberal quoted by the BBC tells us:…

    Yes, it was racist

    Odd that you don’t mention that in the same article… the republican quoted by the BBC tells us…

    No, it wasn’t

    You’re a clown, Alan.


  3. ScottishCalvin says:

    I actually quite like Coventry, been there a few times as I know a chap who lives up that way. Fantastic motor museum too if you have kids and fancy a day out! I always think the town centre layout is more a failure of implementation. If it had been built a bit better it could have looked like the Barbican but (as with so many places from that time) they went for plain grey concrete instead of tiles and brown so it always looks dirty. Given that the middle ground in retail is disappearing to the web though, I imagine one day the center will be all independent shops and upmarket stores and they’ll polish the place up a bit.


  4. maxincony says:

    Rather strange isn’t it, how so many self-proclaimed Good-English-Patriots on BiasedBBC can’t wait to describe various places in the country of their birth as “shit-holes”, whilst simultaneously hating all the English people who are proud to live there.

    It’s almost as if their ‘Patriotism’ extends no further than the vanity of their own imagination…


    • ScottishCalvin says:

      Not really, the places that people dislike nowadays are the places that no longer are British in the way that they were, say 40 years ago. Everyone at least agrees that these places have changed, whether that is for better or worse is the point in question and frankly that person’s opinion, not a fact.

      I would say that if a location’s culture is so removed, that someone moving into the area from somewhere else in the UK is unable to take part in the community, speak the language, recognise products in the local shops, have cultural points of reference or be able to express opinions without being threatened, then that is a bad thing. Many on the left would contrastingly embrace those things however, going as far as attempting to prosecute those who disagree.

      Personally, I say let the market handle it. If those attributes and cultural aspirations are better than what went before, perhaps Bradford, Rotherham and the like will become beacons of multicultural success and become the next Silicon Valley, or perhaps not. Whatever happens, I imagine the electorate will view the results of the experiment and make up the their opinions accordingly.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        You’re making a mistake. You’re treating Maxie as if she is open to reasoned argument. She isn’t. She just pops in here between clients to troll.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Wise comment Roland – there are people who get off on being noticed on blogs apparently- they count the number of red or green ticks or equivalent . I think Facebook is the source but I dont use that .

          Maxi gets off on provoking an abusive response and might be too young to remember a Blighty where every one spoke the same language and “ Little englander” wasn’t an easy term of abuse. It wasn’t perfect – lots of things were wrong – but it was Blighty . Then it got ruined


    • johnnythefish says:

      ….whilst simultaneously hating all the English people who are proud to live there.

      Define ‘English people’.


    • Jerry Owen says:

      Ahh Maxincony
      I see you did your usual disappearing act for a few weeks because we caught you out on your false quoting, we haven’t forgotten you know. You may think that burying your head in the sand for a few weeks clears your terrible false quoting record but it doesn’t.
      You are a child on a grown up blog and it shows.


  5. petebogtrott says:

    Coventry is a shit hole,benefit city,and now the council is building student accommodation everywhere. The biggest shop in the centre is primark which sums up Coventry in a nutshell. City of culture i think not all the heritage and culture has long gone. Why anyone would come to Coventry beats me,rubbish shops,expensive parking,dirty town centre,unfriendly people.


  6. Far Horizons says:

    Maybe an online petition is called for renaming London to Kharzidon
    Sadiq Khan – Mayor of Kharzidon has a positive ring about it.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Sadiq Khan is more like the Khasi of Kalabar, and Raheem is right, London is fast turning into a shit hole under his administration. But what we are seeing in London is leftist politics in action. The white working class was decanted into new towns in Essex and the Home Counties, and their place was taken by immigrants, who form a secure voting bloc for Labour. It is a form of gerrymandering on an epic scale, and all done in plain sight. Labour replaced the native population with its own, welfare dependent client voters.

      I would be amazed if we ever see a Conservative Mayor of London again. Any Conservative government with an ounce of common sense would abolish New Labour’s bastard creation of a London Mayoralty, which of course means that Theresa the Appeaser would never contemplate doing it for one second.


      • rockefella says:

        It’s not all going to plan for the gloriously self-regarding Sadiq. It was meant to be a mayoral term of politically correct feel good and virtue signalling. For once the feelings are being trumped by the facts – a litany of failure. This must make his bid for the Labour Party leadership, not the shoe-in he envsiaged. Shame …..


      • GCooper says:

        Excellent comment Rob in Cheshire. That is exactly what happened. This country has been subjected to a silent coup d’etat. The left infiltrated and took over education and the poison was spread from there into every other field – most notably the media.

        I am not sure where society goes from here but a violent backlash seems increasingly, and disturbingly, likely.


  7. Beeb Brother says:

    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken,
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools. . .