News Inquizition



Oh dear, it started so well.

Last week we had a proper right-wing comedian on the News Quiz, which the liberal lefty comics seem to think is their private club, and he was a bit of a star and got a few cheers from the audience and some good write-ups.  Clearly too popular and that had to stop.

So who was on the BBC’s list for the job of ‘right-wing comedian’ this week?  Peter Oborne from the Mail.  So not a comedian at all but a columnist at the hated Mail.  Set up?  He didn’t have a chance as they all ganged up on him and laid into the Mail as well.

They all embarrassed themselves as they poured forth their smug, entitled smackdowns onto a man who is clearly not at home in such an environment and is not able to respond in kind….or maybe with a well-deserved right hook perhaps.

Next week’s ‘right-wing comedian’?  Isabel Hardman, columnist from the Spectator….let’s hope she has looked and learnt and will come suitably equiped…with some pro-Trump cheerleading,  stop immigration, privatise the NHS and Brexit is terrific comments to appal the echo-chamber of Bubbleheads.

Just as with pay for the girls the BBC is paying lip service to the issue of right-wing thinking being given a proper platform, treated with respect and genuine attempts made to consider things as if right-wing views are acceptable.



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7 Responses to News Inquizition

  1. Fedup2 says:

    As I said in the other thread – Peter Oborne was instantly called a fascist . Wish he’d stood up and walked .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Just to add – the user of that word – miles Jupp can be found on the nmp live website as he runs a thriving business doing after dinner speeches and award ceremonies .

      If you look at how much celebrities like him earn on the circuit ( all on the web) you might wonder why they are such right on socialists as mr Corbin will be after their self paid dividends ….


      • Rich says:


        That nmp live website is fascinating. Just for starters, Adam Hillis and Alistair Campbell, two prize dicks as Adam might say, £15 -25 k each for a few hours from a script. Or the Guardian as it’s known in the septic tank of celebrity current affairs.

        Charlie Stayt could be on your sofa for 5 grand. Another 6 – 10 will get you Naga. She’s been on Strictly. Her and Susan Calman could do a wee tango for the same again, but throw a Toksvig on to that dancefloor of dreams and it could cost another £15000.

        I might be here a while, ITV could have a new gameshow with this. Ant and Dec, higher or lower? On bBbc professional eccentric Tom Winnacott or creepy Paul, mid-afternoon.

        All the celebrity great and good, and others, are here willing to let us bask for what I’m sure they’ll agree is a bargain, everyone of them has a price.

        Jeremy Hardy? He’s yours for £10, 000. Class.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Rich – yes it’s a whole new world and I would encourage interests parties to look who you can buy…. on top of their al beeb salary and also using their own companies for legal tax avoidance though corporation tax not income tax …..


  2. Hexhamgeezer says:

    Hardman is no right winger and is completely BBC compliant.


    • Rich says:

      Something about her though isn’t there? Late night political debate and all that.

      Was going to say something about being compliant but want to stay on the right side of the left because they don’t come cheap. See above.


    • Banania says:

      Now Isabel Oakeshott, that would be another story.