Sh*thole hits the Fantasy


There is to be an inquiry into how the Media acted towards the families of victims after the Manchester bombing by a Muslim terrorist, maybe instead they should have an inquiry into the BBC’s reporting on Brexit or perhaps on Trump.  Today’s BBC reports on the supposed ‘shithole’ remarks would be a good starting point.

Did Trump really say ‘shithole countries’?  He denies it and there is no proof he did, no proof he didn’t…but that didn’t stop the BBC presenting it as fact this morning and happily reporting that Trump was a ‘racist’…even though his supposed words would have merely indicated he would have liked educated people who could make a valuable contribution to America rather than uneducated people who came with a begging bowl, very costly needs and demands, and more than likely an extreme culture that was at odds with the American one…not racist just common sense and indeed what most countries practice in their immigration policies. As for being ‘shitholes’…possibly a term many people would use.

The BBC’s ‘proof’ that he said this?….

The Washington Post, the New York Times, Politico and the Wall Street Journal all reported the comments on Thursday, quoting witnesses or people briefed on the meeting.

Except that’s not what happened…the Washington Post admits its scoop is second hand rumour…..there were only two others at the meeting, one a Republican and one a Democrat….

The president met on Thursday with Senators Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, and Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois. The senators are working to codify the protections in DACA.

The WaPo though is convinced…..

President Trump grew frustrated with lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office when they discussed protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal, according to several people briefed on the meeting.

“Why do we need more Haitians?” Trump said, according to people familiar with the meeting. “Take them out.”

So told to the Washington Post by people not at the meeting but ‘briefed’ on it by someone obviously anti-Trump[why else brief against him?] and who ‘sexed it up’.  And ‘people familiar with the meeting’…what does that mean?…such amorphous phrasing suggests the WaPo is trying to imply it has a credible source when it doesn’t have one.

The New York Times has managed to name a name…a Democrat of course…..

Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, said on Friday that the president did use the term “shithole,” repeatedly, during the course of the meeting on immigration — which Mr. Durbin attended. The senator described Mr. Trump as saying “things which were hate-filled, vile and racist.”

Pretty much at odds with the Tweet at the top of the post from before this ‘scandal’ broke from Rep. Lindsay Graham, also at the meeting.  So why does the BBC believe a Democrat with an axe to grind and not a Republican?

Curiously Durbin doesn’t Tweet at all about his alleged accusation reported in the NYT… fact he tells us he has successfully concluded an agreement on immigration with the Republicans…..


Odd no?

The virulently anti-Trump NYT goes on to claim Trump doesn’t deny using such words…and yet he does….’This was  not the language used’


The NYT links to another supposed ‘quote’ from Trump in its bid to mark him down as a racist…

In a private meeting in June of last year, Mr. Trump said immigrants from Haiti “all have AIDS.”

But once again it’s those very credible sources…

They “all have AIDS,” he grumbled, according to one person who attended the meeting and another person who was briefed about it by a different person who was there.

So nothing in black and white, no verbatim written record, no tapes, just the word of someone who clearly is anti-Trump.

And would Trump have been wrong to suggest HIV was a problem in Haitian immigrants?  A report from 2007 suggests very much right….

AIDS Virus Traveled to Haiti, Then U.S., Study Says

HIV went directly from Africa to Haiti, then spread to the United States and much of the rest of the world beginning around 1969, suggests an international team of researchers.

The findings settle a key debate on the history and transmission route of the deadly virus, the scientists say.

When AIDS was officially recognized in 1981 in the U.S., for instance, the unusually high prevalence of the disease in Haitian immigrants fueled speculation that the Caribbean island was the source of the mysterious illness.

This is the problem with the whole immigration debate, as in the UK the pro-open borders, let’emallin brigade weaponise immigration and try to win the argument by demonising anyone who wants to control it as a racist as they are doing with Trump, conveniently ignoring all the facts that support his position…such as Haitians brought HIV to America…and of course classically that Hillary Clinton also wanted a barrier to stop illegal immigation….Trump says it and he’s a racist, Clinton says it…and the BBC et al don’t mention it…..

Why Hillary Clinton voted for the anti-immigrant wall

4 October 2006

Last Friday, however, she did exactly that, joining Senate Republicans and the majority of her Democratic colleagues in voting for an ignominious piece of legislation known as the “Secure Fence Act of 2006.”

“I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in,” Clinton said “and I do think that you have to control your borders.”

“As president, I will not support driver’s licenses for undocumented people and will press for comprehensive immigration reform that deals with all of the issues around illegal immigration, including border security and fixing our broken system.”

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22 Responses to Sh*thole hits the Fantasy

  1. Pounce says:

    The question to ask all these wankers complaining is how many of these social warrriors will go on Holiday to any of these countries. I have been to El Salvador and I had a armed police escort for the week I was there.( Now that is another story) I’ve also been to Honduras and Mexiico all shit holes. In fact on entering Mexico, they refused to allow the Gurkhas with us to enter the country we left them at the border , to make their own way back to Belize city
    In Mexico, we walked into a market, and the butchers was enough to put anybody off meat for life, I’ve seen less flies around shit, the taxis we caught had no seats, you sat on the chassis.
    In El Salvador, little girls with black eyes sold you peanuts, the black eyes are from their pimps. Also in San Salvador at a traffic light behind a police car, I saw. a BMW run the lights, I asked my police escort why they didn’t do anything, he replied, that anybody who owns a BMW owns the police and if he was stopped that police man would be sacked.
    In Belize a female clerk at the British Embassy was raped and had her throat cut by a migrant from Guatemala
    Take from somebody who has spent time in the region, it is a shit hole


    • Rob in Cheshire says:


      You have the distinct disadvantage of knowing what you are talking about. The BBC would never have you on to discuss this, as you are a wrong thinker. Luckily, 99% of the population know exactly what the President meant. If the leftists think this will damage him, they truly do not know him or his supporters.

      I have come to the conclusion that in all democratic countries, leftist politics is always against the interests of the native born people, and in favour of importing immigrants to form a reliable left wing voting bloc. In non-democratic left wing countries, such as China, they do not have to import a new electorate, so they do not feel the need to pander to immigrants. You only have to look at how China deals with muslim agitators to see the truth of this.


      • Al Shubtill says:

        R-i-C Solid post. IMHO democracy only functions correctly in nations with ethnically homogenous populations.


  2. honestus says:

    On a slightly different tack, I put ‘Trump’ and ‘BBC’ into the Google search engine and the 3 top stories appeared below.

    ‘Donald Trump ‘racist slur’ provokes outrage.’
    ‘Trumps London tweet sparks social media parodies.’
    ‘Donald Trump: shock over US Presidents migrants remarks.’

    You will note that each report has a varying anti Trump theme. In fact, I have repeated this exercise on a number of occasions and have never seen a complimentary report introduction.
    This is the very biased BBC less reporting the news as selectively creating the mood music.
    Once Brexit is out of the way, we have a lot of work to do at our National Broadcaster.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      President Trump said he would want more immigrants from Norway, and fewer from shitholes like Haiti. No-one with an ounce of common sense (this naturally excludes all leftists) could disagree with that.

      I can see why Haitians would want to move to the USA, their country is by any reasonable definition a shithole, but I can’t see anything in it for America. I am sure all the quotas for illiterate voodoo worshippers must have been filled by now.

      However, sadly, I should point out to the President that these days, if you allow immigration from Norway or Sweden, you might be shocked at the results. Better to stick to Hungary or the Czech Republic. Mind you, judging by the First Lady, Slovenia might also be a safe bet.

      God bless President Donald J Trump.


  3. Guest Who says:

    ‘So told to the Washington Post by people not at the meeting but ‘briefed’ on it by someone obviously anti-Trump[why else brief against him?] and who ‘sexed it up’. And ‘people familiar with the meeting’…what does that mean?…such amorphous phrasing suggests the WaPo is trying to imply it has a credible source when it doesn’t have one.’

    Ironically, just out is a movie called ‘The Post’, starring one Hanks. T, currently with Meryl gracing BBC screens in his support of one Winfrey. O, despite the hazy background of the latter with Harvey.

    ‘The New York Times has managed to name a name…a Democrat of course…..’

    Of course, and who now sits at the top of the NYT pile?meryl-streep.jpg


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Let’s be fair, he only raped a 13 year old girl, and as Whoopi Goldberg said, it wasn’t “rape rape”. I don’t know where she got her law degree, but she needs to claim a refund.

      Anyway, this only serves to vindicate Lily Allen: girls who were raped by pakistani gangs would probably only have been raped by Roman Polanski anyway.

      Meanwhile, the Hollywood luvvies are parading in black dresses as if they had only just heard of the casting couch. They really are the most repugnant hypocrites on the face of this Earth.


      • Al Shubtill says:

        R-i-C Perhaps she means it wasn’t “rape rape” because he only sodomized her?


        • Rob in Cheshire says:


          Who knows what goes on in Whoopi Goldberg’s head? My guess: not much.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Someone should ask Miss Winfrey about her South African school, the dead baby and her settlement out of court when the school administrator said Miss Winfrey knew what was going on in the school.
      There are also rumours surrounding Miss Winfrey about witches covens, why doesn’t a far-left bbc reporter investigate that?


  4. john in cheshire says:

    What was one of the first things Bathhouse Barry did when he became President? Remove the bust of Winston Churchill from the oval office.
    What did Bathhouse Barry say when he was trying to influence the Referendum? If we Leave we’ll be sent to the back of the queue (sic) when it comes to trade negotiations.
    Bathhouse Barry hates us and our country but the brain dead collectivists love him to bits.
    President Trump has an affection for us, our country and wants to have strong trade ties. What do our brain dead collectivists do? Spit in his face. And we let a diminutive ethnic runt in London get away with his hate filled activities with impunity.
    That’s the depths we are trawling these days.


  5. StewGreen says:

    Radio 5 , and BBC1 6pm News The media have doubled down
    – ‘well the Democrat says he did say it , and not just once, but throughout meeting’
    – ‘Trump was a long time issuing a denial’
    – ‘ Before the denial, WH staff seemed to act as if the claim was true’


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Probably because they know most people think these countries ARE sh*tholes.


    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      I’m getting a bad feeling that the ‘shithole countries’ remark, whether true or not, might be enough to get Trump removed from power. With virtually all of the western media against him already, he might have gone too far.

      I certainly don’t want to see that happen, because as unpredictable and forthright he is (and those countries are accurately described), we need all the plain talking saviours we can get right now.


      • Dave S says:

        I doubt it. It sounded deliberate and he has long since discounted the media here and in Europe.
        In the US wages are rising, unemployment is falling and business is good. The good old boys in West Texas could not give a FRA about us or our opinions .


  6. JimS says:

    Listening to the radio news this afternoon in the car I was amused to hear the BBC getting upset by the ‘S-word’ without actually saying it.
    Do they never listen to their own ‘comedians’? The ‘S-word’ is the only adjective , (noun, verb), that they appear to know.


  7. Cooper_Man says:

    Senator Durbin has history of making things up that he’s supposedly heard in private meetings – in 2013 he claimed that a Republican said to Obama “I can’t stand to look at you” even though he wasn’t even in the meeting involved. He’s a lying, duplicitous piece of crap – a typical Democrat.


    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      Cooper – let’s hope you’re right. With regards to Trump I’ll quote another president when his best general was going through a bad patch and people were calling for his head :

      ‘I can’t spare this man – he fights!’ [Lincoln on U.S Grant]


  8. Dave S says:

    The media is at the President’s beck and call in a way that is really quite odd. While it obsesses about his words and some of his reported actions he and his team are just getting on with changing the ground rules both in the USA and world wide.
    There are some very smart people on his team . Machiavellian is the word I would use.
    The BBC being really quite unworldly is easily fooled and as for the Guardian enough said.
    The way he snubbed Mrs May’s lot is masterly. Instead of just saying a visit is not on for any of a dozen realistic reasons he uses an excuse so off the wall as to be quite clearly intended as a real hard snub. That is how the rest of the non progressive world will see it.
    Payback for a lot of unwise statements from our very boring leader.
    I think we should be in no doubt that he and his team are changing the USA and quickly. That he is not very interested in Europe unless it behaves itself and that as was clear from the start China, India, Japan, Israel and Russia/ Pacific are much more important .
    The French seem to understand but as for us. Not a chance and we are going to pay a price.


    • Al Shubtill says:

      Sharia May has almost been as damaging as Corbyn, Khan & Co with some of her responses to questions about things which Trump has said and done.
      The woman should never have been selected to be PM.
      I remember seeing Farage, wipe the floor with her on Marr’s Sunday show once. She just sat next to him on the couch like some scared teenager, as he took her to task over the immigration failings at the Home Office she was in charge of at the time; she was quite pathetic and not up to the job of leading HMG.

      The Donald is correct not to come. Why would anyone want to be seen to be connected with such a non-entity as she?


  9. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I think what is interesting here is that a Democrat Senator immediately went public with a remark he claimed the President had made.

    The context was that Mr Trump met in a public session with Republican and Democrat leaders to discuss immigration reform, and then had a private meeting. President Trump made it clear he would compromise on the “Dreamers” (and let’s face it, they are never going to be deported) in return for funding for the Wall, and an end to mass immigration from Third World shitholes (my description).

    Now, the President is often accused of not acting in a bi-partisan way, but here he was, and publically the meeting seemed to be going well. But now this Democrat Senator has ensured that bi-partisan immigration reform will not happen. The reason is clear: the Democrats need immigrants. They are their voting base. They need to import as many as possible. They have no interest in immigration reform. They are happy to lie, to betray the President and to help trash America’s reputation abroad. They are the vilest, most partisan people imaginable. But of course, for the BBC, the story is that President Trump said a rude word. Pathetic tossers, as ever.