Post-Lies Earache

Spielberg has produced a film designed to be a Liberal elitist reposte to Trump….The Post.  A film about newspapers trying to publish a secret government report about the running of the Vietnam war.  Apparently it has resonance today.  Well yes, but not in the way Spielberg likes to pretend.  Things are in fact reversed today….an Administration under attack by a corrupt and dishonest media…it is that Media which should be exposed today for the lies and falsehoods it produces as it tries to unseat a President in order to impose its own choice of candidate….an attempted Media driven coup d’etat.

Jim Naughty had a bit of a love-in with Spielberg this morning on the Today show [08:20].  They should really have got a room where they could have whispered their bitter-sweet anti-Trump nothings in private but instead we had to listen to them as Naughty rolled over and had his tummy tickled by Spielberg who was allowed to witter on about how Trump was ruining America and how the upright, honest and honourable Media were under attack by dark forces orchestrated by Trump.

It was mostly rubbish, weepy liberal angst on the couch…and Naughty had nothing of any consequence to say, no challenge to the narrative, no analysis, no thoughts that Trump might be right about the Media…90% of which is actively against him.

Odd that when Trump complains about that massive Media drive against him it is a threat to democracy and the fine upstanding values of the US Press but the Liberals have no such qualms as they attack Fox, the Mail or the ‘right-wing’ Press in this country.

A blatantly prejudiced, partisan and very one-sided ‘interview’ that was designed with only one intent…to smear Trump and portray him in the worst, and most misleading, light as possible.


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4 Responses to Post-Lies Earache

  1. tarien says:

    100% correct Alan-Politics and the media has made people into sheep, but who can trust the shepherds?


  2. rms says:

    Not seen the film, but wasn’t it the NYTimes that published the Pentagon Papers? And wasn’t Administration’s purpose (and responsibility) to defend the government and previous administrations? That’s sort of what the oath of office is about, I’m led to believe. I’m unlikely to see this movie as I don’t appreciate seeing propaganda to distort my understanding of what I understand the truth to be. I know that Oprah and others believes “your truth” more important than “the truth”, but I’ not yet buying that.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:


      As you say. The Washington Post had the Watergate coverage, the New York Times printed the Pentagon Papers. These were a background narrative of America’s involvement with Vietnam. By definition, the Nixon administration, which only took office in 1969, was not the object. But they were secret government papers, and the administration had every right to try and keep them secret. However, if you are expecting a Tom Hanks film to give a fair shake to Richard Nixon of all people, you will be very disappointed. That’s about as likely as the BBC giving unbiased coverage to Donald Trump.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Sounds like a straight to dvd job but got circulation because Spielberg was involved . I turn naughtie off because I know the approach this champagne leftie will take .
    I guess when their wish is granted and they get their socialist government they’ll enjoy paying 60% income tax – which mcdonald describes as “ a bit more” .

    I ll wait to get this film from a chinky in a pub as I’m a bit of a Nixon fan .