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The BBC said: “Where a presenter or reporter has publicly expressed a view on a particular issue, they would no longer be perceived as an impartial voice, therefore it is right they do not conduct interviews on that issue. This is in keeping with editorial guidelines.”

So the BBC, as we know, has been paying women less than men for the same job, as well of course of only employing younger, good looking women [get your black dresses out girls!], and is now engaged in a nonsense of trying to appear impartial as it takes off air female presenters who have commented in support of Carrie Gracie and the issues around that…maybe they just want to silence those supporters.  Odd how keen the BBC are to ensure impartiality here when it is themselves in the firing line…not so keen on other issues.

Roger Harrabin has admitted he has been ‘campaigning;’ about climate change for 20 years…and yet he is still the BBC’s ‘impartial’ reporter on such issues.  Eddie Mair, who is gay, was assigned to report on the gay marriage issue as it went through parliament [and the BBC broadcast an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys that was blatantly promoting the issue on the night before the vote], the Muslim Mishal Husain is almost always the one who reports on Muslim ‘issues’ on Today.  I look forward to the time when they can find a BBC reporter who isn’t anti-Trump and can thus be trusted to report honestly and impartially about him….the BBC doesn’t seem at all bothered that they are all freely scornful and abusive towards Trump…and I’m sure if we checked their Twitter feeds that would be quite apparent.

Interesting how free and easy the BBC are with our licence fee money…..prepared to top up wages by the odd 5o grand or so at the shake of a stick…..perhaps if they weren’t paying the men so much to start with it wouldn’t all be such an issue.

Another fine mess the BBC has got itself into.


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3 Responses to Petard Hoist Own

  1. Guest Who says:

    an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered* in subsequent similar circumstances.

    *Or, if not suiting BBC purposes, ignored, on a basis described as ‘unique’, or ‘exempted’ (see ‘unique’).


  2. Donbob says:

    Let’s see Maitlis start wearing trousers and cover up those knotty old legs. While we’re at it give Kirsty Wark a paper bag !


    • Fedup2 says:

      Froshstrop admitted being a socialist on Toady yesterday but still wears the guise of neutrality as an al beeb employee. How can that be .

      I’m listening harder to the al beeb editorial language now – the Adf? The German right wing party is described each mention as “hard right” as though it’s a bad thing .
      Mardel on world at one was interviewing a black uk passport holder who claimed he didn’t like Blighty anymore dobhad gone to Berlin only to find Germans with right wing views . The krauts are less able to suppress them than Blighty via al beeb and others so it came as a bit of a shock to the snowflake.