Lone Terrier Attack

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H/T Katie Hopkins [boo hiss]


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7 Responses to Lone Terrier Attack

  1. Fedup2 says:

    The truly awful virgin rail is banning the daily mail apparently . Perhaps they will ask passengers there political views so they ban those with whose politics virgin disagrees .
    Not too far from burning books and then burning people is it?
    Perhaps “repression” will be the word of 2018?.


    • Alan says:

      Tax exile and tax avoider Branson is a serial ‘sex attacker’ by current standards and is a criminal…having set himself up in business by a massive import tax fraud many years ago…if Toby Young can be ousted for some historical gross comments…..but of course Branson supports Remain…can’t see the BBC or James O’Brien taking him to task as they do Young or the Daily Mail.


      • Fedup2 says:

        There were always rumours about how branston got his initial funds to grow his business back in the pre Tubular Bells Days . His hippy lifestyle might provide you a clue .

        Adding to my comment above – I do not buy or read the Daily Mail much and their website showing tarts ‘flaunting ‘ themselves in sunny climes is a bit tired . But i do not agree with banning lawful publications . No virgin products for me .


  2. vesnadog says:

    “Not too far from burning books and then burning people is it?”

    It could happen!

    Expect the following to happen in the UK once the anti-sanity elites within the BBC run with the story:

    “A school in California has caused controversy by banning all Christian material from its library.
    Staff at the library were told to remove all books with a Christian message, authored by Christians or published by a Christian company.

    One of the books to be removed was Corrie ten Boom’s ‘The Hiding Place’, the story of a Christian family who helped Jews escape the Holocaust.”


    I wonder how many Jewish/Christian books the BBC library has on its shelves?


  3. Number 7 says:

    Try one of these.

    Calm and quiet as a mouse until something small, four legged and furry comes into sight.


    (PS. I’ve been keeping retired racers for nearly 20 yrs.)