Little Black Burkas




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Have to laugh at the hypocrisy of the stars at the Golden Globes who wore black in protest at sexism…..and yet they somehow seemed to forget the point of the exercise as they dressed to thrill….bums and boobs on show aplenty….how can they complain about sexism when they play on their sex appeal?

Bombshell: Laverne Cox looked magical in a sparkly gown with sheer bodice and sleeves  A-list events: Kate Beckinsale (far left) and Miranda Kerr (far right) were leading the glamour at the InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes after party in Beverly Hills on Sunday night, while Paris Hilton (centre) was rocking the red carpet at the glitzy HBO bash  Glamorous: Miranda injected a touch of A-list glamour to her ensemble with sparkling Niwaka jewelry as she tenderly caressed her baby bump on the red carpet

The BBC of course were fully supportive of the stars not making any objection when it was said that none of these stars spoke up before because they were worried about their careers.  Hmmm…so they made that choice….submit to the advances of the ‘Weinsteins’ in order to further their careers and make no fuss…thus allowing such practices to continue and other actresses to be treated in that way.  ‘A-list’ powerful actresses decided not to speak out to protect their careers and now expect everyone to applaud their new found chastity and guts?

Aah…now that’s more like it…

After party people: Susan Sarandon is seen posing alongside Rosa Clemente, Marai Larasi and Emma Watson

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11 Responses to Little Black Burkas

  1. Donbob says:

    Looks like no-talent actresses will now be doing porn as a career choice.


  2. Rich says:


    The first actress, sorry, actor shown is Laverne Cox who I believe still has one.

    She is a pre-op transwomen apparently so where she fits in all of this I have not a clue. No chance of the #MeToo there though as there’s nothing queer about old Harvey, seedy, predatory bully that he appears to be.

    I do not know if Ms Watson’s companion is in the same boat a la Cox or not but by the look on Susan’s usually sanctimonious dish her guest may be a Weinsteiner herself.


  3. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Something should be done about these predatory women who use their body and looks on vulnerable men to get parts in films.


  4. vesnadog says:

    And to think that these person/its/whatever’s are the persons who our precious children run to for their morals/decency!


  5. vesnadog says:

    I hear that the UK actress on the right has been corrupted/seduced by the bouncer 2nd right!

    Then again, she might not have.


  6. Payne by name says:

    You would think that they would have knocked the whole red carpet thing on the head wouldn’t you? I mean what actually is it rather than blatant objectification. Hordes of women having to pose in revealing clothing for the lecherous gaze of disgusting male paparazzi.

    Surely, it’s the performances of these individuals that is important rather than something as baseless and Neanderthal as how they look…


  7. kaffir Latte says:

    Totally agree. Catherine Deneuve has it just about right in her newspaper letter signed by a hundred French actresses. She says it has all gone too far, become a puritannical witch hunt – conflating bottom touching (unwelcome, irritating, bullying behaviour) with serious assault and rape. She also says she is an “actress” not a “politician”. Pity Gary Line-pockets doesn’t think along similar lines.

    Unless we all become neuter there will always be flirting and some “flirting” feels like anything but (butt) when you’re on the receiving end. However, the double standards of putting your body up for sale and then outraging when someone feels the goods….as per photo of women in black with suspenders

    However the bBBC, as ever, obsesses on this subject while operating double standards on pay. Loathe the bBBC, any balanced reporting comes as a shock these days.


    • Payne by name says:

      Exactly. The old hypocrisy of making yourself look attractive and then complaining when people (or rather the ‘wrong’ people) find you attractive.


    • vesnadog says:

      “Totally agree. Catherine Deneuve”

      As per usual. Victoria Derbyshire show had a 4 to 1 ratio against this French lady. And the poor French guests English let her down! You could see the smug faces of Derbyshire and her other beloved Elites as this French woman tried to explain her support for Deneuve.


  8. deegee says:

    I’m a little disappointed that no man came half-dressed in black, as did some women, to the Golden Globes. Perhaps bare chested to the navel or split up the leg to the thigh? Surely that would have been a comedy moment made for Sacha Baron Cohen? He won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, as Borat, while the film was nominated for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy in the same category, by the way, so doubtless he was invited.

    Perhaps the Oscars?