Gobby JO’Bby shows us why he’s worth it


The BBC’s James O’Brien is out to show how brilliant he is again with an astute, insightful and intelligent analysis of a letter sent by David Davis to the PM on his LBC show…..read it for yourself and check out how clear the meaning is…hard to misunderstand especially if you’re so intelligent as Mr O’Brien is…a ‘very stable genius’ no doubt:




LBC boasts:

James O’Brien took apart David Davis’ complaints that the EU is planning for a ‘No Deal Brexit’ in characteristic style.

In a letter seen by Financial Times journalist Jim Pickard, David Davis told the Prime Minister:

 James read out some key passages – and ripped them apart.

David Davis: “I am writing to draw your and fellow members of the European Union Exit And Trade Committee’s attention to a growing number of instances where the UK is treated differently by the EU institutions.”

James O’Brien: What the hell did you expect to happen when you voted to leave the European Union, David?

David Davis: “The UK is treated differently by the EU institutions, before we leave the EU and in a way which is frequently damaging for UK interests.”

James O’Brien: What? Oh my giddy aunt, colour me shocked. Who could possibly have seen that coming, Secretary Of State For Leaving The European Union?

Trouble is Davis was complaining that Britain, which is still a member of the EU, is now being treated as if it was not….clearly against the rules….O’Brien fails to understand that not so subtle point made in the first paragraph of the letter.  Still why let the facts spoil a good fake news story….happily ignoring...’before we leave the EU’.  The EU are not ‘planning for a no-deal’ they are already acting as if it has happened. Illuminating that O’Brien shows no interest in tackling the EU’s outrageous behaviour but is more interested in inventing fake news about those who are trying to implement Brexit and get the best deal for Britain….no prizes for guessing which way O’Brien voted in the referendum.  Seems he does not have Britain’s interests at heart.

No doubt it will feature on Newsnight with JO’Bby….they seem to have few qualms about promoting the EU’s side of things either.



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6 Responses to Gobby JO’Bby shows us why he’s worth it

  1. Dave S says:

    O’Brien is by now well known as a determind opponent of Brexit so what is the point of taking him seriously.
    Just another swampette .


  2. MarkyMark says:

    Damage done …. no one to chase him up. En Marche! Forward!


  3. Roland Deschain says:

    O’Brien fails to understand

    Oh, he understands perfectly well. He simply pretends not to as he cannot make his arguments honestly.


  4. Guest Who says:

    LBC has resorted to paying for sponsored ads on Facebook to try and convince folk J’Obsworth is a media legend.

    From the comments, few convinced.


  5. honestus says:

    O’Briens comments resemble those of a petulant adolescent who still has some serious growing up to do. As said above, he abhors Brexit and the majority of voters who continue to support it. He will see no benefits in the process as it flies in the face of the globalist ideal that he and his fellow liberal fascists will sell theirs mothers to achieve. He should be and will be ignored by those who observe a modicum of democratic propriety and he should be made to remain on the idiot step and give his overworked brain cells a rest – all three of them.


  6. Wild Bill says:

    Leaving the EU will be well worth it if only to hear Obrien’s comments on LBC the next day, obnoxious twat!