Mary Berry’s Haram Party

It’s completely normal for muslims in Britain to celebrate Christmas. Don’t even think about questioning that. If you go to a mosque on Christmas day they will probably be singing carols and marvelling at the christmas tree.

Nobody is surprised that Mary Berry’s Christmas Party featured a muslim guest, because we have come to expect such things. Reality and ideology clashed though because almost all of the recipes included either alcohol, or pork, or other non-halal meat. As a result poor old Adil couldn’t eat much more than a canape at the party.

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9 Responses to Mary Berry’s Haram Party

  1. DownBoy says:

    Never mind, Adil. Leave it a few months and you can scoff the Easter Bunny.


  2. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Four women and one [Muslim?] man Looking oh so happy together. That’s a not-so-subtle suggestion Beeby. For Christmas? Is this how BBC pictures a happy Christmas?
    I could call it offensive.



  3. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Next episode



  4. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Merry Christmas



  5. Expat John says:

    Great stuff, Lucy
    Your pictures, whilst apposite, would be funnier if they weren’t so damn near the truth.


  6. Pillar in a circle says:

    The Sunny natured man with his allocated quota of breast and stuffing?


  7. NCBBC says:

    Four partridges in a pear tree.


  8. pulsar2000 says:

    oh ffs. The Bubble the BEEB exist in,


  9. Kaiser says:

    did some one say ALDI !