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To hear that the BBC will be sending teams of their own journalists into schools to teach children how to spot fake news is somewhat amusing if not just a little terrifying…it’s like sending Jimmy Savile into schools to teach the children how to spot a paedophile.

It’s not difficult kids…if it has ‘BBC’ on it then it’s a good chance of being fake news.

BBC to help students identify ‘fake news’

The BBC is launching a new scheme to help young people identify real news and filter out fake or false information.

The project is targeted at secondary schools and sixth forms across the UK.

From March, up to 1,000 schools will be offered mentoring in class and online to help them spot so-called fake news.

Ironically the BBC uses its announcement to spread fake, anti-Trump, news…

The term “fake news” was popularised by Donald Trump during his presidential election campaign last year.

He used the term to denigrate the output of the traditional news media, although it is also used to describe news stories that achieve significant traction despite being palpably false.

5 Live decided to explore the issue today and we had the intelligent, impartial, even-tempered Nihal to guide through the process.  LOL.  A man so unsuited to the job it is laughable.  For instance when a listener texted in that the BBC was as guilty of spreading fake news as anyone Nihal responded with derision and mockery in an aggressive and rude manner…he shouted out ‘bingo!’ as he received the message clearly indicating his attitude to criticism of the BBC. The texter said the BBC was the last place he would look for the truth and always used other media sources for his news.  Nihal snapped at him and told him ‘good luck with that…see how you get on’ as if no one can survive without the BBC feeding them its lies.

An irony that on a programme about fake news and echo chambers Nihal is unprepared to listen to other views and will only hear what he wants to hear.  But then that is Nihal, bigoted, racist and aggressively unpleasant….he likes to announce that Britain is a nastier and more racist place since Brexit….just one of the BBC’s favourite lies, along with ‘Islam is the religion of peace’, that they use to attack their opponents.  Nihal went on to tell us that ‘truth’ and ‘facts’ are not the same…there is a problem with ‘truth’.  No there is a problem with the BBC and its alternate facts.

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Trump in no way invented nor popularised the term fake news… has been around for over a hundred years and the left-wing media used it extensively to attack Trump…Trump was not ‘denigrating’ news media but accurately describing their output. The BBC et al actually created the biggest bit of fake news….the myth of the ‘post-truth era’.  This is a deliberate attempt to shape the narrative in their own interest by claiming that only since Trump and Brexit has news become fake….see the title to the BBC video above….’Fake news and post-truth:  How th eworld changed in 2016′.  Except of course it didn’t change…or not at least in how it is reported….the media has always been completely untrustworthy.  What did change was Brexit and Trump….and the BBC hates that and shapes its news to paint both in as damaging a light as possible….ie fake news.

Look at the BBC video above when the BBC’s Allan Little claims there are now two Britains each with their own parallel truths as he shows the Boris Bus on screen and tells us that Leave promised us £350 million per week for the NHS.  This is post-truth politics he ridiculously claims…..however even if the bus did say what he claims, and it didn’t, politicians have been lying to us for, well, for ever.  That claim of a post-truth politics is fake news itself, an invented phantom bogeyman to scare people into doubting Brexit and Trump’s victorys were legitimate.  The BBC claims that this new ‘post-truth’ era is a danger to democracy…..the only danger to democracy is a massively powerful media organisation that is out of control and which is spreading misleading and false information about people and events it does not like.  Here you can see the BBC attacking Breitbart with false claims that it used a term, ‘Luegenpresse’ [lying press], that the BBC says was first used by the Nazis….unfortunately the term was coined long before the Nazis and is still in use in Germany today by the media there….including the left-wing media.  Just another classic attempt by the BBC to smear a political opponent with the ‘Nazi’ or Far-Right tag.

And the BBC can’t really claim that the term is not very apt in relation to its own output…Allan Little’s video above just one example of the lies and attempts to create the narrative that no one can be trusted except the BBC.

Lord Hall Hall says…

“By sharing our journalistic expertise, we want to give young people the skills and awareness they need to be confident about identifying the real news stories, and calling out the fakes.”

Get ’em young.  That’s the BBC plan…a somewhat sinister one that aims to position the BBC as the arbiter of truth and, in the eyes of a future generation, as the only trusted voice which they can rely upon for their news about the world.  This is not unlike the Nazis and Communists who always aimed to recruit and indoctrinate, brainwash, the young so that they would grow up into obedient and unthinking drones.

It is surprising that the government should allow the BBC to do this.  It is clearly an exercise in extending the BBC’s own influence and grip on the national consciousness and on the political discourse allowing it in future to have a powerful and dominant impact on what people see and hear in the news and thus potentially controlling how they perceive the world and then their reactions…such as how they vote.  This is a power grab by the BBC in a most sinister way, training, grooming, children to believe only one way of thinking is correct.

Here’s an interesting slip of the tongue from Buzzfeed:  Those Labour supporting media cheerleaders…like the BBC…

In short, Corbyn – like Donald Trump – needed his own media cheerleaders. Their rise has also resulted in a deep-seated distrust of supposedly Labour-supporting organisations such as the New Statesman – which was recently picketed over its anti-Corbyn stance – and the BBC, which until relatively recently was used to being under fire from the likes of the Daily Mail for being too left-wing.

No coincidence the NUJ was briefing Labour that the BBC needed its protection:

NUJ submission to the Labour Party consultation on fake news February 2017

Establish funding arrangements to ensure the future of the BBC as one of the world’s most respected and comprehensive news organisations

The role of the BBC as the bulwark that supports the UK’s broadcast media cannot be overstated. It is training academy, standard setter and commissioning hub for the industry, as well as being among the world’s most important media organisations and public service broadcasters. Tempting as many find it to find fault with aspects of its output, this should never detract from its importance, nor the need to ensure that it retains this vital role.

The BBC is also the UK’s most-trusted source of newsiv and is considered fair and impartial by the overwhelming majority of people in the UK. As such it is an exemplar of fair and balanced journalism (periodic issues notwithstanding).

Douglas Murray spots the BBC’s attempts to paint itself as the victim of fake news…

James O’Brien spreading ‘fake news’ via the BBC is a must-watch

The row about ‘fake news’ and the ‘crooked media’ appears to be ongoing.  And every time the BBC and other mainstream media mention it they present themselves solely as the victims of such phenomena.

As has John Redwood:

The BBC wants to change the news, not report it

The best way to spot fake  news is to look for the BBC logo….you can be pretty sure they are selling you something.



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6 Responses to Luegenpresse

  1. Lucy Pevensey says:



  2. Flexdream says:

    Once you realise the BBC is biased there’s no going back. I think the turning point for me may have been the BBC suppression of the Falklands Play.


  3. Beeb Brother says:

    Their use of the term ‘post-truth’ demonstrates breathtaking arrogance. Do they not think that we fully understood the facts and chose to vote against their patent lunacy of open borders, ‘learninf to live with terror’ et cetera?


  4. Holly Selassie says:

    How can any school or college let this lot into it?
    After Savile, their DBS checks would surely make them unwelcome at the school reception.
    They seem to think that they`re OFSTED, only checking that the approved BBC view is getting peddled in classrooms where they absolutely have no reason for being.
    Must think they`re the Chekha. Really sinister.


  5. Guest Who says:

    Amol the merrier at it again.


  6. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Always remember the golden triplicity of BBC news:

    (1) OMIT – leave out, for as long as possible, anything that doesn’t fit the agreed narrative and the “progressive” agenda.

    (2) DISTORT – if (1) fails and an awkward story finally has to be reported, misdirect people with spin (biased emphasis).

    (3) FALSIFY – if this fails, extend (2) and allow people to believe things that are false, retracting only later if necessary.

    I’m sure people will have their own examples of these three methods, with (1) and (2) being the most common.