I’m thoroughly disgusted that the BBC’s idea of education and entertainment almost always includes an underlying political element.

The latest attempt is Invasion! with Sam Willis which combats “the idea that we Britons are somehow unique”; they barely try to hide the support for mass immigration here. The argument is basically: “Britain historically had a lot of immigration, so you shouldn’t oppose further immigration” which is about as valid an argument as, “you used to wear a nappy, so you shouldn’t oppose wearing one now”.

According to Willis, claiming that we are “somehow unique” is a “myth” spread by people like Churchill, who claimed that we are an “island race”. Perhaps he should read Churchill’s ‘Birth of Britain’, because Churchill never supported such a silly myth, and I seriously doubt that anyone ever did. It’s obvious to anyone that we have a lot in common with people in many other places, in many important ways. That isn’t incompatible with a national identity. Willis’ myth itself is a myth, invented to mock people who oppose mass immigration. All the old history books speak at length about Roman, Norman, Celtic, Neolithic, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking invasions. In some cases they even over-emphasise the impact of these events, the exact opposite of the “myth” the stupid British racist public are supposed to believe.

Churchill on the Bronze Age

Britain…as a whole was a backward country by comparison with the
Continent; primitive in its civilisation, stagnant and passive in its life, and
receiving most of what progress it enjoyed through invasion and importation
from overseas.

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6 Responses to Invasion!

  1. Richard Pinder says:

    “Invasion” did seem to admit that genetic evidence proves that all white people are Caucasians, or descended from the Mounted peoples of the Russian steppes, 4,500 years ago, or as the BBC program stated the “Beaker People” who then ethnically cleansed the previous native peoples of Europe, with the exception of the Basques.

    But then we also found out that the presenter, Sam Willis was a Sardinian/Viking mongrel, and therefore the cherry picked narrative was created were “The Sardinians and Vikings are unique but the British are mongrels“.

    The BBC included Liberal left-wing multicultural ideology by interviewing two Black mixed race females about their ideological opinions. One of them seemed to sprout confused bullshit about Boadiceas opposition to the multicultural Roman Empire.

    In fact the whole documentary “Invasion” was a mixture of left-wing metropolitan multicultural ideology, politically correct history and all the new findings in Genetics that do not violate the Safe Space ideology.

    In a way the Liberal fascists are similar to the Romans. Both tolerated inferior cultures, as long as they were subservient to the culture of the elite. And they both used divide and rule. But the only difference is I don’t think the Roman elite had a suicidal cultural war with its citizenry, but not with its subservient peoples.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    What is Sam Willis . ?
    I used to enjoy listening to the nonsense reasoning of liberals justifying changing the racial and cultural mix of Blighty – eg you like curry so must let a bunch of Indians or Pakistanis in. You like reggae ? So let every one with black skin in . A joke if it hadn’t turned Blighty into a third world cess we face a bunch of white peasants from the east who have found the land of guilt and plenty


  3. vesnadog says:

    “Roman, Norman, Celtic, Neolithic, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking invasions.”

    In fact. If my memory serves me right. At one time in our history we had 2 (two) invasions from two differtent invaders occuring at the very same time!? From the north-east, and from the south from that lot across the chanel! Thats why the vikings managed to win their war agaisnt us while we repelled/slowed the other lot to exhaustion!

    Or am I getting old?


  4. Dave S says:

    In a totalitarian state citizens assume that the state routinely lies,invents and distorts in order to control. It never seems to work out well long term but such states keep on trying.
    In our society the fiction is maintained that this is not the way we work but rather the opposite. Gramsci and the progressive left realised that by taking over and infiltrating the traditional state the totalitarian state could be imposed without appearing that it was so.
    PC is a major weapon as is control of the media, education and the law . That means that everything now produced by , for example, the BBC has an agenda . This show is one such. Only one amongst many and if you wonder where real comedy shows went that this is the reason. Comedy writer and performers are ‘unreliable” so we are left with Brigstocke and the rest. Safe pairs of hands.
    In the case of ‘Invasion’ it means that although some interesting facts about the past are presented we will inevitably dismiss it as propaganda since the premise of the show is to serve the present by altering and changing if necessary the past.
    The undermining of our way of life is what everything now is about. The Cof E is led by men and women who largely wish to dismantle it’s teachings and role in society. Schools and universities indoctrinate rather than teach.
    The BBC has an important role in all this which is why it seems untouchable . The way news is presented with an anchor interviewing a reporter is done to keep control of the narrative and present facts in the approved way. Kuenesberg, Robinson and the rest know their role and are good at it in that that they present opinion as fact and nobody seems to notice.
    We must not underestimate the shock these people had over Brexit and President Trump. Counter attacks that have really wounded them .
    Look at the fuss now being made over moving the US embassy to Jerusalem . It was a campaign promise so why the surprise ?
    For now the priority is to deny us Brexit and bring down the President. Shows like Invasion are a drip drip drip of propaganda in order to make us uncertain of who we are and what our country is. Clever and effective but I hope ,as with Brexit, that the common sense of the ordinary people can overcome the progressives’ attempts to alter the past and control the future.


  5. Owen Morgan says:

    I couldn’t be bothered with this nonsense after the first few minutes. The first farmers came to Britain from the Middle East. There was a great, big, red arrow to prove it, so accepting zillions of pseudo-Syrian pseudo-refugees today would only be “replacing the population”. That, as Sam Willis assured us, had happened many times before – so why should we think we don’t deserve to be replaced, in our turn?

    No serious historian or archaeologist believes in ancient population movements of that type. It’s accepted that peoples, cultures and languages move in different ways, at different speeds. There is no reason to imagine that the gradual adoption of agriculture across Europe involved any significant movement of people out of the Middle East. Pretty recently, the DNA labs were declaring that a high proportion of British people were probably of Mesolithic descent and the idea of mass-invasions, replacing previous populations, was quite wrong. Now, however, that is hopelessly off-message. The word coming down from Beebyanka Central today is, “Come on in, English, Welsh and Scottish (yes, you, too, Irish); your time’s up.”


    • Pat..original says:

      Might be ‘hopelessly off message’ but I am still going with Ed West in his book The Diversity Illusion.

      “At the end of the Second World War over 70 per cent of British DNA dated back more than 6,000 years on these islands, and between them the Celts, Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Normans made less of a genetic impact than post war immigration has. Genetically the generation born the year Britain hosted the 1948 Olympics may have been closer to the Britain of 4,000 BC, before work on Stonehenge was begun, than the generation born during the 2012 Games; the DNA of the British people has been changed more in one lifetime than in the previous 6,000 years”.

      The invention of mass transportation has a lot to answer for, not to mention our traitorous politicians.