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You have to wonder about May, is she incredibly stupid, incredibly devious or both?  How is it possible that she could ever conceive that the DUP [or any sensible UK citizen] would accept Northern Ireland being annexed by the EU?  How could she not realise that such an agreement would also fire up the SNP, and the devious little chancer Khan, the end result being the complete disintegration of the UK, the remnants being swept up by the EU?  Is that her plan?  Have to think it must be…she can’t be so stupid not to realise the consequences of her actions.  ‘Regulatory alignment’ maybe a somewhat vague and woolly phrase but it points very definitely in one direction….people say it does not mean staying in the single market and the customs union but in essence it does…and regardless, the SNP and Khan et al will be using it to leverage their own interests.  Stupid move by May…or genius…if you’re a Remainder….just unlucky the truth got out before the ink was dry.

The BBC has been telling us this was Ireland’s moment, the time when it had the most leverage to get a deal on its terms….complete tosh….it had no leverage whatsoever.  So it vetoes any deal due to border issues, then what?  Hmmmm…let’s forget any deal at all and go to the WTO and then impose a border….Ireland loses either way.  It had no leverage….just another BBC fantasy…fake news.

We have mentioned before that it is curious how the BBC makes no comment on an unelected foreign power, the EU, trying to engineer the annexation of Northern Ireland in an attempt to smash the UK.  The BBC is very, very concerned about supposed [no proof at all of that collusion] Russian interference in American politics via a few paultry ads on Facebook and yet when the EU tries to muscle in on British internal politics in an attempt to destroy our sovereignty and our nation the BBC says nothing.  At least Putin is elected unlike Druncker and Barnum.

Apparently the DUP has ‘derailed’, ‘blocked’ and ‘rejected’ the deal….the DUP is to blame for the end of an ‘historic agreement’.  Er…..just why is it historic?  It’s just one phase on the way to more negotiations…the referendum was historic…but you don’t see the BBC cheering for that oddly enough…it must be because the BBC recognised May’s deal for what it was [along with that offer of £40+ billion and the acceptance of ECJ rule]….total surrender and the end of a real Brexit.  Whilst the DUP gets the blame it is interesting to note the contrasting language the BBC has always used for the EU who have been completely intransigent and stubbornly opposed to any compromise of its demands and which has refused to negotiate until its demands have been met in full.  Who was to blame for that?  The British, who ‘failed to provide clarity’ or it is ‘up to Britain to make the next move’ or it is ‘up to Britain to come up with an offer acceptable to the EU’.  The EU has never derailed, blocked or rejected any negotiations if you believe the BBC.

It’s never the EU’s fault……some advice for the breathless BBC….

The DUP, the BBC told us, ‘some might say’, is too powerful and influential…Peter Hain [the world’s most slippery and dishonest politician….lots of competition though] told us [amongst much else] that it was the DUP tail wagging the dog.  Hmmm….he doesn’t seem at all concerned about the reality….the EU is controlling the narrative and it gave the veto on negotiations to the Irish government who gave it to the IRA in essence.  What we hear is that if any sort of border is set up the IRA will start its terrorism again…which is odd as it has decommissioned all of its arms…hasn’t it?  LOL.  The Irish government, Remain politicians like Hain and Blair, and the BBC, all use the threat of a reborn IRA to scare everyone…to blackmail them with threats of violence…a tactic no doubt learnt from our Muslim ‘community leaders’ for whom it has worked so well.

David Trimble nails it…though is more circumspect in naming the real culprits…Sinn Fein being the political wing and mouthpiece of the IRA….

The real reason why the border has become such an issue is that Sinn Fein is -trying to exploit Brexit to break up the UK.

What Leo Varadkar is doing is trying to appeal to Sinn Fein voters. He hasn’t learned the lesson that some Irish nationals have painfully learned in Northern Ireland: that you can’t out-Sinn Fein Sinn Fein. All he is doing is validating its position. For its own reasons, the EU is egging him on.

It just shows you how desperate the EU and Irish nationalists are that they’re -clutching at these straws.

Hain was given free rein to spout his nonsense on Adrian Chiles’ show..absolutely no challenge to anything he said even as he came up with the old Remain lie about the referendum ballot paper not mentioning leaving the single market and the customs union….no, but the choice was to stay in or leave the EU…and as the EU’s ‘redline’ is membership of the single market, and with that free movement of people, it is obvious that leaving the EU is also leaving the single market….as was pointed out again and again during the referendum debates by both Leave and Remain.

May, incredibly naive, stupid or cunning?  The BBC’s excited reaction, and the SNP’s and Labour’s, gives the clue….the deal was one that would finish off Brexit in all but name.

It is ironic though that it was the BBC, along with a Belgium MEP, that dashed Remain hopes and revealed the plan to the world…..

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said she had been told by Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts that the UK had made a concession on the Irish border.

She said Mr Lamberts had said the UK was prepared to accept that Northern Ireland may remain in the EU’s customs union and single market in all but name.

The Irish press then picked it up and ran with it….and the rest is history as the DUP spoke up for Britain and the Union and kiboshed the betrayal.  The DUP, worth every penny of that £1 billion.

Brendan O’Neil in the Spectator:

The EU says it is Ireland’s mate and trusts it to make big decisions. It really doesn’t. It wants Ireland to do one thing and one thing only: wound Brexit. Ireland is being played like a fiddle. It is being used by an EU that is still reeling from our brilliant Brexit sucker-punch and which is so desperate to preserve its flagging authority that it is willing to pit Ireland against Britain; the Irish government against the British people; Irish concerns against British democracy. This is cynical, divisive and dangerous. An oligarchical institution that has demonstrated nothing but contempt for Irish and British voters and which is so speedily losing the plot that it’s happy to stir up tensions between nations in order to do over a democratic vote? With each passing day I grow happier and happier that I voted for Brexit.





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17 Responses to DUPed

  1. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Can’t we get the DUP to take over the Brexit negotiations because our lot are absolutely useless.
    Complete, total capitulation.
    Just as well Treason May lost the majority or Northern Ireland would have been thrown out of the U.K. so that she could keep us in the eu.

    Can anyone name anything that the eu have made any concession on as opposed to our lot who have given in on everything.

    Come on Arlene.
    Put DUP candidates up in England so that we have a choice against the liblabcon party. I would vote for them.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Can only thing HMG thought they’d announce the agreement and bounce the DUP into it under public pressure – so naive – unless promises were made and broken .

    Solid border is now the only option .

    For the self respect of this country the government really must walk away.


    • Kaiser says:

      and where is the invisible spineless bitch may hiding right now?

      she should be explaining to the British people wtf she is up to

      why are the conservatives not revolting right now , they are facing electoral annihilation forever and will be responsible for handing britain over to the scruffy marxist tramp who will sell out N.I. at the first opportunity and plunge britain back to the 70’s

      the so called bbc claim treasoner may is heading off to see the DUP, she will be lucky to escape without being kneecapped


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      For the self respect of the Conservative Party, Theresa May should be taken out and shot for treason.


  3. theisland says:

    “The unionist leader told Sky’s Ireland Correspondent David Blevins: “We had asked for a text on a number of occasions, to be told that there was no text.
    “We spoke on Sunday evening – didn’t have text. The text landed with us late Monday morning. That left us in a very difficult position.”


  4. JimS says:

    The BBC keeps telling us that Ireland has a veto over Brexit, this is ‘false news’, or a lie in old money.

    The position of the EU is explained here. The decision is subject to a ‘qualified majority’, which is 228 votes out of a total of 376. Ireland has 7 votes total, some veto!

    As has been pointed out many times the BBC has ignored the goings-on in the EEC/EU since we joined, (unless the UK was ‘in the wrong’), and, like most MPs, hasn’t got a clue how it actually works. They probably still remember the 1975 regime when we did have a veto, (given away by treaty changes that our MPs couldn’t be bothered to read), and when ‘no-one’ migrated because the pay was pretty much the same between member states. Of course that all changed when the east Europeans joined, if the minimum wage is ten times greater in the UK than in Romania why wouldn’t a youngster ‘go west’?


  5. fakenewswatcher says:

    I am not disappointed by Mrs May. I had very low expectations of her anyway. I think she was given the position of Home Secretary without having the competence for it (take her utter failure to control immigration); still wondering how on earth she made it to PM? A fluke – the right place at the right time?
    Nothing personal. (Although I think she should have been honest and NOT taken the PM job). How DO you lead when your key project is to manage leaving the EU and you are a Remainer? How do you build up enthusiasm when you believe the opposite of what your job is all about? You can say ‘Brexit is Brexit’ a million times. Still not convincing.
    My only explanation is that she was so desperate to be PM (second only to another lady not so far away from us, but lacking the cunning, the thick skin, etc)nothing else mattered? But what a painful business to attempt to hide your convictions when they stick out a mile! Really, I understand ambition. But as PM you have to think of your country first: she seems to have not realised the moment would come when you had to ditch it or quit.
    How embarrassing: putting your own name all over a battle bus and not that of your party cos you think that will win the election big time, and then…
    I’ve just changed my mind. A very thick skin must be in place.


  6. Beltane says:

    It’s all very well blaming poor old Treesa, but she’s only doing the job that was created for her. After her long and almost totally unsuccessful stint as Home Secretary, during which time she provided conclusive proof to anyone with the least grasp of political integrity – such as it is of late – that she was quite unsuited to higher office, she becomes our PM. And immediately surrounds herself with a Remainer cabinet along with one or two token Brexiteers. Other than an increasingly bumbling Boris, all the major offices of state are held by Europhiles. And this is a coincidence?
    Anyone would hate to admit the fact but Brexit as a concept is simply a vastly complicated and tortuous set up, just as the emasculation of UKIP was a set up. Should, as Kaiser puts it so well, ‘the scruffy Marxist tramp’ gain power, the multicultural stew we wallow in will be the least of our worries even though its logical conclusion will be the death of us.


  7. fakenewswatcher says:

    You’re right, Beltane. Brexit is a vastly complicated set-up. That’s WHY, it seems to me, you have to be utterly convinced about it in your gut. Utterly. If that’s present, the very challenging intellectual work can begin; without it you’re bound to deliver what we are now seeing. In a strange way, having the conviction will make it less complicated; your instinct will lead you every time to the correct decision. If you then have the team to do the hard spadework, well -you can’t go anywhere but up.
    So what is the answer? WHO can do it? Step one seems to be admitting to yourself that you haven’t ‘got the guts’. Logical conclusion: resignation.
    Step 2: someone else. I don’t understand why there has to be an election if she quits? Tony quit and Gordon took over, not so long ago. I don’t remember an election. What have I missed?
    Step 3: Any suggestions? Mine would be to give it to JRM; there ain’t no one else?


  8. Guest Who says:

    Newsnight again offering a balanced view:


  9. fakenewswatcher says:

    Thanks for that, Guest Who. Someone should send the Beeb one offering scenarios after four years of Hillary. Plus a very basic explanation of the relationship between the outcome of a vote and democracy?


  10. Kaiser says:

    Mrs Foster said the DUP saw the text of the deal on Monday morning, despite asking to see it for five weeks.
    “Once we saw the text, we knew it was not going to be acceptable,” she said.

    Ms Foster also said that the British negotiating team indicated to her that it was the Irish government that prevented the DUP from being shown a copy of the text.

    Ms Foster not going to be shafted and quite prepared to join the mud slinging

    good for her!

    Irish Goods added to my ever growing no buy list its not much but stuff you lot

    we should be calling our Irish loans back in pronto

    threats work both ways


    • chrisH says:

      Who would YOU trust? The saintly Arlene Foster and her team?
      She who was bombed as a schoolkid by the IRA as she went to school on a bus?
      But who grew up to forgive and fight for her country-and now she`s fighting for the rest of us, because nobody else in British politics has a spine or brain AND is able to do it.
      OR-a gay Indian blow in of a few months nonentities who wants to use Brexit to play politics with his IRA buddies who want what he does-only faster.
      Leo is the embodiment of a national culture that has given up, and decided to be an EU landfill, full of dreamers, kebab litter and spent cartridges and condoms. No true Irishman any longer gives a damn-let Angela sort it. From Angelus to Angela-Ireland is just a heritage theme park nowadays.


    • vesnadog says:

      “we should be calling our Irish loans back in pronto”

      That won’t bother them , they will simply pass their debts over to the yanks!


  11. matahari says:

    I still wonder why nobody clearly points to how successful May has been in her job: delay, complicate, water down and blur brexit until it turns into remain. Brilliant in using The Times to avoid a party leadership contest. Brilliant in promising a clear Brexit whilst creating a manifest that would give her number 10 but lose her a majority. The result would thus belittle the brexit result and create a need for a larger agreement i.e. water down. And so on….until the DUP trap which will appear to force her hand and opt for a UK wide soft exit to ‘maintain peace in NI’. She did an excellent job. That was her job.


  12. s.trubble says:

    When there is a clusterfu** like this piece of theatre yesterday it is worth looking at the immediate heads that pop up ;

    1) The bBC and its reporting stance – were they “in” on the act framed by Brussels and the hapless Irish( they’ve been used plenty by the EU) and bailed out by them

    2) The Tsaocock or whatever it is called in Eire – he was too well choreographed in the immediate aftermath……well scripted by Brussels.

    3) the O’Labour party – what can you say about that……well we all know but the bBC are actively suporting them

    4) Sturgeoan………she just jumps in with both feet…a disgrace to Scotland and its Unionist majority….she needs trap setting.

    5) Blair ( Papal Knight)- “I am working on reversing Brexit” – f*** off to Rome

    6)Khan- oh no you Khant………..a small man.

    And to these 6 – you have just been schooled by Arlene……….