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Who knew?  Andrew Marr told us this morning that Moscow is ‘one of the great Muslim cities of Europe’ and that Russia has a ‘very, very powerful Muslim identity’.

Really?  Muslims make up 14% of Moscow’s population and just over 10% of the population nationally….88% of the population of Russia is Christian….maybe Marr thinks that cathedral in Red Square is a mosque.

The BBC is outraged that Trump Retweets something from ‘Britain First’, and I would suggest he had no idea who the group were as he was apparently linked to the Tweets by Anne Coulter and you have to suspect he thought ‘Britain First…America First..what’s not to like?’ without knowing they were somewhat different.  In contrast the BBC is not outraged by a religion that teaches its followers to hate, if not kill, Christians and Jews, to kill gays, to kill those who leave the religion, to kill adulterers, to take slaves, to turn those slaves into sex slaves, to take land and treasure ‘in the name of Allah’, to treat women as second class citizens.

What’s  not to like….and yet they attack Trump who criticises such fanaticism.  Funny old world.  And now they try and spread Islam by ‘normalising’ it and making it seem more acceptable and more widespread than it is.

Stupid and dangerous.

Good old Auntie.


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12 Responses to Mosqow

  1. Fedup2 says:

    Marr just cannot right in the head any more – unless he is willing to say anything his employer tells him to say. Al beeb is becoming more and more a servant of the evil Islam


  2. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Muslim Identity eh? ну и дела! Who knew. Does that mean it was Muslimski interference in the UK referendum & US Presidential election?


  3. Thoughtful says:

    I heard it this morning, and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The BBC like many other lefties have a disnified view of Islam, because they see some brown people which most wouldn’t actually describe as Muslim, but self identify, and they think they know it all.
    After that its all invented and they can’t understand why when we talk about Muslims (the real ones that is) they don’t understand because they’ve got no idea about Islam. These are the guys who couldn’t even manage to accept that Salafism as practiced by ISIS was actual Islam for Allahs sake !


  4. TruthSeeker says:

    We are all grateful for being enriched by the heirs to the “Golden Age of Islam”.
    Now will they all return to the home of enrichment.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      You forgot the magic word “Please,” and to show our deep appreciation the British taxpayer will supply the air fair.


  5. StewGreen says:

    Same Andrew Marr who said on Sunday Morning who said those Trump videos are FakeNews
    ..seemingly oblivious that all 3 video are bona fide real events.


  6. Ian Rushlow says:

    There is indeed a substantial Muslim population in Moscow and Russia as a whole (Kazan, the southern republics etc). But for the most part they are totally integrated. Wander around Moscow, even the suburbs, and you will not see headscarves, much less women dressed in bin bags or Darth Vader outfits, or writing in Arabic, or Muslim shops, halal stuff or anything. Moscow is wonderfully monocultural and reassuring by the standards of the rest of Europe. Perhaps that is another reason why the British Establishment and their media lackeys hate it so.


  7. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Boys identifying as girls. Russians identifying as Mohammedans. BBC identifying as impartial.


  8. Tothepoint says:

    Its social (existing establishment) supremacy. Only the elite need to know, and plebs should only know what the elite want us to…..guaranteeing they can force through their political personal crusades (mostly self-hating, destructive, anti-British agendas), fail endlessly at their jobs, and keep getting away with it

    Fact is fact but information/events are subjective and a democracy works by allowing people to interpret these events and respond accordingly……this democratic right is being taken away and controlled by a community of people who believe they alone are qualified to deal with the problems of the world (communism?)….only issue is, these professional failures have proven time and time again they are not capable of fixing the issues of our country, and are consistently making things worse.

    Twitter has taken the power of controlling what can be said and discussed away from the elite…..and they dont like it. As in the USSR and 1940’s Germany, the state are changing laws to criminalise different opinions…

    Requests/Tweets to assassinate Trump? No problem

    Threaten violence against UKIP/Tories and their supporters? No problem

    Allow BLM, anti-Israeli and ANTIFA to organise violence and discuss the actual destruction of institutions and people who support them? No problem

    Be a kafir and discuss the life of warlord Mohammad, the unchangeable instruction he set out 1400 years ago, and the actions carried out against this instruction (not subjective as every one of those following in Mad Mo’s foorsteps and carrying out his life instruction to the letter, specifically state Islam is exactly the reason they are doing what they are doing)? Hate speech and needs to be banned

    Things are in motion that cannot be stopped…and we will be forever in dept to Donald Trump, for having the platform to get the message out of the damage Islam is doing to the world, and expose those who are allowing it to happen…Islam cannot Change, will never be able to change and the rest of world is reaching a point where it has changed too much….and all for the worse…this isnt going to end well….


  9. Kaiser says:

    this morning they had a program on 4 tracing the history of islam in britain and didnt mention terror

    tonight they have an item on terror without mentioning islam

    yesterday they said muslims were being demonised by (real) videos of themselves on the internet, and never mentioned radical muslims terrorising everyone


  10. Lobster says:

    The huge difference is that if they made the same demands there as they do here, Mr. Putin would not be quite so accommodating as our spineless leaders.