Marr…subservient and obedient as he serves the system of propaganda that is intent on silencing us



Ironic that the BBC was asking if we should really believe the media…is the news just a system of propaganda?… in 1996…talking to Chomsky about bias in the media, god forbid it should ever happen…and all long before Trump invented fake news and the post-truth era….according to the BBC ahem…..

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9 Responses to Marr…subservient and obedient as he serves the system of propaganda that is intent on silencing us

  1. Fedup2 says:

    As shown today in his tedious Sunday programme Marr has lost any appearance of neutrality and freedom of speech doesn’t feature very high in is order of importance .

    I have no regard for this smug beeboid and glad I don’t contribute to him compensation package .


  2. - Wild - says:

    I saw his interview with Jacob Rees-Mogg this morning. Rees-Mogg ended by asserting that Twitter is essentially trivial. Marr responded by saying, at last something we can agree upon, or words to that effect. I thought it was meant to be an interview with Rees-Mogg not (yet) another reveal of Andrew Marr’s (tax funded) New Labour bigotry.


  3. david01 says:

    Nigel Farage was on Marr this morning to “discuss” the newspapers. There was not much discussion because a lady in a maroon dress(a former advisor for Labour?) started attacking Farage the moment he opened his mouth. At one stage Marr asked Farage a question and the lady interrupted the whole time he spoke so that neither of the protagonists could be understood. The so-called “discussion” was unintelligible because of this lady’s absolute and utter rudeness.
    Given the experience and high remuneration of Marr one would think he was capable of shutting up the harridan and allowing a sensible discussion to take place, either by getting the producer to turn off her mike or exerting his authority to shut her up by interrupting her and giving all participants an equal opportunity to be heard. Why are Labour supporters allowed to get away with this disgraceful behaviour? She had her say previously and Farage listened to her comments without interrupting her.


    • Beeb Brother says:

      The Left cannot win arguments on facts so they resort to censorship and name calling.


    • honestus says:

      David, remember when you were very young, in a large class of children and the teacher asked a question to which all present knew the answer. Teacher would make a play of waving their finger in the air pointing toward one after the other of the children with their hands up – all shouting me, me me. To ensure that you were the one chosen to answer, you had to raise your voice over the child next to you, who then raised theirs – and so on, and on until you were screaming at the top of your voice. Some of us quickly grew out of such demonstrative and ill mannered behaviour as we entered adulthood, the rest joined Momentum or labour – noisy irritating fuckers.


      • - Wild - says:

        It is an almost universal feature of Leftists (I heard David Horowitz talking about it the other day) that they will try to stop you speaking and will engage in personal insults [“You are a clown”] rather than discuss the matter at hand.

        It is very revealing.

        At the intellectual level it is because inside every Leftist there is a totalitarian screaming to get out, it is like the BBC reaction to a General Election result they do not like, they just cannot accept it, and will spend the entire five years “virtue signalling” their disapproval, because it is so important to them that we know what they think.

        At a cruder level it is what psychologists describe as “malignant narcissism”. They scream like a baby if they think they are not getting the attention they deserve, and they are full of hatred for anybody or anything that frustrates their will or gives them the impression – their jealousy is bottomless – that somebody somewhere is happier than them.

        Leftism is essentially infantile, but it is not even a nice infantile, it is a nasty infantile, dressed up as holier than thou.

        My advice to anybody (based on my modest life experience) is try to limit your contact with Leftists as much as you can, because they are unhappy people and they will (consciously or unconsciously) try to make you as unhappy as they are if they can.

        Certainly never vote for them to get political power if they give you a choice – which of course is not something they will do if they can avoid it. They hate giving you a choice, not simply because they are totalitarians, but because they will reveal their true colours eventually, and everybody eventually tires of their sense of entitlement.


  4. lojolondon says:

    Everyone should watch just the last 10 seconds of the first video – says it all about the Bias of the BBC, really.


    • StewGreen says:

      “If you believed something different, you wouldn’t be sitting where you are sitting” _ Noam summed up Marr in a nutshell.


  5. - Wild - says:

    If it wasn’t for rich press barons (or whatever Orwell said) selling newspapers to people, there would be absolutely no chance to hear anything other than what Leftists (such as Chomsky) think you ought to hear, so their socialist colours are coming out in that claim.

    Not giving you a choice is the foundation upon which socialists build their church. Not only do they want to tell you what to think, they, like Mugabe, feather a substantial nest for themselves as their reward for advocating a political philosophy based on little more than thieving.