Project fear strikes again!

Sky News has just reported on a new paper which claims households are more than £400-a-year worse off as a result of inflation caused by the Brexit vote. It may well be true, who knows. The BBC hasn’t actually reported on this yet, but it seems almost inevitable with a finding like that, so let’s see how long it takes them to plaster it on the front page of the BBC news site. Neverthless, isn’t it strange that they only interviewed the co-author Dr Thomas Sampson, failing to mention at all the three other co-authors, Holger Breinlich, Elsa Leromain, and Dennis Novy? I wonder why that is? Beautiful British names.

As for the report itself, it concludes that “the Brexit vote caused a negative shock to the UK’s expected
future economic performance leading to an immediate depreciation in the value of the pound”. If you do a quick search of the document you’ll find 92 uses of the word ‘import’ but only a single use of the word ‘export’. How very strange…

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12 Responses to Project fear strikes again!

  1. Fedup2 says:

    The report is issued by the LSE CEP – an organisation which is meant to issue an annual report . The most recent years’ are not on line but looking back over the most recent – it doesn’t take long to see that this outfit is at least partially finance by the EU using out tax cash

    There fore the report fails on bias and lack of honest declaration about its source of funding .

    More psychological war fare by the putrid EU.

    Perhaps it’s the result of the Clegg/Clarke / Adonis visit to their Brussels HQ last week


  2. vesnadog says:


    “It may well be true, who knows.”

    Who cares!

    To be honest with you. I’m willing to pay much more money if it means throwing off the shackles n chains of those Euro leeches – like, immediately!

    I’m sure that our blessed nation will soon feel the benefits of those brave leave-voters!

    God save the Queen!


    • Fedup2 says:

      During the campaign Mr Farage and others said that we might temporarily reduce GDP as a result of Brexit – but- there are more important things. People die for freedom . If the price of olive oil goes up by a couple of pence – at least its pence and not ( fucking ) reich euro cents .

      I prefer politicians in Blighty to screw it up not arrogant corrupt surrender monkeys which were once in the bomb sights of Mark three Lancaster’s.

      494 days to go


      • vesnadog says:


        “I prefer politicians in Blighty to screw it up not arrogant corrupt surrender monkeys”

        You know what! I believe the right politicians won’t screw it up.

        I have this good feeling inside that we are leaving the Euro at the correct time in our history. No chains, no rules, no waste of our money, no lies, no false promises etc etc…

        In our case there is no: Scary version! Just Freedom and a feeling of great hope which will be felt by all UK citizens!


  3. john in cheshire says:

    I thought the foreigner and ex-Goldman Sachs employee, Mr Carney lowered the interest rate immediately following the Referendum result, for no good reason other than to devalue the pound and increase the inflation rate. And then blame it on Brexit.


  4. scribblingscribe says:

    The moment I see the word Brexit on the Sky news web site I do not bother to read it. Sky news is doing all it can to damage this country’s opportunity to gain a good deal in Brussels.


    • vesnadog says:

      “The moment I see the word Brexit on the Sky news web site I do not bother to read it”

      I’ve noticed this more and more!

      From now onwards I think we leavers should expect the tactics by the lying MSM to get worse and worse, i.e. really “Dirty”.

      I can see a day coming when the streets outside parliament will eventually see the REMOANERS throwing off their real selves revealing bile, spit, foul language just outside the main hall. There we will see the head of the BBC and all his estate workers, butlers, gardeners, chef, alongside the likes of Clegg walking hand in hand with anarchists, squatters, greens, rainbow fascists, radical feminists, 65-89 year old wannabe Greenham common lookalikes, CND Bishops, a huge number of BBC Vegan employees, an even bigger gang of ex-Labour MPS/Lords who will march and donate their their daily allowance to their beloved ATTENBORUGH, GELDOF and BONO who will then hand all the money over to ELTON JOHN who will hand that over to STONEWALL, then to the Millionaire who manufactures all those Aids Ribbons.


  5. Scroblene says:

    Luckily, we don’t subscribe to Sky ‘News’, or any other prog with a will for self-destruct!

    Looking briefly at that clip, it’s clear that the fourth form have been let our early, and need some sort of comic to write for.



  6. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I keep hearing the eu wants all these billions and paying their pensions seems to be a big chunk of this money.

    When OUR mep’s are working in Europe, surely they pay pension contributions and there must be a pension pot already existing.
    When we leave, the mep’s will no longer be contributing to this pot but will only be eligible for a pension for the years they have worked and contributed.
    If you work somewhere for say 3 years, they don’t take over your full pension commitment, you get the contributions paid for those 3 years either put aside until you draw the pension or you maybe add it to another pension.
    March 2019 ALL our pension contributions cease.
    So, unless the mep’s are getting a couple of million a year pension I can’t see why our pension payments are said to be such a high amount.
    We should get all the mep’s pension contributions back and we will take over paying these pensions.
    They can demand as much as they want but we owe them nothing, they owe us billions.
    If they want a deal with us we will talk to them. We might let them keep the buildings we’ve contributed billions to.

    NI-Ireland border.
    If they want a hard border in Ireland they (eu) can build one.
    I couldn’t care less if a few farmers were mildly inconvenienced, the same as the rest of the UK, when crossing a UK border. It will probably take less time to cross the border than it does to go through the Tyne tunnel and thousands do that on their daily commute.
    The border is insignificant.

    Citizens rights.
    All eu workers in the UK are safe. We all know they are. Nothing to see here, move on.

    There, sorted.


  7. Number 88 says:

    Yes, the £ fell after the referendum – a correction according to many economists who said that the pound was overvalued. But it did begin a recovery and then fell back sharply at the time of an opinion poll which suggested that Corbyn was about to overtake May in the coming General Election.

    In its report did Sky contemplate the effect of the fear of a Momentum victory on our currency? I bet they didn’t.


  8. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Noted two hit pieces on Northern Ireland these last two days.
    1. Some weepy piece about “punishment beatings” going up.
    As if this has NOT been going on since the sixties-and May is in the dock with the DUP. So thought Victoria Derbyshire and the Childrens Commissioner in Ulster( funny, not Northern Irish…why not?)
    Basically, the PSNI don`t do a job over there anymore than our effete Lily Savages do here-but at least there`ll be retribution in other ways. Not exactly ideal, but Mexico and Russia, Brazil and Sudan have better crime reduction methods than we do. Northerh Ireland also has an Old Testament instant karma notion that we could learn from in some way or other.
    2. Roger Bolton said that only Protestants might take offence at abortion jokes in Northern Ireland.
    As ever Catholics and Sinn Fein blameless, not named by the BBC-let alone Muslims.
    Now the DUP are in power-hope they know what the BBC are up to-where`s that manifesto pledge to get rid of them eh Arlene.
    #Come On Arlene#