Rebate Debate

Michael Gove picture with his quote about the rebate


Talking of the infamous £350 million the BBC always likes to say we don’t send the EU any actual money…and that the UK has a veto over any decision to axe the rebate should the EU, as would be likely, especially if we were to ‘rejoin’, thus…the rebate is safe and can’t possibly be included in any discussion on how much we pay the EU.

Strange then that the EU wants to hold onto our rebate.…how can they do that if they don’t get paid it?….

Europe is threatening to keep back Britain’s final rebate payment of €5 billion as part of the negotiations over 
the Brexit bill, The Telegraph can disclose.

Senior British sources said that 
negotiations over the bill, which the EU sets at €60 billion (£53.6 billion), had still not settled whether the UK would receive the €5 billion (£4.46 billion) payment as part of the final settlement when it leaves the EU in March 2019.

“There is a problem here, and the issue over whether the EU will pay us the 2018 rebate has not been resolved,” the source in Whitehall confirmed.

No veto then?  The EU was always likely to reverse the rebate, veto or no veto, whether we voted to stay or go….something the BBC doesn’t want you to understand.  You can guarantee it will go if we are forced by the Remainders to go cap in hand to the EU begging to be let back in….they will take us for everything they think we owe them and then add on the defunct rebate on top as well as imposing some draconian rules upon us in the City and on trade until we ‘prove’ our commitment to the cause and the Grand Project.

The BBC’s Reality Check tells us…

Reality Check verdict: He’s [Gove] right that the rebate is not a permanent feature of EU membership, but the UK has a veto over the process that would scrap or reduce it.

The level of the UK rebate is decided every seven years, as part of the EU’s long-term budget, the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), which is negotiated by the EU leaders.

The long-term budget determines EU spending levels and priorities and it has to be approved unanimously by all 28 EU leaders.

Last time, as part of the 2014-2020 budget negotiations, the UK rebate was preserved. It will remain in place in the current form until 2020.

When the EU starts to negotiate the next MFF, the rebate will certainly be on the table again. Many other EU countries would like to see it scrapped or reduced.

But with the EU leaders required to approve the MFF unanimously, the UK could use its veto to stop the erosion of the rebate.

Except is that right?  The EU will introduce majority voting on this as soon as it thinks it is necessary or find someother way around it…Cameron already surrendered the veto for majority voting on many issues last year and told us it was a great success by him giving away our veto.

BRUSSELS has today unveiled plans to abolish all member state rebates fuelling speculation that eurocrats were preparing to raid Britain for more cash if it voted to remain in the European Union.

And consider that the EU can always find a way of increasing the total we ‘owe’ the EU so that when the rebate goes through we still pay them what they want….like the supermarket inflating prices and then telling you you have a bargain when they ‘drop’ them…or ‘Britain could be put under pressure to compromise elsewhere if it wants to keep the rebate, European Commission sources say.’

The EU is no-one’s friend….it is about filling  its own pockets with our gold and a massive power grab for the unelected and unaccountable EU superstate that can change the rules at will to justify and licence its every unjust and illegal move…..and the ECJ is so politicised that it is essentially there to rubberstamp what the EU wants.




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8 Responses to Rebate Debate

  1. Fedup2 says:

    Add the 5 billion rebate to the 13 billion wasted on overseas tax give away s – look down the settee for the remaining 2 billion and that’s it – 20 billion – which I understand is our legal obligation to the EU. They use our money to force other countries to comply with their federalist progression to a single European state.


  2. TruthSeeker says:

    Just put me in charge, we will be out of the EU by Christmas.
    In fact we never agreed to be in the EU, it was just a trading block, except it wasn’t, they lied then and the EU has been lying ever since.
    We should have stopped the cheques the day after the referendum.
    The EU is our enemy and the enemy of every European.
    Kill it and free Europe.
    Flying the EU flag must become a criminal offence in the UK with a minimum five years in jail, or perhaps we can regard it as giving aid to the enemy and just hang the ****s.


    • Alan says:

      But the young? How can you be so cruel? Their future is blighted….they’ve had no say!
      Oh…hang on….what about ‘the young’ in 1975? Did they have a say? No. But now they have had their say…40 years on. Brexit.
      Funny how all the talking heads forget that.


      • JimS says:

        I’ve still got my little booklet from then, no problem, we can always veto anything we didn’t like, movement of peoples just something theoretical, it will never happen!

        We were promise that food prices would go up though, now the ‘remoaners’ claim they will go up following Brexit.

        Perhaps the BBC could ‘fact check’ the 1975 promises? Certainly that would make more sense than ‘fact checking’ speculative claims about the future.


      • TruthSeeker says:

        Alan November 18, 2017 at 11:25 pm
        The blighting has been performed by the traitorous leaders of European governments, inviting the dregs of the planet to come here on permanent paid holiday.
        No perhaps about these twats, just hang them, no trials necessary. I would dig up the dead UK traitors and hang their remains symbolically from yew trees in churchyards for the benefit of our war dead lying there. I would confiscate all assets the traitors have passed down to their descendants.

        Rinse and repeat in the rest of Europe.


  3. EUTV says:

    Looking the reality check page just now it was updated in August. It still says we send the net amount.


  4. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    They keep going on about the Irish border.
    I have several solutions.

    First one is we do nothing and if the eu want to put a border/checkpoints between NI and Eire then let them go ahead and do it. Maybe this new Iron curtain will stop a few from the south popping into NI for cheaper food when the eu tariffs no longer apply to imports from the rest of the world.

    They could leave it as it is. How is the border between Sweden and Norway for example.

    People arriving in England still have passport checks so why must a few farmers in NI not be included amongst those who should have identification when crossing borders? Everyone in England must have ID to enter France so why is it a stumbling block because a couple of hundred Irish may be slightly delayed if they cross between the Irelands. Motorists face longer waits to go through the Tyne tunnel.

    Do they think an exporter, say, in Amsterdam will drive a lorry to some western French ferry port, get a ferry to Ireland, drive up to NI, get a ferry to Liverpool and then deliver the goods to Leeds or wherever just to cross an open border when there would be minimal fuss going from Rotterdam to Hull.
    We already have ‘booze cruises’ which must have minimal effect and a similar situation between the Ireland’s would really be negligible.

    It’s a big fuss over nothing.
    For the convenience of a few Irish border crossers or a perceived customs breakdown allowing duty free stuff to cross (which way?) which can easily be controlled (electronically for example) we are being held up by the eu or our poor negotiators.

    It’s so easy and if they wanted to they could sort it out in an afternoon instead of dragging it out over months just like the non issue of eu workers rights in the UK, we all know they will retain them.
    As for the money they want, give us your itemised bill to look at.
    I wouldn’t give a penny by the way.



    • charmbrights says:

      It is simple. Give the six counties to the South. That would bankrupt the Eiran econoy in short order and they know it. The 4th reich won’t want to pay for it. So we get major concessions to take it back.