The Prodigal Son


So David Miliband is back on our shores…not to lead his party to the great heights many in the BBC hope but to flog a book and at the same time to lecture us on how we must open the borders to all and sundry…he will then fly back to his comfy, metropolitan life and chums in Manhattan to count his money and the luxury he so much deserves [er…remind me what he has ever actually done?].  Emma Barnett was all over him yesterday oozing gleeful joy at his every word and Justin Webb this morning lapping it up and joining in the chorus as Webb told us of the ‘refugees fleeing poverty in search of a better life’.  The BBC redefining what a refugee is, saves the UN a bit of time I suppose.  Thanks BBC.  Economic migrants are not refugees.

Miliband spoke complete rubbish the whole time with two targets in mind, one to fling open our borders and two, to malign and vilify Trump at every turn.  Apparently Trump is redefining politics in America, in a bad way…it is now a zero sum game where if America wins everyone else must lose…except that’s not what Trump says, Trump thinks the US is unfairly losing out on trade deals and wants to renegotiate them in order to make them fairer to the US….he isn’t seeking to asset strip any country that wants to trade with the US.

Then Miliband claims the world’s problems are because Trump has withdrawn the US from the world and his responsibilities…er…..North Korea?  Iran?  Middle East, Syria, Israel?  And looking to do deals around the world….how many trips has he made in one year already as he tours the world?  It was Obama who withdrew from the world and his responsibilities…abandoning Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria…resulting in the rise of the Islamic State and the refugee crisis in Europe.  An Obama who signed up to any old deal that on the face of it looked good but in reality were highly damaging…Iran and Paris Climate agreement spring to mind….done to win the plaudits of his fellow lefty metropolitan elite backers, not done for any genuine beneficial reasons.

Justin Webb made no attempt to challenge Miliband’s claims of course.

Just the usual BBC…bringing on people they know will mouth the correct version of what the world should look like…one coincidentally held by the BBC…oddly enough.




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5 Responses to The Prodigal Son

  1. Beeb Brother says:

    I have limited respect for anyone who thinks it is ok to be paid £400k or more by a charity.


  2. Guest Who says:

    There was an image yesterday of goof and sibling goof gurning over a list of goof wisdom shared across the studios.

    Outside of which, few in response seemed as smitten as the media.


  3. Dave S says:

    A Soros puppet. About all you need to know.


  4. Fedup2 says:

    It was a great relief when the younger one got made leader of labour by mistake as the older one smacked of that same messianic certainty which that traitor Blair showed so often. Our entire navy – all three boats – would be in the med now bringing the Muslim hordes in even quicker than now- if the voters had been stupid enough to put labour into power of course.

    Let milli senior stay up on his moral ground in America and lecture us from a far. C word.


  5. Englands Dreaming says:

    Are organisations such as IRC even charities in the sense most people would understand? Charities people imagine (wrongly) get most of their money from public donations and fund raising, this is rarely the case. IRC is funded principally from donations, grants and contracts from the US government, EU and UN, in other words our taxes. From these “donations” the IRC spends nearly 40% on personnel, enough said.

    By the way if you want to buy David’s book the IRC website is giving it a free plug and a link to Amazon.