Too close encounters

As Brian Sewell said about the BBC’s output:

We deserve better. It’s patronising rubbish.  The BBC clearly think it’s good to have programmes presented by people with no knowledge or experience.  There’s no debate, no critical discourse or differing viewpoints.


Oh dear….complete rubbish from the BBC who have allowed Labour’s Douglas Alexander  to find out ‘why we’ve become so polarised as a nation and what we can do about it. His time as a politician convinced him that government alone cannot mend Britain’s divisions. So what can we do as a society and as individuals? ‘

Apparently the only group that is segregated in Britain is white Britons…..of course that is due to our racism and discrimination towards others….Poor Pakistanis can’t move to rich white areas because of lack of life opportunities due to racism of course…nothing to do with their own choices……we must deal with our negative attitues to minority groups.  Yep this programme is all about white racism….and of course Muslims are the biggest victims.  A huge lie of course….Muslims are the most segregated communities, communities that breed radicalism and extremism due to their ‘ism’ and political and social views that incubate within.

We hear of two men washing cars next to each other chatting away, rubbing along…a Somali and a white Brit….but wait…there is no deeper relationship…because the white man is from the BNP….remarkable how they can find a BNP member these days.  No thought of course that a Muslim Somali might not want to mix more socially with the ‘Kafir’? Or as Trevor Phillips might say…’It is not Islamophobic to wonder if such a closed community might have nurtured a fatally narrow world-view. No one in France now doubts that the sickening violence that left a dozen dead in the Charlie Hebdo shootings was at least in part a consequence of the disastrous segregation of the French banlieues, the ghettos to which many Muslims have been consigned.’

Left-wing propaganda about refugees and immigrants by a Labour politician given freedom to peddle his schtick on the BBC…..we need ‘neurological hacks’…singing, dancing and eating together….this will bind us all with the ‘other’….more Muslims on Strictly and Bake Off!  Trouble is many of the radical Muslims did ironically originally mix until they became more religious when that stopped and they self-ghettoised themselves….and then self-detonated…….boom, boom, as Bail Brush might say.

The BBC told us that Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs all got along famously in India before Partition [no thought as to why Muslims wanted Partition to separate themselves then?]….and thenn they murdered each other with great abandon…those ‘good neighbours’ slaughtering each other with enthusiasm.  Superficial friendship doesn’t overcome the ideology deeply ingrained into people who will always ‘defend’ their own.  The BBC refuses to accept this and instead thinks reducing ‘poverty’ or combatting what it protrays as discrimination will solve all this.  Alexander finishes by telling us the biggest divide in Britan is the wealth divide between the rich and the poor [no irony on a BBC that pays people £700,000 for chatting a couple of hours a day on the radio] but we must also all go out and hold hands with immigrants…have some close encounters with the ‘Other’…you might like it.

Naive, highly politicised nonsense that is just Corbyn and Muslim propaganda.



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36 Responses to Too close encounters

  1. embolden says:

    In a free society it is not the place of government, politicians or media to have a view on who people choose to associate or form friendships with.

    This is cultural Marxist, social engineering reaching into the personal lives of people and the denial of any notion of a private life.


  2. Lobster says:

    If you go to Birmingham and visit the really posh parts of Harborne and Edgbaston, where you would be hard pushed to find any house under a couple of million, the majority of them appear to be owned by Asians, although I would suppose that they would be overwhelmingly Hindus or Sikhs. But then again, they usually work hard instead of blaming everything on “racism” and “Islamophobia”.


    • Alan says:

      Very prescient…or did you listen to the whining by the ‘Runnymede Trust’ this morning as it launches its initiative to get Muslims special privileges and status in the UK?


      • Rob in Cheshire says:


        Yes, I did hear that on Today. A typical softball interview, where the interviewer obviously agreed with every word, and did not even attempt to question the interviewee in any way. Apparently “islamophobia” must now be termed “islamic racial hatred” or some such garbage. So now I am a “racist” for being uneasy at an alien community which has brought unprecedented levels of terrorism and rape to our country. Am I meant to welcome it?

        We are heading towards a new civil war. There will never be integration with an alien creed which preaches hatred and conquest. The Tiber will indeed foam with much blood before this is over, and who knows what will happen then?

        All this could have been avoided if we had had a political class with a small amount of common sense and a modicum of patriotism, but all we get are Common Purpose wimps like Douglas Alexander. He looks like the sort of boy who always got his dinner money stolen at school, and now he is going to make us all pay.


        • Wild Bill says:

          “With Islamophobia often being fanned by a hostile press, Baroness Warsi argues that the situation for Muslims in the country is perilous and that government needs to take immediate action.”
          This means she wants the media to be silenced from reporting anything concerning Islam, much like the bBBC already is.


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            “Baroness” Warsi is a small time failure of a politician. She couldn’t get elected anywhere until Call Me Dave decided he needed a pet muslim woman on board, and gave her a peerage. She is an ignorant no-mark who now thinks she’s something special. She doesn’t have the wit to realise she was a posh boy’s vanity project. Her views on anything are worth the square root of jack shit.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Yes rob – that idiot call me Dave had varsi and now the comrade has got shaby to bitch for him after the anti Jewish white wash. I always remember that when shaby did her Liberty /NCCL act she always claimed to be apolitical and only interested in human rights – with her own at the top of the list – those 2 and st Doreen or Lawrence – in the lords on the back of her dead son must make for a great Christmas bash.


  3. Nibor says:

    The pub is/ was the place to go , to meet strangers and become friends , to talk and share your thoughts , to laugh .
    Barriers between classes , religions ethnicities and nationalities went away in a good pub . Bonhomie all round was sought and appreciated .

    The the Powers That Be thought they’d tax them out of excistence .


    • Lobster says:

      And also import large numbers who would never buy a pint and a packet of Pork Scratchings.


      • Lefty Wright says:

        But Pounce told me that they DO drink beer. Oh hang on your point was that they would never BUY a pint.
        Are we now so daft that we buy their ale and scratchings for them? No wonder they like it here.


  4. fakenewswatcher says:

    I don’t have a problem getting on with people of ‘other’ cultures, having lived on many continents and in many countries. The issue Douglas Alexander neatly sidesteps is whether any culture should open its borders and encourage other cultures to enter en masse, in order – possibly- for the indigenous culture to be ultimately displaced. His pal Tony Blair, for example, apparently encouraged 2-3 million ‘others’ into Britain to ‘give Conservatives one in the eye’ (according to Andrew Nether, if I remember) and Merkel is following a similar path in Germany.
    Quite apart from whether Blair and Merkel actually broke the law of their respective countries (something which could end us ordinary folk in jail, were we to smuggle people into Britain) , their strategies are to confuse deliberate large-scale movements of people with individual acts of friendly communication and interaction. That way, you’ll be feeling guilty if you don’t ‘extend the hand of friendship again and again’. Most of us would be quite happy to extend that hand. I suspect few of us would thank Blair or Merkel for their devious machinations.
    But this is the BBC. Just before switching in to listen to what the lovely Douglas A had to say on encounters, I caught the tail end of the R4 news, where the Runnymede Trust was telling us that Islamophobia is ‘racism’. Do you notice that neat Alexandrian sidestep again?
    That’s what we are coerced into paying the BBC for each year I’m sure : those little magic tricks. And they never cease.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      To me they seem to have a hatred of their own countrymen which strikes me as unnatural and irrational. Perhaps something nasty happened to them as babies.


      • Kaiser says:

        ah yes racism … what race is this one?



        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          He’s so stupid he doesn’t realise the ginger converts always get picked for the suicide vest first.

          Enjoy your 72 raisins, moron. The real muslims are laughing at you.


        • Lefty Wright says:

          A race to the trickcyclist I should imagine. He’s probably got a master’s degree in sociology.


  5. countryblues says:

    An observation.

    In the 50s and 60s West Indians moved into a district of decrepit Victorian terraced houses in a large industrial town a few miles from where I lived at the time. All the whites left.

    In the 70s Indians moved in. All the West Indians left.

    In the 80s and 90s Pakistanis moved in. All the Indians left.

    I don’t know what’s happened since then because I moved across the country and so lost touch but, I never observed any desire for those people to integrate. With the later arrivals from various Middle Eastern and African nations I wonder what the situation is now! Perhaps it’s all now wonderfully multi-culti? 🙁


    • countryblues says:

      Out of interest I just looked up the ethnicity for the town from the 2011 Census figures.

      White British : 34%
      Asian : 40%
      Black : 9%

      2021 Census figures should be interesting 🙁


  6. Beeb Brother says:

    How can we have a sensible discussion about anything when certain opinions could land you in prison? All that is required is for someone somewhere to have been upset, however unreasonable their distress may be.

    The inevitable result is soulless, repetitive, patronising output with all the intellectual rigour of a nursery rhyme.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Beeb Bro.
      I recall reading this quote by our then Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson (Who I supported and had great hopes for) “Opinion is free but facts are sacred.” Have we now sunk so far down the pit that today even opinion is in danger of being outlawed. I hope not but it is certainly getting more difficult for a lot of people to say openly what they really feel without being ostracized. Even when they have voiced their opinion in a referendum they are then collectively declared insane or evil. We have to watch our tongues for fear of upsetting the invader.
      Seems like my country is decomposing from the head down.


  7. Beeb Brother says:

    If multiculturalism is so fantastic why are property prices so low in the most ‘diverse’ areas? Should not the prices go through the roof as everyone wants to live in such vibrant utopias?

    I note how the BBC studios are in the white areas of Bristol and Birmingham. Why don’t they move them to StPauls and Alum Rock? Aren’t they being racist?


  8. StewGreen says:

    The prog seems to be being promoted by a load of Labour Party activists and BBC staff, yet on their own tweets I’d expect to find hate tweeted against Brexiteers/Tories/Trump
    Twitter report
    The normal patterns are :
    – Many hyped progs don’t generate many tweets cos public are not so interested in SJW issues
    – A prog like Countryfile generates a lot of tweets and they discuss specifics about the prog
    #1 In total about 40 people tweeted about the prog, About 30 people took care to tweet a link to the prog, but almost none discussed specifics..that looks like a PR campaign
    #2 Noticeable that in advance of prog Labour PR activists suggested people listen : Alastair Campbell, @bbcnickrobinson, @Jacqui_Smith1, @ChukaUmunna
    #3 There were almost no critical voices mentioning the prog
    – now BBC Current Affairs just promoted the prog
    – “culture of encounter ” is a phrase the Pope Tweets often

    Dennis Skinner not in Compromising mood as he jokes about chopping MPs

    “Ignorance more frequently breeds confidence than does knowledge” Darwin
    That’s what I call the fallacy of certainty beyond available evidence


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Say what you like about Dennis Skinner but he can be amusing.(Unusual for a left winger)
      I remember when Labour MP Roy Jenkins retired from the Commons. Now Roy had great difficulty pronouncing the letter R so he used the letter W instead. In his leaving speech he used the phrase ” I leave without rancour.” You can guess how it sounded.
      So our Dennis, quick as a flash riposted to much laughter “We thought you were taking him with you.”
      Would The Beast get away with such piss taking today without the PC brigade calling the cops?
      If video killed the the radio star the lefties killed the humour. Bastards.


  9. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Brexit and Trump last year only confirmed the nightmares of the elites of Europe and the USA.
    Hence now the coming assaults of free speech on campus, on the state controlled media as well as social platforms.
    China have been doing it for years, the technology and software are alrwady being used.
    Being winter, we`re digging the relatively easy topsoil first for next spring.
    But the permafrost underneath-the permanent political class on both sides of the Atlantic is now exposed-and a ladies hand trowel won`t work until the pick axe has been used.
    The elite gave us Cameron and now May-we wanted Farage and now we need our Ann Maries and our Tommies. And as long as we can still access Bannon and Gorka with no interference or monitoring-we`ll be OK.
    Not that it`s easy or pleasant though. But fifty years of permafrost, years of parastic leeches and barnacles won`t just dissolve without some cost to us.
    Pantomine, Theatre at times, Bitter Re-enactments and Tragedies on repeat may also have to be undergone.
    A firewall around the BBC would begin to melt the ground ice. Best that WE scorch their earth, rather they they raze ours-we were here first after all.


  10. Wild Bill says:

    I can’t move to rich white area either, mainly because I couldn’t afford to, but I accept this because we live by our means.


    • Kaiser says:

      maybe you should be more of a waster and have less means wild bill, theres some nice flats in kensington available for the less affluent I beleive


  11. Nibor says:

    I live in the provinces . No multiculturalism , some multiracial mainly due to the Yank airbases .

    I go to work . I deal with people I’ve known for a few minutes and some I’ve known for decades . I HAVE NO IDEA OF THEIR RELIGION .

    I go to other areas . Some areas I go through I have never met the people but I KNOW THEIR RELIGION .

    I come back to my area and go to the pub . We are frank and jovial and talk eclectic subjects and I play cards with them . I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THEIR RELIGION unless it is absolutely germane to any subject we discuss . Which means I will have NO IDEA ABOUT THEIR RELIGION in 99% of that case .

    I go home and put the television on . Even without the sound on I KNOW CERTIAN PEOPLES RELIGION on current affairs .

    Integration? Which RELIGION wants that ?


    • Wild says:

      Not the Muslim religion for sure. Douglas Alexander is a pint sized huckster who earns a good living out of telling lies.


  12. Nibor says:

    If I can expand further to my point , how many people on this blog know my religion ?
    How many of you have indicated your religion ?


  13. Jerry Owen says:

    As a society we are quite cohesive despite our elites absolute hash of running our country for the last fifty years.
    The real noticeable division is of course between Muslims and non Muslims. However since the democratic brexit victory, we have been repeatedly told we are now seriously divided. We are not. The vast majority of those on the losing side accept that we need to get on and get brexit finished, and any remaining division re brexit is down to those that do not accept a democratic mandate, we as democrats can’t be held responsible for bitter losers.
    The so called increasing gap between ‘rich and poor’ ( who defines that ?) can be accounted for by the enormous amount of foreign wealth being brought into the UK by tax avoiders and speculators in London property ( Russians come to mind ).
    The poor have far more now than say seventy years ago, there is an underclass that refuse to work and enter into normal civilized society , but for me these people should not be brought into the equation.
    Things are pretty good on balance for the average person, a reversal of immigration would make things a whole lot better though.


    • Wild says:

      What makes us cohesive is precisely what the Left attacks. The reason why the Left are so pro-Muslim is precisely because they want to destroy us. It is like the Left’s support for the IRA in the Seventies, or their support for Russian Communists in the Twenties.


      • Lefty Wright says:

        And yet the Left’s philosophy and that of Islam seem to me to be at variance in several spheres. Not a good omen. I wonder who will win this battle? A pox on ’em all I say.


    • MarkyMark says:



      • Lefty Wright says:

        So I wonder what they have got against The West Country, East Anglia and Scotland? I shall have to Google property prices in these areas. Food for thought.


        • MarkyMark says:

          Remember the data is out by 4 years ….

          They asked for our freedom of expression, we gave them it.

          They asked us to stop drawing cartoons, we stopped.

          They asked us to change out cricket team names, we said yes.

          They asked for a special word to stop us criticising them, we agreed.

          They asked for our food processing methods, we gave them the slaughter houses.

          They asked us to finance their beliefs, we thought it would work.

          They asked for the innocence of our children, we looked away.

          They asked for our capital city, we gave them the keys.

          They said they had ulterior motives, we thought they would change.

          They wanted a political voice, we handed them Labour.

          They asked for our tolerance, we submitted to their intolerance .



  14. johnnythefish says:

    Funny how the socialists think Brexit created these divisions when in fact all it did was lay them bare.

    In fact these are the divisions created by Blair’s mass immigration, multicultural agenda which he used to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’.

    Now they are beginning to smell the poo-poos for themselves and don’t like it, so they blame it on poor old Whitey in reality was never allowed a vote on this fundamental change to his country (aka ‘cultural enrichment’) as it was mysteriously absent from Labour’s 1997 manifesto.

    Well the BBC might, in an alternative universe billions of light years from here, have asked Alexander why, if Muslims are so discriminated against in this country, they are allowed to get away with:

    FGM (no prosecutions)
    Gender-based abortions (no prosecutions)
    Gender segregation*
    Arranged marriages
    Honour crimes
    Sharia law
    Halal slaughter
    Giving evidence in court whilst wearing a burka
    Authorities turning a blind eye to racist paedophile Muslim rape gangs

    Even certain high-up Plod admit to not knowing the scale of it all because of the closed nature of the ‘communities’ involved.

    It is all these concessions and the general air of ‘favourable treatment’ they create, along with an increasingly uneasy feeling that we are slowly being invaded by an illiberal, primitive alien culture that has led to the ‘divisions’ that voters are finally having their say on – here and abroad.

    *And if the BBC really wanted to nail Alexander on his bullshit and lies, they could have asked him if he thought this:

    and this:

    were a good thing.

    But they never will because, like Alexander and his open borders, redistributionist Common Purpose cronies, they share the same Britain-hating agenda.


  15. Richard Pinder says:

    We have always been divided. Pagan/Christian, Protestant/Catholic, Parliamentarian/Royalist, Liberal/Tory, Labour/Tory, Nationalist/Unionist.

    But until recently these divisions where resolved by democracy and toleration.

    But now we have two intolerant groups of people, Pro-EU Liberal Fascist snowflakes and Muslims who do not respect democracy or freedom of speech. So that means that Britain’s Mosques and Universities are now the seats of intolerance and division in society.