James and the Giant Screech


Just what was it that made the BBC sit up and think…James O’Brien, he’s the man the BBC needs?

Rabidly anti-Farage, anti-Brexit, anti-Right leaning Press, anti-Trump, anti-Tory…just the man for BBC Newsnight….a man who doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about and is so corrupt and dishonest he probably doesn’t care…..look at how he spins events in Rochdale and Rotherham  [and so many other places] in his latest rant…

“Everything now is tribal and binary, absolutely everything, even rape allegations. That comes to its natural apotheosis with the grooming gangs in Rotherham.

“Somehow child abuse is more egregious when it is committed by a brown person than when it is committed by a white person. There’s a word for that.”

Ah yes….the problem is that those who had issues with Pakistani Muslims raping and abusing young white girls are racists for saying so….never mind that the inquiry said that it was these Pakistani Muslims who were the racists….the issue being that they chose their victims because they were white and non-Muslim….white trash as they defined them.  They were the racists.  The issue was….

 “a deep-rooted problem of Pakistani-heritage perpetrators targeting young white girls”.

It’s a pity that James O’Brien doesn’t understand what was going on and why there was an issue with the men’s particular choice of target.

O’Brien then goes on to say that Trump is also a racist….really?   On what evidence does he base that conclusion on?  Oh, he wants to control immigration and thinks that the problem of Muslim terrorism might actually stem from Muslims and thus it might be sensible to rigorously check who comes into the America from countries of concern [as defined by Obama] which happen to be Muslim.  And never mind that Clinton was just as hardcore on immigration and ‘wall building’….

Why Hillary Clinton voted for the anti-immigrant wall

4 October 2006

Last Friday, however, she did exactly that, joining Senate Republicans and the majority of her Democratic colleagues in voting for an ignominious piece of legislation known as the “Secure Fence Act of 2006.”

I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in,” Clinton said “and I do think that you have to control your borders.”

As president, I will not support driver’s licenses for undocumented people and will press for comprehensive immigration reform that deals with all of the issues around illegal immigration, including border security and fixing our broken system.”

In a 2003 interview with WABC radio in New York, she declared: “I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants.”

Here’s O’Brien’s rant  on LBC……

James O’Brien gave a simple explanation for the lack of coverage of tax avoidance allegations, the avoiders own the newspapers.

The Paradise Papers purport to detail the tax affairs of some of the wealthiest people and companies on the planet.

They reportedly reveal the exploitation of offshore schemes to avoid tax.

James O’Brien said journalists would love to pursue tax avoidance stories but they also liked being paid and, when your boss is avoiding tax, push comes to shove.

He said: “Everything now is tribal and binary, absolutely everything, even rape allegations. That comes to its natural apotheosis with the grooming gangs in Rotherham.

“Somehow child abuse is more egregious when it is committed by a brown person than when it is committed by a white person. There’s a word for that.

“Then we come back to Britain where he have voted to undertake Brexit in large part at the behest of non-domiciled billionaires like Lord Ashcroft and the two brothers who own the Telegraph, who have their own Channel Island. They also own the Ritz.

“Then you’ve got the owner of the Daily Mail who inherited his non-domicile status from his own father. This is incredible.

“And if you’re wondering why there are so few journalists covering this stuff, the answer is really, really simple.

“We’ve got bills to pay, we’ve got mortgages to pay. We can’t go after our pay masters, in a way that many journalists would like to.

“And why can’t we? Because they actually own this stuff. They own publishing companies, polling companies and newspapers.”


Here’s the hypocrisy…he says the owners of the media suppress talk of tax avoidance…and yet here he is talking about tax avoidance…and the papers he speaks of are full of stories on tax avoidance.  He ironically complained that the right-wing Press are attacking the Elites and yet he says they won’t attack them because they are the Elite themselves.

Any thought that O’Brien doesn’t have a clue what he is on about and just rants on based upon what he thinks will go down well with his new chums at the Guardian and the BBC regardless of truth, facts, accuracy, impartiality and honesty?

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28 Responses to James and the Giant Screech

  1. Nibor says:

    If James O Brian is so virtuous , candid , a fervent seeker of truth he can use his BBC slot to uncover the Gramscian infestation of our institutions , including the BBC .


  2. evad666 says:

    Ah the William Brooke Joyce of the 21st Century who will ignore the tax arrangements of the Labour Party in relation to its HQ building and the tax arrangements of the shadow chancellor.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Doesn’t the guardian media group keep its money in an offshore account to avoid paying tax on the profit they made when they sold Autotrader? If they are so keen on people and businesses paying tax here in the UK, why haven’t they repatriated theirs?

      Also, this vendetta against people who are legally avoiding paying any more tax than they are legally required to smacks of communism in that the implication is that the government owns everything and they will decide what, if anything they’ll let you keep.

      Tax is theft, that the government only gets away with because they have the power to enforce it.


  3. Deborahanother says:

    Another person I have switched off . He is a virtue signaller writ large ,like his ego.He shouts down any one who can give him a proper argument .He won’t touch anything that is PC .

    Interesting to see how the media are handling the married gay couple whose adopted daughter was murdered..Im sure it will be blamed on homophobia .In fact I’ve hardly heard their sexuality referred to .But again its the PC elephant in the room. The poor child taken from one allegedly dysfunctional parent to another.Sickening .She didnt stand a chance . I won’t be listening to OBriens spin on it.

    The only real journalist I can think of who stuck to his principles of getting the truth out , and ruined his career in the process is Andrew Gilligan. That takes real guts.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      James is just Clarkson for those who hate cars, and prefer to push the lower orders out of the way as they elbow their carcasses into the front of first class.
      Because they`re worth it.
      Bit of an oaf in that LBCs owners may well need to take a look as to whether this gobby lefty blowhard with the Thompson beard is drawing incoming fire from now on, due to his PC BS. How is LBC funded-and where do their pensions go, for example?
      And does LBC pay O`Brien in a different way than the BBC does?…and how much exactly would THAT be?
      Tell us more about those BBC pensions and where they`re posited James…Bilton….anybody?
      LBC kept this limpdick, and binned the mighty Katie Hopkins.
      Maybe she should dish the dirt on the likes of O`Brien, Marr and Snow…I`d sign up for that Katie!


  4. Fedup2 says:

    Fortunately I have never seen or heard this character. He earns his living doing this so best not encouraged.


    • nofanofpoliticians says:

      You’re lucky! There’s always a challenge when he comes on, which gets hit first the Volume or the Off button?

      He’s a really nasty snakey self-righteous individual.


  5. StewGreen says:

    JOB himself is binary
    you can see from the Mumsnet discussion people hate him or love him


    • nofanofpoliticians says:

      3 degrees of separation (not even 6 in this instance):

      Owner of Mumsnet (Justine Roberts) is married to Ian Katz, formerly editor Newsnight. JOB guest presents Newsnight from time to time.

      There you go, BBC has tentacles everywhere!


  6. DJ says:

    Just another member of the MSM’s Lucky Sperm Club. He’s deeply unqualified for his job in any way except his DNA, so he tries to reinvent himself as Virtue Man.

    He’s got no talent but he’s CARES, he cares more deeply than you, you tabloid-addled trash. You probably just care every now and again, but his heart is bleeding 24/7. Even when he’s asleep, he dreams caring dreams, about homeless asylum-seeking dyslexic polar bears. Face it: he’s just better than you and he deserves to rule over you selfish Brexiteer scum.


  7. StewGreen says:

    I think it could be an act
    Who be surprised if there was a newspaper expose of him living in a mansion, with offshore schemes, and his hand up his fillipena maid’s skirt ?


    • nofanofpoliticians says:

      If his Twitterfeed location is anything to go by, lives in Richmond (super-expensive, very liberal, small L), and is privately educated. Not sure about your other criteria, but would die laughing if evenly partly true.


      • DJ says:

        Super-expensive, very liberal…. and whiter than Frosty the Snowman’s cricket flannels.


  8. s.trubble says:

    Must confess have never seen or heard of this one other than on here.
    Reading Alan’s summary he seems to possess those same credentials as the SNP……………..extreme grievance as well as the other cards in their deck………….Deny/Deflect/Victim…………..

    He should consider joining them like Stan Collymore.


  9. StewGreen says:

    James the Giant Prii-ch


  10. tarien says:

    Like many who have been employed by the BBC are traitors to the democracy of this nation-the BBC wishes to shock us all every day with their duplicitous actions that, in many instances have been approved by the elites who control the media internationally. This rather foolish man O’Brian with imbecilic tendencies expounds exactly the thought process of the BBC-to haul this nation into the dark depths of multicultural slavery,


  11. Roderick says:

    Is it just me or is there something deeply creepy and disturbing, reminiscent of communist East Germany and the Stasi, about denouncing someone because he or she is (usually only indirectly) linked to the perfectly legal and logical practice of tax avoidance? It seems that an alleged tax avoider has in effect displeased Big Brother (via its mouthpieces, the MSM and the Court of Public Opinion) and rather than doing its job and fixing the tax loopholes Big Brother prefers to lash out in an orgy of naming and shaming. Whatever happened to fair play and the concept of innocent until proved guilty?


  12. Wild Bill says:

    I only discovered the nasty O,Brian about a year ago, now I only switch him on to dare myself, and to see what he’s moaning about, today I put him on and he was in mid rant about Brexit, so I turned him off quick.
    It would be actually worth it getting Brexit done and dusted just because it would upset that bastard so much. 🙂


  13. Wapper says:

    Anyone know what daddy did to enable James to be educated at Ampleforth College (Fees £35,000 pa)?


    • StewGreen says:

      Golden Ticket thru Daily Telegraph salary ?
      \\“My dad (Jim O’Brien) came up by a tough route,” he says. “The Hull Daily Mail, the Shipley Times. And then he paid for me to go to a posh school. And if he hadn’t, I don’t think I could have called the Express and told them they should jolly well give me some shifts. I don’t think I would have had the front.
      My dad bought me a golden ticket because in his own career, the fact that he had a Yorkshire accent, and maybe didn’t quite fit the Telegraph way of doing things //
      \\Eventually to the Daily Telegraph, where he was industrial correspondent before he got made redundant by Max Hastings. (after 20 years)
      “After that he faffed for a few years as a PR and a consultant,” O’Brien recalls, “before he realised he missed his vocation and went to do shifts at the Kidderminster Shuttle, our local weekly newspaper//
      was his mother rich I wonder ?


  14. Jeff says:

    These days JOB the gob essentially has two topics of conversation; Brexit and Trump. Brexit voters are all racist morons and Trump supporters are red neck racists. Yawn…
    A couple of years ago, pre Trump and Brexit, he came spectacularly and deliciously unstuck. He was ranting, in his usual ill informed and bigoted fashion, but this time about the private life of footballer Frank Lampard.
    According to Gobby O’Brien, Frank had treated his former girlfriend abysmally and was an utter swine.
    Unfortunately for him, but a delight for everyone else, a friend of Lampard’s was listening and gave Frank a call.
    The VERY annoyed footballer was soon on the line sticking it to the gutless, cringing gob-shite, who spent the next few minutes squirming and crawling. Brilliant radio!
    So, JOB is a deeply unpleasant. dishonest. lefty. bigoted piece of gutless excrement.
    And now he’s got the Newsnight gig.
    Quelle surprise…


    • johnnythefish says:

      So, JOB is a deeply unpleasant. dishonest. lefty. bigoted piece of gutless excrement.

      Excellent pen picture Jeff.

      The fact the BBC can stick this caricature of a hard left bile-spewing traitorous bigot in pole position on one of its ‘flagship’ news programmes just shows how much they believe in their invincibility.


      • Wild says:

        “The fact the BBC can stick this caricature of a hard left bile-spewing traitorous bigot in pole position on one of its ‘flagship’ news programmes just shows how much they believe in their invincibility.”

        You learn more in five minutes reading Guido Fawkes than you would in a lifetime watching Newsnight, whose idea of a scoop is falsely accusing a Conservative Party Chairman of child abuse. Nice. There are journalistic standards, the gutter press, and then there is Newsnight. It is on the bottom rung. If the BBC had any journalistic standards they would have closed it down, but they haven’t, they just continue to abuse their privilege.

        Scrap the BBC.


        • DongleDong says:

          Does anyone still watch Newsnight, I stopped literally years ago and I’m yet to meet anyone who does.


  15. Guest Who says:

    James is in full flow… if he can be paired with Emily it will be like Ric and Sigourney in Ghostbusters. Only genuinely gross and scary.