Black Heart, White Lies


The BBC continues to play its very dangerous game of divisive and toxic racist identity politics the like of which has already led to police officers being murdered on the streets of America because of a narrative that they are killing Black men because of the colour of their skin…a narrative that has been proven to be untrue but which the BBC still peddles even today as it reports on the NFL protests.

Listen to the Afternoon Edition on 5 Live and you may feel sorry for Sarah Brett as she is hung out to dry and left like a rabbit in the headlights by racist anti-racism campaigners who rant on about middle-class white women’s racism because they, apparently, do not include ethnic minorities, including ‘Trans women of colour’, in their considerations in their feminist campaigns.  Brett is of course white and middle-class and ironically oh so achingly wannabe friend of the ethnic minorities, as are all her guilty white colleagues at the BBC, and not only curls up into a little ball in a corner of the studio proclaiming her guilty white privilege she keeps on telling these racists that they are right…..white, middle-class feminists just don’t represent ethnic people and are not inclusive.  Her co-host Nihal loves it, he havng a problem with white people himself judging by the comments he often makes, so in effect we have a gaggle of black and Asian feminists being racist about white women and the BBC is happy to promote that narrative…..white people are all racist even when they are not.

How did the subject come up?  Muslim comedian Shaza Mirza claimed that when she went on the women’s march against Trump earlier in the year she saw absolutely no black or Asian women there and she realised these white, middle-class racist feminists just didn’t represent her.  Brett tells us that when she saw that comment she knew she just had to talk about the issue on the programme.  Trouble is Mirza is either completely blind or lying.  Any look at videos or photographs of the event will show plenty of Black, Asian and Muslim women there…as the video above shows….and look at the video from the march website in which they tell us they are in solidarity with sistas across the world…note the many black speakers…

The politics of fear and division have no place in 2017.

Mirza tells us…

‘You can only measure something, and how well it’s working, by what it does for you. If you’re struggling, yet every other woman is benefiting from this new wave of feminism, you can’t help but feel it isn’t for me. It’s a fashion. It doesn’t include me, it doesn’t say anything to me about my life. A lot of black and Asian women that I speak to don’t know what the hell is going on.’

Which is odd really as you can find her all over the internet working with white feminists…hardly excluded….



Just another ‘ethnic’ using their ethnicity as a lever to further their careers  by playing the race card and playing the ‘victim’.  You might have more sympathy for her if she didn’t proclaim proudly that she is a Muslim when she knows full well Islam is a misogynist religion, anti-Semitic, very divisive and warlike…she herself makes jokes about the misogyny…and yet she remains in the religion…and proudly so…..



Look at this photo….apart from Khan there are several Black and Asian people in the picture…at least six visible plus Khan….



Image result for feminists against trump march london 2017




Yep…no Blacks, Asians or Muslims at the march….just more dangerous BBC race-baiting, divisive radio.





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15 Responses to Black Heart, White Lies

  1. Fedup2 says:

    The first shall be last
    Sometimes al Beeb does surveys on why men are more likely to commit suicide than women. All this feminist clap trap adds to the angst .

    Listening to Toady is bad enough but listening to five live – radio sid – apart from the footy is more than enough.
    I listen to Toady out of duty now and pass my comments on it elsewhere.

    On this stream subject- I wonder what these people want . Marriage has been devalued to placate a few camp paigners ( hi Elton ) trans fat , trans this and trans that is now in fashion . You’ll be having a choice of karzee soon- .

    Seeing this – why would anyone speak to a Muslim women when you have to be so defensive about the words you use ? Why would I even employ one ? They must be even more bitter about their version of the world than me about mine.

    Perhaps the ultimate aim is to de sex western men and make way for Muslim men to just get the many wives to pump out little Mohammed’s for the evil cause ?


    • NotSure says:

      Be ultra sensitive or we’ll bang you up,
      But what ever you do, don’t expect anything in return.

      I wouldn’t touch a ‘conversation’ outside of my house with a ten foot clown pole these days.

      No offence to clowns. (Hate crime?)


  2. Owen Morgan says:

    Since they already have Christmas trees all over my local M&S, it can’t be too soon to be discussing that special present you need for the relative you’ve always hoped will emigrate to Pitcairn Island. Anything to do with “muslim comedian Shaza Mirza” sounds ideal.


  3. Beeb Brother says:

    The majority of right-minded people are sick and tired of this nonsense, seeing as anti-racism/diversity is based on the same principles as the old school racism we have all decided is unacceptable.

    Watch a YouTube video of a trans black woman who says we are all racists being eviscerated by Andrew Neill; like so many professional victims, the facts are not on her side so she spouts meaningless slogans about ‘oppression.’ All the comments beneath the video show how sick and tired people are of the anti-intellectual, divisive and moribund cult of identity politics.

    Ironically it does not help the weak and oppressed but inspires immoral opportunists like Lammy happy to play the game for their own narrow advantage even when it is to the detriment of the vast majority of people.

    The riots in Hackney recently were directly inspired by the Beeb’s race baiting. They are a disgrace. The good thing is people have woken up and do not believe their narrative anymore.


    • tony1234 says:

      I agree. (or would love to!) Well written post!.

      Why do you think that a successful opposing political party/position has not been established where very reasonable people can unite more around a rational right wing position? It is hardly because such a position cannot be morally defended with some pride and sincerity. Given the broad church of crimes that fit the Left’s version of “racism” or equality, the opposite of their ideology is most evidently not “an absence of racism” as most understand it, but can be as innocuous as being “logical”, “factual”, “fair minded” or “principled” (all still “good” things to be for most). At worst, the opposite of their “racists” can be advocates of race-fuelled threat, violence and even terrorism. At best, they are sentimental vacuums without a defensible argument.

      It should hardly be shameful or madcap to the tired mainstream you mention to say (e.g.) “precisely because we think people should basically be treated fairly and we should discourage hatred that the, the BNP are unpleasant, and so are Labour and Liberal parties and so is Islam, for exactly the same reason. They are all parties that divide and conquer on the grounds of skin colour or cultural background, and encourage people to be treated appallingly who fail to appease their divisive dogmas.” (I have not quite fathomed it out! The biggest mystery of our time.)?

      Is it fear? Is it all one big case of that Aesop’s fable, where no mouse dares put the bell round the cat’s neck to save his family? (I admit I’d worry about my well being to even make the statements above in some institutions!)


  4. StewGreen says:

    Remember the big march the London sistas did in solidarity with the 5,000+ victims of the on-street groom-rape gangs ?
    No but they can go to the street to demonstrate against Trump’s 12 year old tape with 30 seconds of comment.


  5. StewGreen says:

    Are white people the new Jews ?
    You can tell that anti-racist campaigners are racist, cos the first thing the do is divide people into groups instead of understanding that equality is about treating people as individuals.
    Of course there is no sign of a holocaust against white people, but there are similarities with what happened to Jews in the UK : the way they were treated in the 1920’s, 1930’s when there were vast conspiracy theories going around about “Jews have this, Jews have that”
    ie Jewish privilege and sure enough these days anti-racist activists shout “White privilege”
    … as if a kid from a poor Northern council estate has more privilege than a BAME kid living in a posh southern estate who Oxbridge parents work in the high echelons of the BBC.


    • NameNotNumber says:

      Perhaps there is no clear sign of a holocaust against white people yet but wikipedia’s list of 2017 terrorist attacks in the UK suggests a very dark future for our country and for Europe as a whole. The EU, MSM, and the BBC, are whisper ‘Shh…’ in Europe’s ear while plunging a knife through its heart.

      2017, 22 March: 2017 Westminster attack – Khalid Masood, a 52-year-old British man, born in Kent as Adrian Elms, drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, before crashing the vehicle into the Palace of Westminster’s perimeter. He then entered the grounds of the Palace of Westminster, the meeting place of the Houses of Parliament, before being confronted by a police officer. Masood then fatally wounded the officer, which led to him being shot by armed police officers protecting the Palace. Four other people were killed in the attack, and 49 other people were injured. The attack was treated as an act of terrorism motivated by Islamic extremism.
      2017, 22 May: 2017 Manchester Arena bombing – A large explosion caused by Salmen Abedi, a British suicide attacker of Libyan descent with a bomb at the Manchester Arena, Manchester, killing 22 individuals and injuring 250 at the end of an Ariana Grande concert. This was the worst terrorist attack in Britain since the 7/7 London bombings in 2005. Many of the 22 victims were children or teenagers, the youngest being an eight-year-old girl.
      2017, 3 June: June 2017 London attack. Less than two weeks after the Manchester Arena bombing, a second terrorist attack occurred on British soil, this time in London. A total of eight people were killed and at least 48 injured, some critically. A white van drove at high speed across London Bridge, running into groups of people, then crashed. The occupants then ran to nearby Borough Market, where they stabbed more people. All three of the terrorists responsible were shot dead by police eight minutes after the incident was reported. All three were wearing imitation suicide bomb vests.
      2017, 19 June: A van was driven into people walking near Finsbury Park Mosque in London after tarawih prayers. 10 people were injured, and one person was killed, though it was initially unclear whether this was the result of a previous medical condition. The police declared the incident a terrorist attack. Darren Osborne, 47, of Cardiff, Wales, was arrested and charged with offences including murder and attempted murder.
      2017, 15 September: A London tube train was targeted, witnesses reported a flash and bang. 30 people were injured, mostly with Flash burns and Crush injuries, but there were no fatalities. The threat level was raised to his highest point of critical soon after.

      EU, BBC? Hoopla, Lotte! I can still dream.


      • tony1234 says:

        I am not entirely sure they need to kill us off…. when we are so useful. The UK folks work the longest hours in Europe. Great swathes of us are working or commuting for 50-70 hrs a week, doing work which generates either (a) high tax revenues, which then go into the either public coffers, or (b) is spent on high priced services and commodities from corporations, which is basically one and the same as the State these days.

        Either way, we fund the “elite” to live how they do at the top of the tree, and earn them the resources to bribe the self-selected victims not to riot or hate them but, via the media, insure that they project their sense of frustration and entitlement on … well us basically….. for being born privileged. Nurture the powers of the mental deviants, who have a propensity to sap energy and more money from the rest of us, and you have succeeded in creating a slave race which is weakened by the fight amongst itself and won’t resist the ongoing accumulation of wealth by them.

        I’d say it was perhaps more akin to the strategy the Soviet-Russian communist leadership would ply workers with vodka, and anti-Western propaganda, to stop them thinking too hard about who created their misery from closer to home, or having the energy to fight.

        If you are a member of the elite, why would you kill the slaves that plough your land? For the time being at least.


  6. Fedup2 says:

    I think the les girls want to fuck one of the successful of Blighty institutions – the FA .

    Someone had the bright idea of putting a black girl on the FA in the naive belief it would turn out well. Now that some little girl black lawyer who played footy moaned of a bit of banter the fa is a hideously white bunch of blokes who only care about sweet FA.

    Anyway the dame rabbits was on Toady saying how hard she’d been done too on her £300 a day seat in the retirement club ready to turn up whenever albeeb needs a foreign black girl to slag off Blighty.

    She must be auditioning for a seat with Shabi on the corbyn cabinet – sports minister I guess .


  7. Charlie Martel says:

    Finding racism under every rock makes the beeb feel superior and ever-so righteous.

    And who cares if they’re stirring up racial divisiveness and antagonism in the process, so long as they get to feel sanctimonious and edgy.



    • tony1234 says:

      Its a delusional narrative of the sort that is everyday with most of our species, but just not with this level of damage..

      I guess we have to try and imagine what we’d all do if we got super rich from the exploitation of others’ labour and talents, and our wealthy connections, rather than our work or creativity. How would we act/behave? Of course, we’d like to think “I’d behave well”…. but if I was the sort who’d trod on people in the first place due my general lack of humanity, introspection and conscience, such qualities are hardly likely to just appear…. And it is more likely be the vanity that drove me to accumulate power for myself that would then make me desire to appear innocent of what I’d just done – namely exploit an unfair society further for my own gratification.

      Human beings tell themselves stories to cope when they do bad things. 9 in 10 on Death row don’t believe themselves to be bad people. Many rapists probably tell themselves there was consent. A clumsy defender concedes a penalty that costs his team the match, and he probably tells himself the ref was unfair. We all have a tendency to blame good outcomes on our skills and bad ones on the faults of others, or bad luck
      The BBC and Left need to tell themselves stories that allow them to feel they deserve the right to continue to own their ill-gotten wealth and power. The stories must also, conveniently, allow them to quell any threats that the unwashed – often with the capability for real threat and violence – who will turn on them, as the accumulators of their money and resources. They thus adopt a self-image of Guardians of equality and the poor and seek ways to demonstrate this to themselves and their friends, to receive the confirmation they crave that they are all good and kind.

      This is why their criticism of the evil Right is so hostile. It is born of fear. “We see the world not as it is, but as we are”, Oscar Wilde said. They see – or claim to see – greed, self interest, cynicism, insensitivity.
      If they really did believe in equality and social justice, of course, the first thing the BBC and metro crowds would do is hand back their gross 6 and 7 figure wages minus the average wage of 25k or whatever it is, recognizing the rest was won by privilege. They would sell second and third homes and cars. They’d pass up the million pound inheritances that their rich lawyer parents had given them. And they’d respect seeing all political perspectives given equal treatment.


  8. JamesArthur says:

    That is a great post and shows how many people all around the world are fed up with the ‘racist’ card being played when in fact it’s a religious card – does ‘religionism’ exist? Or as in this it seems to be the ‘entitlement card’ another one handed out freely to anyone in a minority of some form


  9. Richard Pinder says:

    The BBC Liberal left are a strange lot.

    (1) They insist that white people enslaved black people in chains. But in left-wing BBC historical dramas, black people are depicted as well educated literate people, fully integrated into a multiracial medieval England, without any need of a Race relations industry, because all the medieval white people seem to be racially blind non-Racists.
    (2) People who hate Jews so much that they look as though they could kill them, always turn out to be the Holocaust deniers.

    I think the white left-wing middle-class BBC type view of race, could be caused by a combination of four things.
    (1) A fascination with the freak show: They see Blacks as freaks that they would like to see in the streets, rather than at a freak show or by travelling to Africa.
    (2) A left-wing need to feel superior: But they only feel superior to Blacks, but not towards Jews or most able bodied whites.
    (3) They obtain happiness from the misfortunes of others: They see being Black as a misfortune.
    (4) Identification: They identify with Blacks as fellow victims of Jews, Russians or other more intelligent able bodied whites.

    As for the history of feminism, before the Romans, we in Britain worshiped the roll of women with statues of pregnant women. After that we worshiped the roll of Men with statues of military leaders. Before the Romans, we in Yorkshire were ruled by Queen Cartimandua.
    Modern feminism is perverted into following the Roman model by insisting equality is obtained by imitating Men. The consequences for the end of Western Civilisation are apparent in the growing number of women who are choosing to sterilise themselves as the root to equality. Pregnancy being seen as the final obstacle to true equality for Women.
    The good news is that this means that the Liberal left-wing whites are committing suicide. The bad news is that they are trying to drag the rest of us down with them, leaving our country and civilisation to be taken over by people with religious orthodox beliefs, once that we have all died of old age.