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Funny world where the BBC seems to be in love with hard-line socialists who frequent the studios of RT but shout loudly about Russian interference in the US election…apparently it is OK for a terrorist supporting marxist to get into No10 with Putin’s help but Trump was too much….he’s clearly no friend of Putin, if Russia did help get him elected they did it because Putin hates Clinton…personal not ideology.

Speaking of political interference in the democratic process by rogue ‘enemy’ [h/t Phillip Hammond] states…..the EU leaked information about May in order to undermine her during the election and today we learn this has happened again…possibly the ‘leak’ highly embellished in order to do as much damage to her as possible.

Here’s the thing…Corbyn goes to the EU and conducts some form of negotiation about his position on Brexit should he be elected and a few days later the EU tries to torpedo May once again, perhaps with the hope that to do so would restart the leadership challenges and thus trigger an election if May was toppled….coincidence?

The BBC are gleefully reporting the apparent leak in all its technicolour glory hoping mud will stick.  I haven’t heard them once suggest this is an EU dirty trick to undermine May…all we get is the EU side...we didn’t do it…it is a dirty trick to attack us...which is patently absurd.

The EU…the Soviet Union…Russia today….brothers in arms?…birds of a feather?  The EU, an unelected government that uses every trick in the book to maintain and increase its power and influence including the free and extensive use of threats to crush dissent….such as punishing those who want to leave.  You might have freedom of movement but if you don’t have political, social, cultural, economic freedom what do you really have?  The Berlin Wall may have gone but in spirit it lives on in Brussels with the BBC being one of its willing propaganda mouthpieces.

The irony is that it is RT that is attacked by the ‘liberals’ when there are parallels closer to home…here’s The Times’ Oliver Kamm…the EU supporting Times…..

Time to crack down on Russia Today and its destabilising propaganda


Putin’s propaganda channel should be completely ostracised from polite society

Why does Russia Today get away with spreading such flagrant falsehoods?

Russia Today is the agent of a hostile foreign power

With a record like his, the Russian president has an incentive to shut out scrutiny and spread disinformation. And he does. His tools include the English-language state propaganda organs Russia Today (RT) and the Sputnik agency. These purported news outlets are agents of a hostile foreign power; civil society as well as democratic governments should say so and treat them accordingly.


Well OK….but why just limit yourself to RT?

He goes on….

I’ve kept an eye on the output of RT and Sputnik and periodically written about it in The Times and (with particular reference to RT’s promotion of neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers) the Jewish Chronicle. What I didn’t foresee was that, as social media has become more important in the way that people read and watch news, outrageously fabricated stories would become more potent in their consequences.

Could not the same be said of the BBC which promoted the IRA, today promotes a man who is a hard-line Marxist and terrorist sympathiser, and of course the BBC which promotes Jihadists and Muslim radicals and their false narratives justifying their murderous actions.

Kamm continues…

RT has the trappings of a normal news channel but not the substance, ethos or ethics.

Putin’s foreign policy aims to disrupt and if possible sever the system of alliances that Western democracies built up in the decades after the defeat of Nazism. It’s had extraordinary recent success, exemplified in the vote for Brexit and the election of President Trump, who disdains the international institutions in which the US has voluntarily subsumed its power: the UN, Nato, the World Bank, the IMF and the World Trade Organisation.

What?  Brexit was won by Putin.  Talk about conspiracy theories.  Brexit was won by the terrible prospect of an EU superstate that forced even more migration upon us…..who the hell watches RT?  Hardly anyone really.

There’s more…

RT’s slogan is “question more”, to which you can only hoarsely laugh. There is no questioning and no debate. RT and Sputnik are propaganda stations. Their targets are not only western institutions and alliances but the very foundations of modern Western civilisation: reason, science, tolerance, liberal political rights, and sexual equality.

‘The very foundations of Western civilisation’…under attack by Putin?   How about closer to home….such as the BBC…a BBC which promotes Islam even as it literally attacks us and our values….Islam opposed to all those ‘foundations of Western civilisation’ and yet protected and championed by the BBC.

The BBC World Service is the equivalent of RT…it is well known as ‘soft power’ and that was the reason the government funded it….its task was to undermine those regimes that were opposed to the Western liberal way of doing things.  The Russians think they are in the right as much as BBC liberals think they are in the right….so if you’re going to condemn the Russians for using ‘soft power’ to influence political outcomes in other countries you have to do the same when looking at the BBC.


Here’s some RT propaganda…makes you wonder why we are ‘at war’ with the Russians when we have so much in common and are essentially the same as opposed to some allies who, like the Russians perhaps, try to undermine our society, but do so with the willing connivance of so many of the Establishment as they pour billions of petro-dollars into promoting their own ideology in the West, but are radically different to us in their ideas of what society should look like…unlike the Russians who, post-Communism, are so much more like us.




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6 Responses to Putin it about

  1. All Lives Matter says:

    I’d be interested to know the percentage of Brexit voters who even watch RT, let alone were influenced by it in any way. It’s probably not even in the single figures. Same goes for Americans influenced to vote for Trump.

    Just another sore loser with a pathological defence mechanism (or a ‘Hillary’) whose nihilistic arrogance prevents him from having to retrospect, choosing instead to blame anyone and everything else for setbacks. Childish stuff.


    • soyelcaminodelfuturo says:

      I watch it. At least as much as I do Al Jazera. And read El Mundo and El País (I speak Spanish). I do it to get a perspective on the BBC. And CNN etc. over yonder. It is interesting to see the way that different media outlets control the narrative and which agendas prevail. And I doubt I’d be here if I wasn’t a Brexit voter.


  2. GCooper says:

    Kamm, quite clearly, is a dangerous imbecile. You watch RT knowing full well what it is and whence its politics come. Just the as one does the BBC, to which it is a counterweight. Kamm only wants one side of the balance and wants that enforced. That is why he is dangerous.


  3. RJ says:

    If you want an anti-Russian version of “In the Army Now”, this is a good one. The Poles taking no nonsense.

    My thanks to whoever posted the Sabaton clip a few days ago.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Sabaton video, that was me.
      They have another one about the Poles during the Seige of Vienna. The Winged Hussars.