The Only Good Jihadi….

Curious, the rather leftie Tory, Rory Stewart, says of Jihadis… kill ’em…and he says it on the BBC…and yet I don’t seem to be able to find the story on the BBC website.  A British MP, a government minister no less, says kill British Jihadis and yet the BBC stays silent?  Extraordinary.  Probably checking with Labour to see what stance they take on it….shocked ‘outrage’ or resigned acceptance of a necessary evil.

From the Telegraph:

‘The only way’ of dealing with British Islamic State fighters is to kill them in almost every case, minister says

British Isil fighters should be killed in Syria rather than be allowed to return to UK, a Government minister has said. Rory Stewart said converts who leave Britain to fight for the terror group are guilty of horrific acts and the only way of dealing with them is to kill them “in almost every case”.

Asked by BBC Radio 5 Live’s John Pienaar if they had “brought on themselves what they are about to get?”, he said: “These are people who have essentially moved away from any kind of allegiance towards the British Government.

“They are absolutely dedicated, as members of the Islamic State, towards the creation of a caliphate, they believe in an extremely hateful doctrine which involves killing themselves, killing others and trying to use violence and brutality to create an eighth century, or seventh century, state.

“So I’m afraid we have to be serious about the fact these people are a serious danger to us, and unfortunately the only way of dealing with them will be, in almost every case, to kill them.”

The BBC was always keen to quote Rory Stewart when he criticised the Iraq War, not so much now though.

Even the Guardian reports his words…

Only option is to kill British Isis fighters in Syria, says minister

I’m guessing the BBC thinks all these returning Jihadis will turn out to be those Churchills, Ghandis and Mandelas that Mark Easton suggested they were telling us our society would benefit so much from their radical thinking…and the BBC would undoubtedly be interviewing the life out of them and asking ‘Just what was it that radicalised you?’….answer….British foreign policy and Islamophobia in Britain….exactly what the BBC wants to hear.

The BBC trying to build a sympathetic case for the returning terrorists?  You bet they will.



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39 Responses to The Only Good Jihadi….

  1. Fedup2 says:

    Isn’t it great that a conservative MP actually states the obvious – that membership of ISIS is a death sentence ? The Toady programme has got its chief winge for Monday morning when it starts talking about whether the wives and kids of these monsters ( Isis ) should die as well but I’m not sorry – they all have to go.
    Stories of jihadists who have seen the light and now campaign for democracy is not enough. They have to be put in the ground. Hopefully the media will be controlled enough not to see it , film it and provide further propaganda for those 14 year old pakistani kids who can’t wait to die for their cursed profit. ( my spelling).


    • king crimson says:

      Well said Fedup. In a way ( a rather warped way), it is a pity that the ‘ersatz paddy’ OBrien (London’s Biggest C***) is off the air today. Somebody previously posted a bingo card of OBrien’s catchphrases – I’m sure that on this subject of ‘British’ wives and children, not to mention the scum themselves, the bingo card would be filled a quarter of the way through his dreary intro/monologue.


      • ID says:

        LBC had some deranged woman presenter οn this afternoon who seemed to be outraged and upset that “fellow British citizens” who went to Syria to join ISIS were being subject to cruel extra-judicial killings, She seemed to think that it “was not cricket” to exterminate traitors who, on returning to this country, would not think twice about the mass murder of real British citizens. It really is impossible to follow the thought processes of these cretins. The idea that murderers and potential mass murderers of British citizens are entitled to some special consideration or loyalty from British citizens because they are in some way “our chaps” is just a cognitive perversion. These people are simply traitors and until the era of the BBC and LBC, treachery has always been considered one of the most heinous of crimes for which extremely severe and gruesome punishments were reserved.
        Newsshite wheeled out Richard Barett the BBC’s favourite counter-terrorism guru yet again. He had even less of value to say than usual. Apparently, the intelligence services haven’t a clue who left for Syria, who was killed there, who has come back. But whoever they may be, wherever they may be, Barrett is sure they will be repentent and gushing useful information about their murderous co-religionists. Something does not quite tally there. At least he seems to have ditched the “more people die in RTAs than through terrorist murders” shtick.


    • tarien says:

      Absolutely and as for the wives and children of these mosnters, send them back to the original country they cam from or another co-religionist Muslim country.


    • fitz says:

      … how weasel clever of them to bring in the children and wives of the islamic killers this Monday morning … they feminise and obfuscate everything …


  2. Fedup2 says:

    I’ve just read what the telegraph is saying about this – apparently there is a Tory mp and a qc who says attempts should be made to re integrate these killers into Blighty. Now I wonder if these comments amount to a criminal offence of aiding terrorism.
    We meet the limits of free speach. Even suggesting support for Isis supporters should be an offence.


  3. Oaknash says:

    Unfortunately – All of these Jihadi s would be more than happy to draw a knife across the neck of any of us kaffir scum including men, woman, children (and yes BBC) Cisgenders as well.

    The only reason that they are returning is that they have lost their territory, lost power and lost access to their sexual slaves. they are a bit like an alcoholic whos wife is leaving him after blacking her eye, He swears he will never do it again until the wife relents and as soon as the crisis passes he is back on the grog and little wifey starts walking into doors again.

    Should we show them compassion – No -They made a conscious decision to turn their backs on western values when they went on Jihad. Besides which – what about the feelings of their now long dead victims. Since we have no reliable way of telling who is truly remorseful (and it is likely that their wives are equally single minded) then let them all stay in the battle zones and hopefully get access to their 73 virgins.

    This bleeding heart tory tosspot, who advocates “reintegrating” these psychopaths is either naive, stupid or suicidal or maybe a mix of each. If he thinks they are really such nice people maybe, instead of these hardened murderers and rapists coming here amongst our own people maybe he should try and go over there first with his own wife/children/grandchildren and help them there instead.
    Will he – of course bloody not, He wants them here so he can feel good about himself and if things go wrong – his family, just like a bait ball of preyfish being attacked by a Barracuda, can hide amongst the rest of the innocents and hopefully it will be the turn of someone else to die instead.

    As always – it is the people who make these ridiculous decisions who are always the last to be affected by their stupidity – I suppose we should be used to it now but I am afraid it still grates.


    • tarien says:

      100% agree-radicalisation takes place the moment a Muslim child is born-that it the way of it and nothing as long as Islam is the teaching they follow will alter that situation. Yes I have worked in countries where the Muslim is a major force-if Europe is not very careful and will not for whatever lame reason stand up to the creeping advnace of Islam, then it may well find itself being under Islamic rule. Already Islam has in place a Muslim as London Mayor, who will follow him as the next Mayor? Probable guess….


      • fitz says:

        … when any group numbers 3% of the host population, its demands become increasingly loud and difficult to deny … each incomer from moslem lands brings 5 others … then the birth rate in GB beats all others … they call it Creep … when they numbered 1%, British Airways introduced an all – halal regime on its fleet – not much pushing needed …


  4. tomo says:

    there is a Tory mp and a qc who says attempts should be made to re integrate these killers into Blighty

    Wouldn’t do any harm to name them and link to their antics?

    In the meantime …. it really isn’t appreciated that Daesh are (OK…. imho) direct consequence of the late 20th Cent Mahdism of The Siege of Mecca in 1979 where the Al Sauds panicked and handed over a significant slab of control to the Salafist beards…. The Wahabbists are the tail that wags the Saudi dog.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Conservative MP is Rosindell ( Romford ) and max hill QC – source Telegraph.

      No doubt Mr Rosindell shed tears when the PC guarding parliament was stabbed to death by an Islamic terrorist .

      There is no negotiation with these people which is why I’d grant them their wish and re introduce the death penalty – why send em to Belmarsh ?


  5. tomo says:

    Oh yes… and the Saudis gave the Sudan regime USD $5,000,000,000 to spend on weaponry last year (2016)

    I wonder if any local Najdi Arabic speakers get to decide when and on who that weaponry should be used? /sarc


    • fitz says:

      … more interestingly – have all these robed figures got access to unbiased BBC coverage in their own special language ?


      • tomo says:

        dunno – but I do actually like BBC pidgin – for a while there I visited their web presence more than the main domestic UK site 🙂


  6. Number 7 says:

    I hate to be dogmatic……..But…….Since when has swearing allegience to a foreign ‘state’ ceased to be treason in this country?
    Note for AlBeeb. What is the sentence for supporting a person involved in a treasonable act?


    • DavidA says:

      Didn’t Tony B. Liar repeal the Treason Act?

      Presumably in the certain knowledge that he and some of his mates might face charges under it one day.


      • tarien says:

        Yes he did so as to cover himself against his decision to force an Iraq war-otherwise he should have been executed.


        • GRIM REAPER says:

          Forgive me Tarien, but is it not possible to reverse that decision and re-instate it ? It is of course, but no-body will pick up this ball and run with it…why i refuse to vote anymore, politicians are inexplicable….arrogant and completely out of touch, not to mention regularly missing policy ‘ open goals ‘….useless. Meanwhile, we suffer ….did the Tories reverse Brown’s abolition of dividend relief ? No…pension funds went to the wall…tories quiet after making a great hoohaa about it. I despair now of the imbeciles that are in charge…at 60 now, perhaps we deserve the politicians we get…


          • Number 7 says:

            ‘According to sources heard’ c.BBC.
            Blair only removed the Death Penalty for Treason.
            One can only ask what was his motivation?
            Apart from his instructions from EU Central.


  7. Pounce says:

    The story is now up on al beeb however they do go out of the way in which to defend their Islamic masters. My only wish here is the bBC gets to see at first hand the adage from their peaceful followers of lslam.
    “Biting the hands that feed them”


  8. pertelote says:

    apparently (this is the Grauniad)..”However, since the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act became law, the maximum sentence for treason in the UK is life imprisonment.”



  9. Doublethinker says:

    I think that the majority of Brits believe that we are far to understanding of Islamic terrorists in all their various forms. For an unpopular government one way to gain instant approval would be to kill these ISIS terrorists on sight. It would at least show that the government was being serious about protecting the country. This would also immediately force Labour to choose between their Muslim voters and the rest of us. As for the BBC well it would be yet another high profile example of how the foul state funded corporation was totally out of touch with the thinking of the majority of Brits who are forced to pay for it. Of course the BBC/Guardian axis of evil would call in all sorts of human rights lawyers claiming that this or that law had be broken. A few idiots and luvvies may protest. But all of this would show how little they cared for the safety of the British people. So there is much to gain for the Tories by exterminating this scum. But will they do it ? Not a chance , they are infected by liberal leftism nearly as much as the BBC. So they abandon their duty to protect us and wonder why their stock keeps on falling.


    • honestus says:

      DT, like most of these things, the biggest benefit by far would be the deterrent effect upon the rest of the muslim population – not so much in regards to the would be jihadists themselves, but from their nearest and dearest who would know that actions have consequences, hopefully dire consequences, unlike the ‘poor me’ victim-hood welcome back currently on offer.


  10. Fedup2 says:

    Double –
    I think Rory Stewart is a bit more of an independent than taking the view that it’s a political manoeuvre. Admittedly if Corbin is asks if he agrees he will say “ no” and do the Churchill ‘jaw jjaw’ line. But Mr Stewart has more experience of that region and the cursed Islam than most.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I agree that Stewart isn’t saying it for political advantage but I think it would make good political sense for the Tories to do what he suggests as well as being the best thing for the country.


    • fitz says:

      … basically, Rory is OK …


  11. G.W.F. says:

    BBC has a soft spot for returning Jihadists. Like the Government. Perhaps they went out with Government blessing to topple Assad, and now return with promised safety and a few working class children as a reward
    Naive and disillusioned Jihadists should not be punished, says Govt watchdog.


    • chrisH says:

      Old lefties see jihadists no differently than their “no passeran” nutty predecessors who went out to Spain in 1936.
      Eqauting these two things is what they do, because they are not even useful idiots for Islam-they are useless idiots that will lay the crumbs for Muslims to come and wipe us out.
      We need to show the left that our survival will be gained at our willingness to sacrifice our useless idiots at the BBC etc.
      Basically, we need to copy their tactics of terror-they are succeeding whereas ours are not.


  12. Foscari says:

    I would not be surprised if the BBC offered jobs to all returning Jihadi John’s as presenters, editors, sub editors,
    researchers or reporters on their Londonistan Programme. Now that would be diversity and positive


  13. Despairada says:

    What happens to the few people who go to fight, with the Kurds usually, against ISIS? I can’t give specific examples but haven’t they been arrested on return?


  14. chrisH says:

    I see that the BBC are doing some guff about “50 Religious Objects” or some similar tosh, as they do.
    Me?…I`ll give them their first ten.
    1. Stanley knife
    2. Halal certificate
    3. Hijab
    4. Burkini.
    5. Chemistry set with kidney beans and pestle and mortar
    6. Anjem Choudhurys brown painted toenail clippings
    7. Tealight
    8. A “Why O Why” cardboard sign with a magic marker.
    9. A white “Sparkys magic piano” that plays “Imagine” on autoshuffle.( no Rolf Harris Stylophones allowed though)
    10. a plastic flower with a Disney Princess balloon attached.


  15. JamesArthur says:

    Can’t agree more with above but I am simple man…why don’t these poor failed fighters just go to another Muslim country where they can live like they want to? There is only one reason they want to come back (it clearly isn’t home) – to cause trouble…

    These MPs who spout about reintegration of ISIS fighters don’t spout that about our soldiers when they come back from fighting for us, having witnessed and dealt with the S..t ISIS etc have caused


  16. CompassionateLeave says:

    Surely fighting against our Nation state is one of those cases that puts you beyond integration back into our society. This is a perfect Illustration of one of the evils of Globalism. We as a Nation have never sought to be a force for reintegration for the World’s mental and violent, certainly not the average man in the street anyway. We are an island, of free-trade and decent culture in my opinion. I, like Rees-Mogg, believe the majority is trying to express something important here in Britain and across Europe. I also think there is much evidence to suggest it is defensive in tone as well.