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The BBC is always consistent….it doesn’t matter if it says one thing one day and the complete opposite the next or a combination of the two the day after, the narrative is the same, the message the same, the intent the same….to attack May and to attack Brexit.

During the election May wanted to run with Brexit as her main vote winner but this never happened…it was the economy, health, Corbyn ‘s vote buying student tuition fees porkies and of course security and terrorism that dominated the news.  The BBC however after the election declared that Brexit was history, or should be, the voters had spoken and had convincingly shown themselves to be against Brexit when patently that was not the case….remember for instance LibDem Sarah Olney in ‘Remain’ Richmond?  No, exactly…she’s gone.

It was the domestic agenda that dominated the election.

Curiously the BBC then flipped and decided that May was trying to stop us talking about Brexit and was going for the domestic agenda….incredible when the outcome of Brexit was vital for our economy!!!  This at a time when May was always in the news talking about Brexit.

Now we frequently hear that the domestic agenda is being ‘derailed by Brexit’ and that non-Brexit issues are being sidelined or forgotten as the government concentrates on Brexit.  This is of course a criticism from the BBC…never mind that we are constantly reminded by them that Brexit is the most important and significant event to happen to this country in many decades and that the whole future and prosperity of our economy rests upon a successful outcome…so you might think it worthwhile putting a little time and effort into getting it right.  On the other hand we are told the government has put no time into planning for Brexit and hasn’t a clue what it wants and is failing miserably at the negotiations.

The BBC picks and chooses the narrative it wants to give to us depending upon what it wants us to think…and regardless of the facts on the ground the news will always be twisted and distorted to make out that May is weak and has no control, we are failing in the negotiations and that Brexit will fail spectacularly and beggar us all or it will be sidelined by events and we will remain in the EU as the most sensible, reasonable and natural course of action.

It’s not news but propaganda.



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9 Responses to The Brexit Express

  1. foxcote7822 says:

    Rubbish propaganda at that!


  2. Alex says:

    Newsnight is utterly loathsome. It is rampant far-left propaganda. Tonight we have a panel pushing the tired old lie that we are all racist and sexist and we need much more enforced diversity.
    Anyone else noticed that since Harvey Wankstain was caught fondling everything on two legs, every leftist militant feminist group has been given MSM platforms to brand every single man in the west with being a sexist pig- they’re very quiet when it comes to grooming gangs though. Us men are all evil and are keeping the sisterhood from achieving equality.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      There’s a very subtle change in the tone of the last few days from Weinstein to ‘all men’.

      Getting it off the lefty perverts and generalising. Tarring all with the same brush.


      • Cranmer says:

        I’m guessing the fact that Mr Weinstein is a close friend of the Hilary/Democrat set (and that his case is sub-judice) has meant that social media’s hive-mind is attempting to move the ‘debate’ on to a more general theme of man-bashing. They probably don’t want the spectre of Slick Willy and Monica brought up again!


  3. Fedup2 says:

    I disagree about your views of the girlies who go on albeeb being all angry about male repression. I think it’s the best comedy al Beeb puts out. Particularly when they are man hating dykes.

    I with the collective here we’re banning the term “ grooming “ because it sanitised the organised perverted desire to rape children .


    • CranbrookPhil says:

      I hate that word ‘grooming’ when applied to sex offenders. I thought grooming was to make something tidy, one grooms a horse, male grooming is combing one’s hair & having a shave with a slosh of Brut.


  4. Scroblene says:

    Thinking about the long list of ‘celebs’ that the BBC allowed to fester the corridors at W1A, and molest just about anybody with impunity, it’s a bit rich of them to assume any high ground on this issue.

    They also hate the idea of UK Inc becoming free from the same sort of people which ‘run’ them, like all fat cats and faded glitter, spending squillions in Brussels, and will do everything they can to try and muddy the water.

    Luckily, the Brit spirit keeps telling them to f**k off, and more and more of my friends and many others here are saying the same – the BBC is shot, and can’t ever again be the sort of organisation it was set up for.

    Gone yet?


  5. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    The bbbc guests keep repeating uninterrupted that us leavers are changing our minds and want to remain because of all the lies told by the leave campaign.
    I think they mean the advert on the bus about the £350 million earmarked for the eu that we could allocate at home on things we want to. No other ‘lies’ spring to mind.
    Unlike the Armageddon predicted by the remoaners.

    They (and you) should read this:


  6. Alicia Sinclair says:

    It was John BIrt who decided to blend “news” with “current affairs” way back…and so ” the news you need to hear” became “the views we want you to feel, and then act upon”.
    Last year we turned over their liberal displays that were intended to keep us at the back of the queue so Hillary might exact a revenge. As did our friends in America.
    Did anybody continue to think that the same people who`d screwed us over for fifty years( two generations and more) would quietly put the displays away, and follow those they hated and ruled over-like us?
    No, it only took a few days to see this-their course has long been set, their hands glued to the wheel and kamikaze tactics preferred to acknowledging how wrong they`ve been. Smash into the iceberg, and blocking the lifeboat access for the rest of us.
    We need to fight this one, If we can`t squash the likes of Tim Farron and Anna Soubry-what chance have we got with the sons of Mullah Omar or Abu Qatada?…they`ve not gone away, you`ll know.