Glass 50% empty


You may have heard the BBC making sensationalist and alarmist claims that NHS performance had ‘crashed’.

No, no it hasn’t.  It’s nothing more than a statistical distortion.

Performance for treating patients in A&E have fallen below target…thus the BBC states the NHS has ‘crashed’.  Funny sort of crash when in fact the NHS is treating more patients than ever.  The problem is that there are more patients than ever and so the NHS, without expanding enormously, whilst struggling heroically to treat as many as possible, will fall below the percentage target figure whilst actually treating more patients.

The BBC making ‘facts’ show anything it wants them to show…as long as it’s bad for the Tories.



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7 Responses to Glass 50% empty

  1. Fedup2 says:

    Maybe that lefty propaganda show ‘more or less ‘ will highlight the anomaly – in your dreams. Something happened to that programme . It used to be a happy little thing with no apparent agenda then in turned into a flag waver for lefty preferences.

    I’d try to get the nhs back to Beveridge principles – no treatment without identification Routine nationality checks, proper checks on foreign medics End pfi and make people pay for hospital visits. Basic health care – no aids drugs to prevent sodomites catching it, no sex change stuff, and like JRM – no abortions. If you’re drunk you pay .

    In fact as I ve written here before – I would sell it to the yanks for privatisation.


  2. Scroblene says:

    Typical BBBC ‘reporting’.

    Tabloid words to attract a dwindling public. £4 billion plus ‘sales’ to others worth nearly £2 billion, and they still fart around with meaningless crap ‘stories’. Nobody believes them any more.

    Having seen the NHS at my local hospital for a three-hour stint this week, I can truthfully say that the care and friendly attitude of the NHS is alive and kicking. The BBC really needs to be shut down and a sensible broadcasting business put in its place.


  3. Oaknash says:

    OOH BBC – I wonder where all these new NHS patients are coming from?

    Must be all these lazy brits who have lived here for years and payed tax who like nothing better than to sit in a MRSA ridden hospital and pretend they are ill or starring in “Casualty”! – or is there another reason?

    BBC, maybe Your NHS tracker should concentrate on which hospitals have experienced increased pressure in recent years and whether this correlates with increased immigration into an area and maybe even a breakdown of ethnicity of the users. “Hey BBC maybe “maxi” could help out on this one after coffee break”.

    Oh sorry I forgot that could be a “hate crime”

    Typical BBC bollocks – spending money on deliberately disingenuous gimmicks, which purport to be some sort of serious attempt to monitor institutions and ensure “the public interest” is upheld , but in reality all you have is the normal banal attempt to kid us that the BBC is making some sort of serious attempt to get at the truth whereas in reality there will be plenty of commentary as to why there is so much pressure and who is to blame, but very little honest comment if it touches on the destructive and corrosive effect that unbridled immigration is having on our public services.

    We have seen this sort of shit with the BBC before with the reality check/fake news checking rubbish. These days trusting the “National Treasure” broadcaster to check on anything which impinges on the liberal left ideology is a bit like leaving Diane Abbot in charge of the “Dunkin Doughnuts” cabinet at a motorway service station and expect it to turn a profit – It aint gonna happen.

    The BBC would be quite funny, if it did not have such Owellian overtones. The lies, the slogans, disingenuous reporting, the moral posturing, the reproach and the genuflecting when dealing with fellow celebrity liberal travelers.

    Maybe things would be great if the BBC didnt have to deal with these us Brits. Still given enough time there is an answer to everything!


    • Shapster says:

      Bloody well said, Oaknash – I couldn’t have put it better. It annoys me so much that I cant think clearly enough to formulate an erudite comment. The best I can do for now is: What an utter shower of cheating, lying [email protected] <>


  4. taffman says:

    And what targets do Al Beeb have to meet ? Float it as a charity, those that want it can then donate. Otherwise scrap it .


  5. Fedup2 says:

    Al beeb mentioned in passing that the spending deficient in the last month was only 5 billion – the best in a long time ( think it was 10 years). Al beeb reports this without interpretation – it sounds good but is bad because the govt is still borrowing cash to pay for social stuff which as some time has to be repaid – until then we use taxpayers cash on the money our state has borrowed .


  6. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Anybody else wonder when exactly WE-the poor saps who pay for the BBC-decided that their so called “news analysis” would become a never ending bitchslap to any efforts to find out WHY hospitals are crap, why there`s so many birth defects suddenly in Bradford, so many skin-grafts in Hoxton-so much T.B back in Poole and Bournemouth for example?
    I don`t remember asking ther BBC to “investigate”-to “see leaked reports” in regard of the weaponised NHS-as seen on BBC cameras, as scripted by Labour and union liars and self serving “medical professionals”.
    One endless Bradens Week with Anne Robinson and Esther Rantzen on endless Crimewatch duty…news free, value laden crap to get us hogtied for Corbyns crew.
    One long open sewer this NHS never-ending saga. Like crime-I don`t trust one word of BBC “statistics”,because they only choose to tell us what they want us, they only measure what suits them…and it`s all they`ve been doing since they took against John Moore in 1987.