See Change?


Panic stations in Liberal ÜberAllesLand when Trump and Brexit happened and there seemed to be an unstoppable rising tide of Rightwingery across Europe.  But how they cheered when Wilders in Holland and Le Pen in France didn’t triumph….the tide had turned, the People had come to their senses and seen off the threat of a return to the Thirties that loomed large.  The Liberals could relax whilst they plotted to impeach Trump and thwart Brexit.

But what to make of the election in Austria where someone who touted a hardline on immigration has come out on top and will probably ally himself with what the BBC call the ‘Far Right’.  Why does the BBC always use that term for Right-wing parties it doesn’t like whilst it never uses the term ‘Far-Left’ as a default description of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party?

The BBC seem to be playing down Sebastian Kurz’s victory, they even compared him to their latest heroes Macron and  Trudeau…

Nicknamed “Wunderwuzzi” (very roughly translated as wonder hotshot), he has been compared to the young leaders of France and Canada, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau.

No histrionics yet about a ‘return to the Thirties’ and the rise of Fascism across Europe….after all the BBC not long ago pronounced that threat dead and buried.  Wonder how they will react to this should the Mail’s prediction come true….

Eurosceptic party led by ‘the Czech Trump’ is clear favourite to thrash mainstream parties in general elections this week in latest blow to the EU

And what of this from the BBC?….

The stance proved popular with Austrian voters after a huge influx of undocumented migrants and refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

It’s those mysterious ‘undocumented migrants’ making an appearance again.  Such a phrase is not neutral, it is a deliberate attempt to make illegal migrants more human and less ‘illegal’, less criminal, more ‘acceptable’…not illegal but just migrants without the right paperwork…it’s merely bad bureaucracy not a serious matter of social, economic and political concern.   ‘Illegal migrants’ describes them perfectly and validly whilst ‘undocumented migrants’ is subjective and intended to deceive.

The term is political and chosen for a reason…the BBC uses it for Mexicans illegally entering the US intending that actions against the ‘illegals’ will seem harsh, unfair and inhumane as they are merely trying to better themselves as are the millions of Muslims and Africans who are trying to invade Europe but which the BBC wants to let in regardless of the cost in treasure, blood and cultural destruction.

The BBC is very selective in who is granted the status of ‘undocumented migrant’.  For instance if you are a Jewish settler in the West Bank you are an illegal settler or occupier….why does the BBC not describe them as ‘undocumented migrants’?  There is no difference between what they do and what Mexicans, Muslims or Africans do….economic migration…..crossing a border illegally and colonising the land.

The BBC anti-Semitic?  Seems so.

Why are Mexican illegals who enter the US or illegal migrants who slip into the UK not described as illegal settlers or occupiers by the BBC?

One rule for some, another for Jews?



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6 Responses to See Change?

  1. Nibor says:

    Would I be an undocumented television watcher if I ,ahem , don’t pay £147 for the , er, document that the BBC likes ?


  2. Nibor says:

    Also I’m arranging [s] to people smuggle [/s] a visit to BBC premises , no need for any documentation I’m sure everyone will be welcome .


  3. Guest Who says:

    Interesting share on Twitter that Mexico requires ID cards, ironically.

    Which I was unaware of, due no doubt to lax information and education.


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    As far as I understand it, Israel respects the concept of Muslim citizens of Israel. But Palestine does not respect the concept of Jewish citizens of Palestine.

    This National Socialist concept of citizenry is what Nazi Germany had in common with Islamic nations, and is also the reason why Palestine supporters in the Labour Party do not respect the concept of Jewish members of the Labour Party.

    Palestine supporters in the Labour Party want the same number of Jews in the Labour Party, as were in the Nazi Party. Zero.

    As Islam regards Israel as part of Palestine, then the problem cannot be solved by the Jewish settlers in Palestine territory being compulsorily purchased and then evicted by the Palestine authority.

    1,400 years ago, Islam took the territory from the Christians, who received it from the Romans, who took it from the Jews. A British General called “Alla Bay”, meaning Son of God, took it for the Christians in 1917, who then gave it back to the Jews at midnight 14/15 May 1948.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The extremely limited coverage of the Austrian election result did mention that there needs to be a coalition for the new leader to form a government .

      The other party to join to form the govt has a clear policy of leaving the EU.

      A little while ago i heard one of these slippery Eurocrats saying about how much closer brexit had bought the 27 remaining countries . No al beeb challenge to a clear lie .

      Who is next for an election and a decent right wing anti EU government ?


      • Amounderness Lad says:

        It seems the EU have ordered Sebastian Kurz to form a Pro-EU Coalition and not to create a Government by including the so-called Far Right Party.

        When I hear things like that why am I instantly reminded of the manner in which the Communist Kremlin dealt with East Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia amongst others for not doing as the Kremlin ordered.

        Thank goodness the EU doesn’t have it’s own Army yet or I suspect, if they did, that large numbers of tanks would already be carrying out ‘exercises’ along the Austrian Border.