Exclusive – BBC reporter Becky Branford is a Marxist and member of Momentum

Becky Branford isn’t exactly a household name, but she has been contributing to BBC News for over a decade.

Today she described meeting her hero, Thomas Sankara – Marxist revolutionary Thomas Sankara that is – ‘Africa’s Che Guevara’. Becky explained after Karl Marx was voted the greatest thinker of the 20th century how “Karl Marx’s theories are so versatile that they can be used to understand and explain situations that confront us in today’s world.” She’s also a member of such Facebook groups as the London Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition, Southwark Momentum and even a reading group for Marx’s ‘Capital’, as well as 3 other groups, that belong to an organisation called RS21 – Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st century.

It seems she doesn’t like Theresa May very much, signing a petition demanding that May take part in a debate before the election this year, as well as a petition demanding that there are no cuts to school funding. She doesn’t like Jeremy Hunt either, “Why should health workers be denied a stingy 1% when MPs got 11%? Fear not, she is a girl after our own heart, posting  “I thought BBC Question Time was supposed to be “balanced”??”, sharing a Canary article ‘The BBC turns News at 10 into a party political broadcast for the Tories’ and worrying about the commericialisation of BBC output. Just to be clear, this profile has numerous references to working at the BBC, and the profile pictures match this old image of her from the BBC website. It’s the same Becky, and if you are still not sure, here is absolute proof. This is the tip of the iceberg with regard to the content posted on her profile over the years, much of it highly political, including party politics and anti-Thatcher material.

Despite all this, Becky has been allowed to work at the BBC for YEARS. Not just on fluff articles either. Recent articles of hers all discuss international politics, but who knows which other articles without an explicitly named author she has worked on (such as this one, as revealed here).

Is populism a threat to Europe’s economies?
Malta’s paradox: A beacon of gay rights that bans abortion

France elections: What makes Marine Le Pen far right?
Five reasons why Macron won the French election

Information warfare: Is Russia really interfering in European states?
She has even been allowed to report on Greek politics, despite her strong views on Greek politics.

Yes, it’s exactly as suspected, (at least some of) the people behind BBC News are marxist revolutionaries.

These screenshots are simply a backup of the links included above, in case she decides to delete her profile etc:

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7 Responses to Exclusive – BBC reporter Becky Branford is a Marxist and member of Momentum

  1. Jeff says:

    “She’s also a member of such Facebook groups as the London Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition, Southwark Momentum and even a reading group for Marx’s “Capital”, as well as 3 other groups that belong to an organisation called RS21 – Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st century.”
    Blimey, sounds to me like a typical (balanced) member of your average Question Time audience.
    Nah, second thoughts.
    Far too right wing…


  2. Englands Dreaming says:

    I don’t necessarily mind that the BBC employs some hard left, lefties, though for “news” its probably not the best idea. My problem is the lack of diversity, something that apparently the Beeb love, but seem woefully blind to when applying it to themselves except as virtue signalling tokenism. How many card carrying UKIP employees does the Beeb have, let alone Conservative? On the news teams I can confidently predict zero.


  3. charmbrights says:

    Why is this not in the least surprising?


  4. Alex says:

    They are all utter scum the lot of ‘em. These middle class filth would collapse in shock and sobbing fits of despair if they were to experience real communist society; the likes of Paul Mason, Silly Allen and Emma Thompson would be aghast at the lack of illy coffee facilities and WiFi in the new revolutionary communes. Incidentally notice how these socialist/communist rebels all seem to be middle to upper class loudmouths; a distinct lack of working class amongst the privileged and spoiled brat hoards of wannabe socialists and commies. Must be the brainwashing going on in their trendy hippie-family homes, leafy suburb schools and leftie universities. Poor folk do not have time to dabble in trendy fantasy politics; they’re too concerned about money and getting through day to day. We need a real working class movement in this country; however as we have seen the establishment will never allow it so they enforce pc bans on patriots and freedom of speech under the guise of ‘hate crime’.


  5. ObiWan says:

    Nobody should be shocked by this. This is the BBC, after all. It’s long been a job creation scheme for belligerent, malign socialists and communist apologists. This is why I gave up on the BBC a few years ago – most msm, tbh. They all went through the same Marxist indoctrination camps (universities), received the same ‘social justice’ activist training and they all share a common, collectivist view of culture, politics and history. They re-write history to suit their agenda, they describe our culture in terms few of us can either recognise or accept and they control all the levers of power – culture, media, the arts, education and politics. They own all the toys and all of the agenda.

    So how do we resist?


  6. chrisH says:

    Time was when there may well have been some kind of left/right balance in the media. Probably pre-Kennedy, certainly pre-Vietnam.
    Then came the politics, the journalism of attachment. Self-selecting lefties could avoid the draft in America by going to college and the soft sciences would mop up large numbers of US-hating hippies and useful idiots. Media, arts, pop and journalism were flooded by embedded idiots who were fed on Howard Zinn. No conservative would expect to get onto a journalism course except as as an oddity or whipping boy/girl.
    Conservatives by nature are not attached, or slavishly mired in lefty groupthink. They simply would not jojn such courses, let alone seek a lifetime of bossing and badgering their inferiors and unenlightened , These are the dependent clients and vulnerable victims who give stories and pictures to feed the never-ending grievance machine.
    To be fair therefore to the scum thick left-it`s entirely predictable that those who get into the colleges and studios are already useful idiots-then get paid to continue their infantile musings at the public teat. Jon Snow…say no more.


  7. Fedup2 says:

    It’s not worthy of a headline – I still go with my idea of having details about people on tv on a ticker tape – rich people saying every one should tighten their belts – people with off shore accounts or other financial interests who talk about tax- newsreaders avoiding tax through hooky company arrangements

    I do agree – the hypocrisy is more important . Like public officials supporting the nhs and going private . Loads of examples .

    Let’s face it – these people – beeboids – have to be in a union like the NuJ or the like and pay their dues to the Labour Party

    According to the nuj website Comrade Corbyn is honoured to be a member of the NUJ.