A Cunning Stunt




If you’ve been watching the news very carefully, well not carefully at all as it’s so blatant, you may have noticed there has been a certain narrative as a stream of high profile Remainders keep popping up as if on a schedule in that news making alarming and lurid claims about Brexit.   The Sun claimed that Marr was decidedly pro-Remain and the BBC hit back with a sneering dismissal….but the reality is there are vast numbers of Remain voices given a lot of airtime across the BBC as a whole and then their words and opinions are reported on the news bulletins as ‘fact’.  The BBC’s idea of balance is to have an obviously fanatical Remainer on and then ‘balance’ that with someone less fanatical but still a Remainer who will nuance their statements to mix in a bit of Leave-friendly tosh.  No mistaking the intentions of some recent Remain ‘Big Guns’ though who are working hard to stop Brexit in its tracks one way or another……and just why does the BBC keep bringing on pro-Remain Craig Oliver….he was media spinner for pro-EU Cameron not a politician or anyone of any consequence in the scheme of things?

Any coincidence that Carney suddenly made the headlines with claims that the financial industry will go into meltdown due to some suddenly discovered problem?  After over a year since the referendum Carney has only just discovered this appalling and disastrous consequence of Brexit that will be utterly disastrous for our economy?  Really?

Then we had Hammond come out and claim that the day we leave the EU all aircraft will be grounded, naturally this is highly unlikely to happen he assures us but he had to mention it anyway…..I’m sure the Spanish tourist industry will welcome that.

Then we had Sir Martin Donnelly on Today (08:10) spinning a dystopian tale of job losses, investors fleeing Britain and factories being mothballed…far from going back to tthe Thirties it seems we are going pre-industrial, feudalism, horses, small boys up chimneys and the Church will be the new reality.  Any coincidence that this same message appeared a few days earlier in George Osborne’s Standard, any coincidence that Hammond was seen dining with Osborne just before making his sensationalist claims or that Carney owes his job to Osborne?

Mishal Husain seemed somewhat irrelevant to the proceedings, merely there to feed Donnelly questions in the right order so that he could keep to his script as he was allowed to freely give voice to his anti-brexit propaganda completely unchallenged.

A select few of those questions…

  • Do you think it is possible we will remain in the EU?
  • What do you think of ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’?
  • Would a ‘no deal’ really be so bad?
  • Did you leave Whitehall frustrated and anxious about our economic future?
  • Should we pay the bill that the EU is asking for?
  • Should we be prepared to compromise on membership of the ECJ?
  • Isn’t this though about sovereignty?

No challenge to his answers as he managed to tick off each one from his list.

Husain was friendly and easy-going and Donnelly was given the prime spot of 08:10.  The Leave voice, John Mills, got a rather cooler reception at the less than prime time of 08:55 and was curtly shut down as they’d run out of time…no such problem for Donnelly who seemed to have all the time oin the world to expand on his views.

Guess whose views the BBC broadcast on each news bulletin thereafter?  Donnelly’s doom-mongering got prominent announcements whilst Mills got nothing….probably because the BBC didn’t have time as they also had to squeeze in Hillary Clinton’s thoughts on Brexit….you’re all doomed!!!…and it’s Trump’s fault!  When Mills mentioned Donnelly was a Remainer Husain smacked him down and said he was there as an ‘expert’, independent and an important, knowledgeable voice….but of course he is a Remainer….as he told us himself...

‘It was a major shock to the system to get the referendum result’

The Remain crew really are mounting a campaign aren’t they as Nicky Morgan appeared on Peston after undoubtedly having been told to get on there by Amber Rudd to say May must not sack the saboteur Hammond…clearly Rudd couldn’t do the dirty work herself so she got a fellow Remain minion to do it and provide a bit of distance…just a shame Morgan cocked up and dumped the bossy one in it….and, as Guido notes, it is highly hypocritical for Morgan to say those asking for Hammond’s head are self-indulgent and undermining Brexit when she demandeed Boris be sacked herself…

Remarkable hypocrisy from NiMo. Two weeks ago she said Boris “has to go” if he can’t keep quiet on Brexit. Last week she was widely implicated in the plot against the PM. Today Morgan says “it’s not helpful for anybody to have ministers being attacked, whether it’s the Chancellor or the Foreign Secretary” and criticises “self-indulgent” colleagues doing so.

The BBC’s reaction to all this is very telling…it dismisses attacks on Hammond and defends him, in contrast they mounted a vicious campaign against Boris and accused him of all sorts of double-dealing, backing stabbing, undermining and betrayal….oddly it is Boris who is actually backing May and Brexit whilst Hammond is the one undermining them…but the BBC doesn’t do facts any more.

There is clearly a huge plot by Remainers to stop Brexit in its tracks…..will the BBC notice and if it does will it report it in depth?  Judging by its reporting on Hammond that’s not likely.  Lord Hall Hall can safely go back on the dinner circuit without his indigestion tablets.






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9 Responses to A Cunning Stunt

  1. Alicia Sinclair says:

    We need an I-Spy book, or at least a Ramona-duty roster that we could gamble on.
    Heseltine came in today…how many more days before Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry or Alistair Campbell roll in to add their two centimes?
    Lord Falconer maybe to be the first to peg out among them?
    Paddy Power needs to open a book on this shower of padded scum.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Fortunately I think they are talking to themselves now and playing their own political games .

      Positions are pretty intrenched although I was pondering what the effect of the shadow cabinet switching to the “remain” side but I guess that’s too late since the conference has taken place .

      I suppose labour has calculated how many voters they’d lose/gain in doing this in order to get a working majority in an election in 2018.

      Al beeb is yet to give any time to pro brexit views .
      Let’s just hope that instability keeps rolling round the EU as that will only be good for brexit .


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Alan ,
    I’ve spotted what you’ve said before about the Toady technique 0810 pro remain / slag HMG 856 pro brexit / government – cut off after 3 minutes to advertise msg documentary or why queer is good documentary – or what’s the best airline to use if you want a single ticket to Turkey to join ISIS

    Clever bias without actually saying anything – similar to the “omission “ technique


  3. Dave S says:

    They all have so much to lose now. A whole lifestyle and easy living is at risk. Brexit will bring down the EU and this has always been quite clear despite the ramblings of the Brussels apparatchniks. The moment Merkel really starts to totter is going to start it off. The Eastern countries ( Visegrad plus Austria) will not permit a German hegemony by EU means which is what they are looking at if Merkel is allowed to dictate terms much longer.
    Getting us to reverse Brexit is a desperate measure and nothing to do with concern for us but only for themselves and the Brussels clique. The BBC is doing it’s best as are the propaganda organs in the EU. I assume they think May is with them and I think they are right. But events are moving so fast as they always do and nothing can be assumed now.
    Catalonia is another black swan event that can go anywhere at all.
    The appetite is now there for a quite different type of EU and one which we could easily accept and rejoin to play a leading role. .The problem is the BBC/progressive media etc are stuck in the past and part now of the problem . Nothing less than a revolution in the attitudes of Brussels and our useless politicians will do.
    All of which means that the current arguments over a soft/hard Brexit are irrelevant . This is moving far beyond considerations of trade and money into a necessary look at how we ensure the survival of Europe and it’s culture and peoples .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Dave – I’ve been looking for the black swan but haven’t seen it yet. The was mention of “war” during the Catalonian situation last week and I didn’t expect even a mention of that in Europe for a bit .

      I bet that made those famously cowardly Brussels types have a lot of meetings .,


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Great and all too accurate critique Dave S.
      Have yet to hear this being put as clearly and comprehensively anywhere in the media.
      What the heck do we pay them for?-you`ve said more in a couple of paragraphs than a whole political, media and academic , economic elite has said in years, let alone after June of last year
      Any British government that was serious about getting a decent Brexit would be rubbing salt into Catalonia, Corsica, Northern Italy, Belgium and that East/West German schism.
      If the E.U wants war(and they do)-then we need to fight back and break every gloves off piece of crap like not looking for trade deals-they have insulted and belittled us-we`re the wrong nation to do this to, and the rest of Europe would only enjoy us putting Junckers drunks in their boxes.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      The issue is all about the money.

      The two main contributors into the EU are Germany and then Britain. Since 1973 we have paid in half a trillion pounds, which “some people” think might have been better spent on ourselves. Be that as it may, without the British milch cow, the EU budget is short about £10 billion a year, and they need new mugs to step forward to make up the shortfall. These mugs are in short supply. Edward Heath, traitor but not paedophile, signed Britain up to the most onerous and ridiculous terms to get us into the EEC. But there is no way to force countries like Ireland to suddenly step up to the plate and make up the the UK’s contributions. The EU is popular in Ireland precisely because it has been a magic money tree for them, it’s not the same when you have to start becoming a net contributor.

      I think the EU is desperate for Britain to drop Article 50 and agree to stay, and it is all about the money. There is just no incentive for them to behave decently towards us, negotiate in good faith and agree a fair free trade agreement. On the contrary, their plan has to be to refuse to talk about trade until there is no time to conclude anything, and then try and strong arm Britain into staying. How much “strong arming” do you think they reckon Theresa May can take? She is fatally weakened, most of her Cabinet are remainers, and Labour wants Britain to stay in all but name.

      From the point of view of the EU, Britain’s money is the big prize, and there is nothing in it for them to make these negotiations fair or easy. If the British side don’t see that, then they are blind. If we think we are leaving the EU in March 2019 with a nice Free Trade Agreement signed, we are being very naive. We have been in the EEC/EU since 1973, you would think that in all that time the British government would have worked out how they operate? Apparently not.


  4. Nibor says:

    Now if the EU was a mainly economic project the ‘ colleagues’ would want frictionless trading straightaway to keep all sides wealthy and no risk that there would be a recession or depression anywhere .
    But if economics are secondary to a political construct the colleagues would risk impoverishing us and themselves , or rather more exactly the ordinary people and businesses that make up their vision .

    So Al Beeb , is the EU a political construct first and the elite of the continent are going to sacrifice the plebs to further their own cause ?


  5. john in cheshire says:

    Narrative = Story
    Story = Fiction
    The far-left bbc specialises in narrative.
    If only people would make their revenue a narrative.