Exclusive – The truth about Brexit and Hate Crime

One of the favourite narratives of the BBC is that Brexit is somehow caused by racism and xenophobia, and is in turn a cause of racism and xenophobia. This narrative was given a lot of fuel by statistics that emerged showing that hate crime had increased following the referendum. They even quoted Superintendent Paul Giannasi, who explained that Brexit “isn’t really over for most people”.

But who exactly is Paul Giannasi? Well, he’s the ‘National Hate Crime Coordinator‘ and ‘Cross-Government Hate Crime Programme Lead‘. He’s responsible for the hate crime statistics, and he runs True Vision, the online portal for reporting hate crime. He’s the top dog on hate crime in the UK and he has even received an OBE for his work. I wonder…which way did he vote in the referendum…

24th June 2016 – someone started a Facebook group, ‘We Love Europe’.
Not only is Paul a member of the group, but he also added members of his family. He shared a post from that group which stated, ‘We are the huge number of people in UK who voted to remain’ and also discussed the ‘dehumanisation of foreigners’. He posted to his profile a petition for a second referendum, along with a comment stating that Brexit was ‘the tyranny of democracy’ which was ’caused by political arrogance, thirst for power, idiotic fears, prejudice, bigotry and incredible stupidity’. These posts were made within days of the referendum, which means he had in mind the theory that Brexit was related to racism and hate crime long before the alleged increase in hate crime in the weeks and months afterwards.

It seems Brexit really isn’t over for Paul Giannasi. His impartiality is in serious doubt here, which places doubt on the validity and accuracy of the hate crime statistics. The BBC’s narrative relies a great deal on those figures. Just this week they posted that ‘there was a spike in race hate crimes in England and Wales.’ Well was there? Because it wouldn’t be the first time police statistics were unreliable or even manipulated.

He really should be careful, because you can get into a lot of trouble for posting the wrong thing on social media these days…

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33 Responses to Exclusive – The truth about Brexit and Hate Crime

  1. Doublethinker says:

    In my view Brexit has indeed given rise to Hate Crime and growing amounts of it too. I am a very moderate chap but I can feel my hatred growing towards those , particularly in the liberal left elite, who seem determined to neuter or even overturn the referendum result. They are undermining democracy and with it the rule of law. Do they think about what will happen if they actually do overturn the referendum result? Do they think that Leave voters will meekly accept it ? Do they realise that in future a democratic decision may well not be accepted by those who disagree with it and where will that leave us?
    For these reasons I strongly suspect that the elite will contrive to cynically present the neutering of Brexit as in fact the real thing and so be able to claim that they have delivered on the democratic mandate. I suspect that the EU is fully on board with this sham of democracy and the whole negotiation is a charade devised to pull the wool over our eyes.


    • john in cheshire says:

      I think you are correct and I also think that we still have 17 months of this phoney war between our government and the EU masters in Brussels and Berlin.


    • countryblues says:

      DT. I hear what you say but, it seems to me that nearly all the hate is coming from the Left at the moment and goes beyond just ‘Brexit’. The future you mention is already upon us, e.g. Labour ‘won’ the last election ; more riots, marches and demonstrations IF the Conservatives should ever win again ; Trump is ‘not my President’ etc.

      You say you are a moderate chap but, in the near future, there will be no room for moderates…you’ll have to choose sides 🙁


      • Doublethinker says:

        I agree that the time for choosing sides is close at hand or already with us. The problems that the old centreists like me, now regarded as well to the right by the likes of the BBC, have is that we are not easily organised , unlike the left who are very strong on organisation, and that we were brought up to be polite and well mannered. It goes against the grain for us to go out on the streets in protest and the use of violence to make our point is just not on. This in effect leaves the field wide open for the leftist rabble rousers . Also , for most folks, it takes until your late twenties to realise the inherent contradictions that lie at the centre of socialism. Finally we , as represented by the old Conservative party , not the modern quasi socialist one, allowed the educational establishment and the BBC to brainwash younger generations for thirty or forty years and we are now reaping a bitter harvest.
        We have a mountain to climb to win back our country and prevent Islamification .


    • Dadad says:

      I think there’s likely to be a huge increase in hate crime if the remoaners do indeed succeed in denying our EU exit.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    It’s always about personal interest and benefit .

    This is one of the many reasons this period will be looked back upon as a time of lies .

    Those who benefit most from being in the EU – politicians looking for a job – homes in mainland Europe – should declare themselves before commenting . Otherwise I’d submit that their view is so distorted it carries no truth . Like Clegg .

    Even if there was a case for staying in the EU views are so polarised that no one believes anyone on the otherside .

    I just wish people being interviewed by al beeb would go on the offensive and challenge beeboids .

    As for this so called copper – he’ll be looking for the next rank , a pension and a nice job in euro something on even better money . No dirty hands for him .

    Do they really think British people are going to just allow parts of their country being taken over . Sooner or later there will be a change. Please


    • Oaknash says:

      “He really should be careful, because you can get into a lot of trouble for posting the wrong thing on social media these days…”

      No he wont because he is on the “correct” establishment side – He is just another dishonest cog in the “Upset Brexit” at all costs machine just like our chancellor and Prime Minister.
      Other people who generally “wont have to be too careful” are hate preachers and those (such as the BBC ) who are involved in covering up extra enrichment crimes because the establishment do not want to be exposed as weak and complicit in what is happening in some of our towns.

      However if you are involved in any sort of “bacon crime” or protesting about ” extra enrichment (such as T Robinson) You can expect the full force of the law to be on you and depending on the severity of the “bacon crime” you may well finish your sentence in a body bag with a very “tight lipped” Home Office as to the circumstances of our death. I would recommend everyone here to read “Enemy of the State” and I would not betting that Kevin Crehan was given some of the “special treatment” which Tommy Robinson also had to enjoy on his sentence.

      The death of this man certainly makes a useful little warning to keep our bacon sarnies under close control.

      We really do have a lovely Home Office we have these days

      I am afraid access to justice these days depends on your political viewpoint and cannot be taken as “given”and Mr Gianassi is just another sycophantic establishment patsy who cares more about his career than access to real justice.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Bacon crime? Tesco sell bacon in the freezer aisle – is that considerate? Butchers sell bacon in same shop as they sell pork – is that a crime?

        So much hate. So much crime. Can’t they all be HALAL? You see where this is going … an incantation into the cows ear whilst facing Mecca, a religious person may only brush the knife over the animals throat as life drains out, blood drops onto the floor, it’s last noise is that of Alllah.


        • MarkyMark says:

          ‘sell pork’ should be cottage sadiq khan chicken. One beer too many.

          Dear Amber Rudd, if you read this using you new Hate Crime Hub please consider drunk internet comments and fat fingers on modern phones.


    • Tom_Kenny says:

      “I just wish people being interviewed by al beeb would go on the offensive and challenge beeboids .”

      Al Beeb doesn’t invite such people on. Their gaff, their rules.


    • Tom_Kenny says:

      “I just wish people being interviewed by al beeb would go on the offensive and challenge beeboids .”

      Al Beeb doesn’t invite such people on. Their gaff, their rules.


  3. vesnadog says:

    “One of the favourite narratives of the BBC is that Brexit”

    Good grief! The other morning – about 3.AM – I woke up with a sore throat, I turn on the radio (BBC) hoping for some gentle music to ease my poor brain and throat but what is the very first comment I hear – Its Brexits fault!

    I had no idea what the flippin discussion was about (probably ferret breeding) but the Anti-Brexit locals must have emailed the BBC to complain about the quality of the grass and lack of rabbits on clapham common !?


  4. Guest Who says:


  5. Deborahanother says:

    OBriens ratings must be in the doldrums.I never listen to him and hardly at all to LBC.No point .
    But I agree the hate is coming from the left and yet they are able to label a large swathe of the population racists and bigots just for exercising their democratic rights.
    OBrien says he cannot look his children in the eye if he doesn’t cut off Brexiters. Well I couldn’t look mine in the eye if I didnt try to get powers back to their country and leave people like him in his ivory tower.


  6. Nibor says:

    I notice the Football Lads Association march , not covered by the BBC , was by people showing their faces to the world , unlike the Antifa and SJW thugs who wear masks .


  7. Wild Bill says:

    How can this man Paul Giannasi be allowed to get away with this, he is so obviously biased, surely in his job he should be seen to be impartial?


  8. David Vance says:

    Great post VX! Welcome onboard.


  9. Pounce says:

    Just read an interesting opinion piece in a Turkish newspaper about the sorry state of affairs in the Islamic world. Here is a wee snippet:
    “Muslim countries own a significant portion of the world’s natural resources including oil, gas, minerals and forestry. They have a younger population compared to Europe, Japan and the United States. But their contribution to the world’s GDP is very small. Muslims make up 21 percent of the world’s population (1.5 billion) but account for only 5 percent of the global GDP (a little less than $5 trillion). The average GDP per capita is around $5,000, which is three times less than the global average of around $13,000. Only a few Muslim countries have a sustainable model of development and show signs of success for alleviating poverty and for the equal distribution of wealth. Only a handful of universities in Muslim countries make it to the world’s top one or five hundred list. The number of scholarly and scientific output in these universities and research institutes is negligible. Overall, this is not a good picture. And this is where we must start: we have to accept that this is not a bright scene and stop pretending that just because we believe in God we will always be successful. Faith implies intelligence and requires hard work and commitment. We have to understand that we cannot wait for others to do what is good for us. We have to claim the agency of our own actions and work harder than ever to shape our own future. Without a sense of ownership and direction, we cannot claim to be a force for good for ourselves and for others.”

    Now juxtapose the above with the lefts view (But in this case the bBCs) POV that muslims living in the Uk if not the world are poor due to racism, or currently…Brexit.


  10. ThomasR says:

    Continuing with the J.O’B themes, (legitimate as he is a Newsnight and now HIGNFY contributor ), only last week he was vilifying Nigel Farage ( well I am sure that’s who he meant, has he doesn’t ever name Nigel, just uses sneering personifications, maybe to avoid legal action) who had been commenting on last week’s traffic accident at the Natural History Museum. Nigel was speaking after the BBC themselves had, uncharacteristically, declared that this incident was being treated as suspected terrorism. J.O’B was asking what one word description you should give for NF and I think the answer required (Politically correct) was c**t, my response could have been “ill-informed”. James was ranting that there had been no follow up retraction, the hypocrisy was (to use J.O’B language) “palpable”
    I am still to here Jame’s retraction for the wholly incorrect analysis of the Harlow murder last year. The BBC and J.O’B concluded their investigation on the day after it occurred and James has never wavered, let alone retracted.
    All this leads us to his “terrorism” description of the killing of Joe Cox, this awful crime was no more terrorism than the (thankfully non fatal) attack on the MP in Tower Hamlets the other year was, or, if you want the killing of John Lennon in 1980.
    “We may never know……………………………….


    • StewGreen says:

      They are all about PR not about Truth
      ..hence they don’t care about contradictions like OB & Harlow non-apology


  11. Beeb Brother says:

    Imagine if Remain had won and leavers demanded another referendum. It would be haughtily dismissed with a sneering chortle from the liberal elite.

    For all their progressive mania for every minority going, do they not realise that democracy and freedom of speech are the most fundamental or rights? Yet they ride roughshod over these just because people dare to disagree with them.


  12. Synchronised says:

    The lib mob are using this hate crime campaign to fight on two fronts. One being the connection with Brexit and secondly the incessant claim that Islam is the victim. Let us not be fooled that the Beeb etc give a flying f$@# about any other ethnic minority. What baffles me is that these so called superior intelligent beings cannot see that if the scenario of Islamic domination comes to pass they will not be immune to the cull. Do the luvvies think they’ll be invited into the new world. Not a chance in hell. They’ll all be in lined up for the ritual beheadings along with the rest of us.


  13. charmbrights says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that the job of anyone with the job title ‘National Hate Crime Coordinator’ and role of ‘Cross-Government Hate Crime Programme Lead’ is responsible for ensuring that there is an adequate supply of hate crime and encouraging more of it?


    • Synchronised says:

      No you are not alone. These non productive industries serve no one but themselves. The only people who benefit are the producers of the ridiculous laminated (look at me I’m important) badges.


  14. scribblingscribe says:

    Brexit did lead to a rise in hate crime. The BBC and the establishment’s hatred of the British population has now reached a level which make a Muslim’s view of a Jew appear quite liberal.


  15. StewGreen says:

    Yes but it if you are LibMob you MAGICALLY know stuff
    eg The Green Party KNOW the Harlow murder was a Brexit hate crime


  16. Simon Platt says:

    Superintendent? Yes, this Paul Giannasi is a copper: http://www.internationalhatestudies.com/member/paul-giannasi/ That’s quite a shock to me – and the occasion of my registering here at biasedbbc.tv. Policemen never used to be permitted to engage in such blatant partisan politics, for good reason.


  17. DearyMe says:

    Now this… “London Police Visit Mosques to Encourage ‘Hate Crime’ Reporting”.

    “The police will be working with the True Vision website, used by anti-Brexit campaigners to claim the vote to leave the European Union (EU) caused “hate crimes”

    Working ‘with’? True Vision IS the police!! Thanks to excellent pieces such as AX’s exclusives we now know.
    True Vision are full blown raging and foaming at the mouth type anti-Brexiteers. The whole Brexit ‘hate crime’ saga, stinks to high heaven!