The Reign in Spain is mostly fascist


Whatever suits you best.

The British vote for Brexit and are called Fascists and racists, the Spanish try to stop an independence movement and keep Catalonia in Spain and the EU and they are Fascists for doing so….Sometime BBC contributor Jake Wallis Simpson [he who also decided he didn’t like Buddhists as they were so violent…Muslims on the other hand]…..

The fascists, I realised, had based themselves in a pub next door. I went in, filming on my GoPro, and saw police drinking with far-Right thugs, smiling as they were serenaded with Sieg Heils.

I just filmed these guys doing Nazi salutes outside Barcelona police station to praise last week’s brutal riot cops

— Jake Wallis Simons (@JakeWSimons) October 8, 2017

Astonishing how a few numpties sieg heiling in Spain suddenly represent the whole of Spain [Catalonia aside]….JWS able to declare Spain is back in the Franco era on the strength of a few Fascist salutes…never mind the ‘referendum’ was illegal and in essence an attempted coup to hijack part of Spain by a small goup of people who have whipped up a storm.  The difference to Brexit is that Brexit was legal, representative and the result valid and authenticated.  Didn’t stop the BBC declaring we are heading towards a facist state though.

The BBC’s very own hate crime against half the population.




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8 Responses to The Reign in Spain is mostly fascist

  1. foxcote7822 says: Watch Tommy Robinson confront a BBC reporter at 3.38


    • Alan says:

      Yep…interesting how the reporter says he will call Robinson Far-Right if others label him so….regardless of whether he is or not or what the identity of the person calling him Far-Right is and what axe they have to grind. The same BBC that won’t call a terrorist a terrorist because it is ‘subjective’ as to who or what a terrorist is….er…no it isn’t…terrorism is pretty well defined and objective.

      Talk about controlling borders and terrorism you are Far-Right. As Tommy said…‘This is what you’re up against…BBC ‘journalism’….you [the BBC] are part of the problem.’

      Amused to see journo perk up when Robinson mentioned potential violence at the demo [from ‘antifa’ types…ie Labour’s storm troopers….UAF]


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Tommy was absolutely right. There was no violence, so the march was not mentioned. Were it not for the internet, I wouldn’t have known it had ever happened.


    • joeadamsmith says:

      Forwarded the video onto Informed Planet


    • Guest Who says:

      Thanks for that.

      You can just see the full horror of this situation going through the BBC hipster’s brain “Please don’t let this go viral…please don’t…”

      And he handled it magnificently, by basically confirming that if someone the BBC likes says it, it becomes ‘news’ gospel no matter how accurate or true.

      Hope he enjoys being BBC Pidgen’s Nome, Alaska correspondent.


  2. Mrs Kitty says:

    From what I understand there was an element of violence there, a group of about 15 “people ” Socialist workers against racism or something like that shouting racist and spitting on a group of Gurkhas who were marching with the Veterans Against Terrorism. That’s half the problem there , you can’t fix stupid.


  3. honestus says:

    I have commented elsewhere on this site the fact that punching in key words (‘Brexit’ ‘UKIP’) into the Google search engine (over 77% of global market share) returns mostly Guardian/Independent/FT taglines to the front screen in preference to more centrist political accounts. This is similar to the non reporting of a significant march through London against terrorism (in particular by the BBC) during which no left of centre ideology was promoted or championed.
    This isn’t fake news – this is lying by omission. This is becoming more blatant and the MSM cabal more cynical and controlling by the day.
    Mr Robinson has a very valid point in that the BBC in particular and the MSM generally are part of the disinformation problem. In my experience, people do not react well when constantly lied to and I see a reckoning coming.


  4. Nibor says:

    You can watch the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth on the web ( at the moment) . For free .
    You can pay and watch half truths on the BBC .