To Infinity and beyond

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For some of you history is over, it’s back to the Thirties for you, no bright, shining future, no heading off to infinity and beyond for you.  You being nasty little Brexit voters.

The BBC has spent years telling us that we are heading back to the Thirties….they loved to conjure up that dark, forebidding image when talking about Tory austerity, once claiming in a complete lie that spending was heading back to thirties’ poverty levels, a low level of spending never reached before…

“It is utterly terrifying, suggesting that spending will have to be hacked back to the levels of the 1930s as a proportion of GDP.

“That is an extraordinary concept, you’re back to the land of Road to Wigan Pier.”

….hmmm…except in 2001 when Labour were in power and the economy was in the black…but let’s not mention that…and of course the BBC never then suggested Blair and Co were taking us back to the era of Nazis and death camps…only the Tories can take us there!

The ‘Back to the Fascist Thirties’ narrative was disinterred for Brexit under Project Fear and the BBC began its labelling of Brexit supporters as racist little englanders who were the vanguard of a sinister rise of nationalism across Europe, Hilter was back stalking the innocent lands of the EU with malign intent.

Image result for greece germany nazis

Amused then to hear Nicky Campbell try to smack down a caller who compared the unelected EU to the Communist era and mentioned the Nazis.  Campbell thought this was a hysterical exaggeration…the EU is a lovely, humane, compassionate organisation that brought peace to Europe…didn’t it?

As the caller pointed out you cannot get rid of the EU….it is unelected and if you do not like its policies, such as forcing migration upon your country, then that’s just too bad.  This is the EU that was quite happy to see massive force used against the Catalans, that was happy to take control of the Italian government and impose its own as it did with Greece…before beggaring it.  The same EU that had an iron grip on Ireland and which forced countries to keep voting until they came up with a result the EU liked.  And of course look how they try to treat the UK…rather than a sensible, mutually beneficial agreement, they seek to punish and undermine the UK whilst dictating terms to us.

Funny how the BBC feels entitled call Brexit voters nazis and racists, as well as anyone who votes Tory, and to tell us that the horrors of the Thrities will be visited upon us again #duetobrexitorausterity but anyone else doesn’t have the right to make any similar comparisons of their own.  Apparently ‘Back to the Thirties’ is BBC copyright.

Oh and on austerity…who is to blame?…let’s just remind ourselves and of how long it was predicted to last…by the IFS in 2009….

An even higher percentage of the electorate are probably unaware that based on current government forecasts, Britain’s is facing not one but “two parliaments of intensifying pain”, as the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) predicted.

The IFS said that for each of the next eight years, a new round of cuts will have to be found to fill the black hole in the nation’s finances – a hole the Treasury estimates amounts to a £90bn shortfall between tax revenues and government spending.



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8 Responses to To Infinity and beyond

  1. NCBBC says:

    7th September commemorates the Battle of Lepanto – ranks as one of the greatest sea battles of all time, and in one sense it was the most important. There never would have been a Trafalgar or Jutland or Leyte Gulf without it and, as a matter of fact, it is likely that it made possible the survival of everything we know as civilization. Had the Christian fleets sunk off western Greece on October 7 in 1571, we would not be here now, these words would not be written in English, and there would be no universities, human rights, holy matrimony, advanced science, enfranchised women, fair justice, and morality as it was carved on the tablets of Moses and enfleshed in Christ.

    Still, it should surprise no one that the date chosen to bring the new resurgence of modern Muslim ambition to the whole world’s attention was also September 11, 318 years after 1683. The announcement came in the vivid orange bursts of blossoming flame and dark black smoke from the two tallest towers of the West’s financial capital. Muslim memory runs very deep, and so does the Muslim imperative to conquer the world for Allah, not just by force of arms but by conversion to Islam. The West has always refused to give this long and deeply rooted Muslim threat against the West’s own soul the sustained attention it requires.


  2. NCBBC says:

    Add to the above The Great Seige of Malta, and Charles Martell.

    How on earth our idiot and ignorant politicians have forgotten the Islamic imperative to conquer the Christian world by any and all means, is beyond me.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      It’s amazing what Saudi money can do to change opinions. I think more than a few of our politicians are bought and paid for.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Here’s bbc Newsnight star James showing just what gets him the gig:

    Impartially, of course.

    I wonder when they will get him and Nick Clegg as a double act?


  4. Nibor says:

    No , mustn’t go back to the thirties , when the BBC kept Churchill off the airwaves .


  5. s.trubble says:

    When you constantly see people of the calibre we are presented with by the state organ from the Hard Left of Labour , principally him and his side kick IRA O’Donnel and the whole cadre of remainers……you do begin to wonder if the whole bunch
    of them are being managed by Putin?


  6. StewGreen says:

    And by their choice of tweets thou shallst know them
    Campbell only mentioned Brexit 5 times, one a political angle from Tony Blair