Pure common sense no?



Jim Naughty interviewed Wee Shuggy this morning and I was pleased to have come away with a new way of looking at life.

Apparently Brexit has meant Britain has descended into chaos and uncertainty [?], this proves that Scotland would be better off independent and able to run its own affairs…therefore vote for independence….would that be a Scottishit?

Hmmm….so independence from the EU brings chaos and uncertainty, to escape that Scotland must go independent…not just from Britain but of course from the EU as it would have to rejoin….perhaps not something Spain, and the EU itself, might agree with.  Any chance such a move would be equally or more than likely more chaotic and uncertain that Brexit?

Shame Naughty didn’t see fit to raise that failure of logic on Wee Shuggy’s part.

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8 Responses to Pure common sense no?

  1. Number 88 says:

    Did Wee Shuggie not listen to Emperor Junker’s speech the other week, laying out his plans for more Europe, more Brussels, more integration, more do as you’re told?

    And given his failure to point this out to McGregor, perhaps Labour’s Jim Naughty’s had been cocking a deaf ‘un, too.


  2. Wild Bill says:

    “Nicola Sturgeon says her government will pay a so-called “settled status” fee of any EU citizen working in the public sector in Scotland.”
    She means England will pay Scotland to pay the fees.



  3. Fedup2 says:

    The clip at the top of this strand should be juxtaposed with that windbag Mel Gibson doing his nonsense ‘freedom ‘ speach which wee crankie must watch every night before she beds down in her Croft.

    I really do love the idea of Blighty actually leaving the cursed EU and Scotland voting by referendum to Apply to go in – giving up our pound, living off English taxes and giving up their fish. And of course – by 2025 the oil will be so expensive to get out that it won’t be worth it. Salmonds soveignty fund won’t be funded by 50 million Blighty citizens for the 7 million Scots. { a population under the population of London yet alone England. )

    I wonder who will pay for the border wall ? – put me down as arrogant English if necessary but so fed up hearing Scots moan about being victims. Try being born and living in third world London where barely anyone speaks English anymore.


    • rthornton says:

      “Try being born and living in third world London where barely anyone speaks English anymore.”

      Why do people on this site insist on making these silly exaggerations whilst castigating the BBC for its inaccuracies?


  4. s.trubble says:

    Ewan summing up what most young folk feel about Scotland………the same bunch who voted for the SNP in large numbers although many are now disenchanted after 10 years of spin, failure/ and rank rotten weather.
    Note the Corbyn surge……….very similar scenario.
    At least they can seek solace in the latest product….Buckfast toffee apples……….

    Since Nick ( I,ll tell you) Robinson got pelters from Slug Salmond for BIAS… the republican guard ( bBC Scotland) have backed right off.

    What else could have restrained Naughtie from cornering her with a direct comparison with events in Catalonia….and exploring potential for violence on Scottish streets, business fleeing and capital flight………before you even get to the EURO in your pocket and the confiscation of English pounds.


  5. johnnythefish says:

    So Scotland must fight for it independence so it can be governed by the unelected Brussels oligarchy.

    Don’t think Naughty Jim or anyone from the BBC has ever pointed out the illogicality of that one to her.


  6. Edward says:

    I think Scotland should get another referendum immediately on the proviso that English people get to vote on Scottish independence too.

    It isn’t just Sturgeon and her Scot voters who want Scotland to become independent from the UK, as most English people who voted for Brexit would vote for Sturgeon’s wishes too. Is it time to call her bluff?

    HANG ON! Didn’t Spain’s government refuse to acknowledge the Catalan referendum on the basis that any referendum would require the whole of Spain to vote too?