Nihal’s Big Book of Everything


Housing crisis?  What housing crisis? asks Nihal.

Nihal on 5 live seems to have a very big chip on his shoulder when it comes to white people and British society,  he being one of the many BBC presenters who declared Britain is a more racist and nasty place #duetoBrexit.  Could he get away with saying the same about Muslim immigration?  Not that he ever would of course for many reasons, one being that he sees absolutely no problem with immigration, people who want to control immigration he does see a problem with.

5 Live is looking at housing and have received several messages saying that housing shortages are due to massive immigration to this country…which you might think was uncontroversial and fairly obvious.  But you’d be wrong because Nihal knows better than you.  He’s straight in with his little book of everything to tell us that Jim Callaghan built 250,000 houses and therefore this proves we had a problem before mass immigration began, thus this disproves the ‘opinion’, Nihal only deals in facts you understand, that immigration causes a shortage of housing.

Almost guarantee Nihal got his fact from reading the Guardian as he just about quoted it word for word….

The last time the country built more than the 250,000 houses a year now needed to keep up with the rate of new household formation was under Labour’s Jim Callaghan in 1978

Nihal asserted aggressively his opinion that his facts trump anyone else’s ‘opinion’…he’s sorry about that but he cannot allow you to simplify the world….there are no easy solutions…the world is more nuanced….you must think more and try to understand come on keep up you stupid racist white people… he opines that Trump is an idiot.  Plenty of thought and nuance there from Noitall.

So let’s be clear….we were building 250,000 houses in 1978 and this shows, says Nihal, that we had a housing problem then…thus, says Nihal, the housing problem now is not due to mass immigration…we have an underlying problem.  Of course he doesn’t say how many houses were being knocked down…perhaps many were slum clearances as in the 1920’s and thus new builds were merely replacements not additional stock. More nuance…life’s so difficult.  And in 1978 we had a population of 56 million, 2002 59 million, today it’s 66 million [at least 4 million added in the last 15 years or so due to immigration]….not more nuance…when will it end?

Hmmm….er….so if we have an underlying problem with a population that doesn’t include millions of migrants would adding millions of migrants not add to that problem?  Or is that a bit too nuanced for you Nihal?

Just love BBC smart alecs telling us we are too thick to understand the problems and we need to think a bit more about things.  Well I’ve thought about it and mass immigration, on numbers alone never mind culture, beliefs and values, is a huge problem for housing, schools, the NHS, the roads, water, power and of course land…just where does the deep thinking Nihal think all these houses are going to be built…up there with his pie in the sky?  And of course who is going to pay for all these new houses for the immigrants?




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8 Responses to Nihal’s Big Book of Everything

  1. Beeb Brother says:

    Annual net immigration of hundreds of thousands for decades might require more housing? What a ‘far right’ hate fact.

    2+2 = 5 remember? Our Ministry of Truth has decreed it thus.


  2. countryblues says:

    So, how many houses would we need to build if there had been zero immigration? I’ve read that the white population is falling due to low birth rates and emigration 🙁


  3. Guest Who says:

    Careful, Alan, Nihal will be dusting off his #nothelpful hashtag and forming a posse with BBC Radio Penge


  4. Rob in Cheshire says:

    There is something about Nihal that I find disturbing, even by the standards of a BBC presenter. We accept that they are all leftists who live in a Media City/W1A media bubble. That is a given.

    However, I get the impression from him that he really does not like white British people at all. He is very chippy and defensive, and responds badly to any sort of criticism or disagreement. I find I simply cannot listen to the radio any more when he is presenting.


  5. Wild Bill says:

    United Kingdom population per square mile – 702
    France population per square mile- 319
    Need I say more?


  6. Fedup2 says:

    I have to disagree with this attack on a national treasure – being ‘radio sid’ as al Beeb called it when it was being set up. It delivers what I want – which is live footy commentary as I am too tight to be ripped off by Sky.

    As for the rest of its content – I really can’t see why anyone would listen to it. The description of some third worlder given in the title piece supports my ‘off switch ‘ doctrine . It saves on being needlessly upset by lefty minority types with chips the size of harry ramsdens crinkle cuts.

    This foreign presenter sounds perfect for the humph chair on Toady when we is pushed off into the land of Naughtie doing boring pieces about the Welch health service and that silly girl leader with the hair doo.


  7. tarien says:

    Why dioesn’t Nihal just bugger off to some other land-like no doubt millions of other indig Brita I am not only sick to the teeth with these dam traitors that are clinging to Britain because noone else wants them, they should be deported-how you might ask, don’t tempt me.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Nihal breaks editorial impartiality guidelines by a mile
    You are not supposed to work as a journo or radio presenter and splash you personal opinions on controversial issues.
    never mind taking a step further of tweeting personal PARTIAL views whilst presenting supposedly IMPARTIAL prog on the same topic .
    For the record here’s the beginning, you can see the whole conversation by clicking over the time of the tweet