Masonic Bodge


Switched on the radio to hear the BBC’s Chris Mason telling us that John Major’s ‘support’ for May shows how precarious her position is after the ‘disastrous’ conference speech.   Hmmm…no…it shows how strong her position is…she’s going nowhere so Major gives her a little shove…..Major is an arch Remainer and far from being loyal his intervention is a sly backstabbing attempt to undermine her further as he attacks just about every article of her government’s policies calling Universal Credit “messy, socially unfair and unforgiving”.  Hardly out and out support.  The BBC naturally fails to tell us that Major is that arch Remainer just as it fails to mention that the Times papers are pro-Remain as it reports the Times is saying May will demote Boris.  Really or is that wishful thinking to get rid of the biggest beast [or Lion] in the cabinet who supports a Brexit that means Brexit? [May clearly doesn’t as she prefers appeasing Hammond/Rudd, keeping a lid on things, protecting Party before Brexit].  The BBC says…

Asked about speculation she might replace Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson – who has been seen by some as disloyal – Mrs May said she would not “hide from a challenge”.

Why not ask about Hammond being replaced, do we ever hear the BBC raise that possibility?  Hammond is Pro-EU and anti-Brexit, the BBC likes him.  And why is Boris ‘disloyal’ when Hammond, who tried to hijack Brexit when May was abroad, or the likes of Shapps and his rag-tag mutineers, or the backstabbing Major, are not?

In light of the attempt to unseat May it may be more clear why Matthew Parris, ex-Tory wet MP, a wild-eyed, frothing at the mouth pro-EU raver against the deplorable racist half-wits who voted for Brexit [‘Do not trust these human types.’….of course he meant sub-human really], ‘revealed’ the truth about the Transition Period [as if we didn’t already know]…that it was just a delaying tactic until Brexit could be sidelined by events dear boy events…and of course by the machiavellian manoeuvres of the likes of Parris and Hammond.  Why did he trumpet this devious trickery of the Remain camp?  Could it be that he knew in advance of the attempt to unseat May and intended to whip up anti-May fury in the Brexit camp by telling them she was betraying their dream in the hope that any Brexit supporting MPs would join the mutiny?  More than likely.

At last! The subversion of Brexit has begun

Two years before departure, another two years’ transition, and staying in the EU might seem a good idea.

The Brexit crowd are right to smell a rat.

With apologies to fellow Remainers who may accuse me of letting the cat out of the bag, I must tell you that this business of a ‘transitional’ or ‘implementation’ period after Britain has formally left the EU — the plan that Theresa May endorsed in Florence last week — strikes me as carrying a secret threat to Leavers’ hopes: a threat Remainers should not disclose yet.

‘What (Brexiteers fret) if, four or five years on from the 2016 referendum but still a part of the EU, Britain should start to wonder if it’s really all that bad after all? So serious headbangers are desperate that momentum should not be lost. And remember: their supporters are much older than ours. They’re dying faster. Every year there are few hundred thousand fewer. And a Labour government could bring in votes for 16-year-olds. Logic may whisper that staying until we’ve agreed our leaving terms makes sense rationally; but some inner hunch, some nameless dread, whispers to them that it’s better to burn those bridges fast.

‘So guys, not a word about where this proposal for a transition period must logically lead. Not yet.’



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17 Responses to Masonic Bodge

  1. Nibor says:

    What a nasty , Nazi , mob of people Parris , Clegg , Cable and the BBC are .


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Using Remainer fixed logic. By the time the Hitler youth reach old age, Germany should be 100 percent Nazi.

      But the facts seem to indicate that the result of the referendum has instilled in young people an interest in finding out about EU governance, which has increased support for Brexit from 52% to 70%, in one year. Which is making young people in Britain, brainwashed by schools, come more into line with young people in the rest of the EU, who due to practical experience, are more eurosceptic than older people.


      • Scroblene says:

        I suppose it’s becoming quite painfully plain to younger voters, that failed politicians like Clegg, Kinnock (times two) and Mandelson, after they realised they were getting nowhere in the UK government circles, decided to take huge incomes from a bloated non-institution like the EU, just to amass huge pensions when they had done very little in their sorry lives, especially, well, all of them had never really done a real day’s work which helped our country!

        Even thick studes with gender studies ‘degrees’ may well wake up before 11:30am and realise this hard fact one day. They’ve got until 2022 to decide, which may just be long enough to decide what they want to do with their lives, especially as they’ll never, ever, get their fees/loans refunded!

        The bbbc meanwhile just plods on, trying to belch the same old mantras, and gets switched off at every turn, especially by people who knew what a leftie bunch can do to wreck a country.


      • Fedup2 says:

        The level of polarisation being caused by the EU issue is frightening really don’t you think.

        For people to mentally ‘ kill off’ the notional older voters in the hope that if there was another referendum the outcome would be different is frightening . Perhaps it’s just a result of loose words which people can use on blogs and twitter.

        People scream about ‘Fascism’ – but the idea of wishing for the death of people somebody doesn’t agree with is – again- frightening .

        I don’t agree with Corbyn – but I believe he should live and express is opinion.


  2. Up2snuff says:

    One small problem over the ‘two year transition period’: have the EU formally agreed to it yet?

    As far as I am aware, come the end of March 2019 the UK is OUT.


    • Alan says:

      Don’t count your unchlorinated EU chickens yet.


    • All Lives Matter says:

      The way things are going, the UK will be out of the EU a long time before the two-year window is closed anyway. We will simply walk away as even Appeaser Theresa will give up on the EU mob and we’ll simply revert to WTO tariffs. Parris and his ilk are deluding themselves in every way imaginable, they can’t accept that they were wrong and their position has been rejected, and they’re happy to throw the UK under the bus to avoid self-reflection. Let them carry on, as every time they spew their sneering, elitist, entitled, hate-fuelled rhetoric it simply increases support for Brexit and resistance against the EU. For every of those old Brexit voters that they celebrate as dying soon, there’s a remain voter changing their mind due to the spite and petulance of the likes of Parris, and several others who will back Brexit because – unlike Parris, Clegg, Blair and so forth – they value British democracy over the EU’s authoritarian desires.


  3. Owen Morgan says:

    So Parris is hoping for a Labour election victory, to be followed by classic gerrymandering of the voting system, so that brainwashed products of our education “system” can be instructed to overthrow the result of the largest ever vote in British politics – and all this to keep us in thrall to a bunch of apparatchiks in Brussels with no legitimacy, who daily advertise their hatred towards this country?

    What a repulsive, small-minded, hypocritical creep.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Apart from the fact that mr Parrish is a rabid remainder and somehow was once a conservative mp ( in mad soubry way) why does he get any attention ?

      The mind games being played by the EU reps suggest no deal would be acceptable – huge amounts of cash, ecj still got powers over UK,
      Special rights for EU residents, families , friends -the whole EU . Quite frankly -NO. Manoeuvre Blighty into a position where we have to walk and then walk . Legal cash to the EU only , no ecj , bilaterals on EU countries with big pops – France Spain .

      Get Eire – as an EU country to sort out their problem with the sitution . Buy some patrol boats to police our own waters .

      A government which can’t make workable contingencies for this doesn’t deserve power- whether the PM can’t deliver a bloody speech or not .
      I see our exit from the EU as just a step toward a proper right wing regime with a privatised al beeb,dis assembled International Health Service
      And less state – more freedom


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    The speech by the Prime Minister went wrong because:

    (1) She read out a speech written for Ed Milliband. Which caused (2) Her to lose her voice during the speech. Which lead to (3) Her being poisoned by a Benzocaine pill. Which caused (4) Her to cough loudly. Which caused (5) Some letters to fall of the wall. Which caused (6) A young BBC Communist Education officer, Comedy Department, to give her a P45 from Boris Johnson.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    True Richard,
    I would like to endulge in another Remainer rant. Gideon George Osborne . The editor of the London Remainer Standard. Day after Day of Hate for Brexit since he took over as editor. I got a neck ache listening to mr Osborne telling us to remain because to Brexit was the road to hell.

    I think he is having a breakdown. He could see the keys to number 10 when his PM was to retire. A shu in . And then relegation to the side lines and having to slum it back as a hack – trusted even less than politicians . And like Parrish – telling his social inferiors what to do like it’s the bloody 18th century. Rant over.


  6. Fedup2 says:

    The SNP seems to be toning down another referendum for independence . I believe the real reason is because the maths for independence assumed oil at $120 a barrel instead of the current $50 something. Al Beeb doesn’t see it that way of course.

    Be a hell of a thing if we really do Brexit and then the Scots have a referendum on independence to enter the EU. Imagine – a new Hadrian’s Wall. And by that time oil will be really running out or too expensive to get out of The North Sea. I guess , as an Englishman who sees Scotland spending English taxpayers money on their welfare , al Beeb skirts around this issue or is too busy kicking the conservatives.


  7. Fol-de-rol says:

    Picked up a free Times in Waitrose the other day and was surprised how Remoaner it was in tone. Not a patch on the Blairite Mail on Sunday though …..


    • Scroblene says:

      Yes, I noticed that too, Fol!

      Why is Humphries so interesting to people buying dog food and pate I ask myself?

      Watch it John Lewis Partnership, you never know when your customers may just say, enough, we’re off to Tesco!


  8. Thoughtful says:

    Seriously Alan? You seriously think May is secure in her position? I really hope you are wrong because if it hadn’t have been for Ruth Davidson handing the hopeless May 12 seat Jeremy Corbyn would now be the leader of this country !

    How on earth can a left of centre leader of what is supposed to be a right of centre party lose against such a man? It is a triumph of total ineptitude over competence.

    And as for May not being an ‘arch remainer’ this is the woman who has tried to spin brexit out over an extra 2 years !

    Just because May didn’t indicate her position on Brexit doesn’t mean anything other than she is incapable of making a decision which side to support.

    She managed to produce a set of policies which encompassed the worst possible way forward. Attacks on the disabled, the elderly, and a massive overseas aid budget, just so some wealthy bankers like her husband could enjoy lower taxes. No wonder she lost the last election when she should have walked it.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Dawned on me that the remainers in the Cabinet will feed secrets to the EU to frustrate negotiations as well as undermine rivals to The Top Job .

      The only upside to this is that since there won’t be any fair negotiations in an Anglo sense such manoeuvres won’t add up to much . I don’t think any one in the cabinet is uncontaminated .

      Al beeb loves the sound of dental appointment Major , hezza the squirrel murderer and the Fat one – Patten to counter the Brexiteers in the run up to the next negotiations .,these men are as far detached from the standard rate PAYE fellow citizens as an al beeboid exec


      • Dadad says:

        I don’t know why so many on here are so uptight about brexit.
        We have given a50 notice so we’re leaving the political EU whether sooner or later.
        Whether there’s a 2 year period following that, I neither know nor care., because we will have left the political EU for ever.
        Remember, leaving is not a one day event , it is a long and lengthy process after 45 years of integration.