Von Druncker’s Express to Ever Closer Union



During the EU referendum the BBC studiously ignored the negatives of staying in the EU preferring to extol its supposed virtues, though even those are somewhat dubious.  One of the major problems with the EU is its intention to create the EU superstate with complete financial, political, economic, industrial and military powers taken over from the individual states thus destroying their status as individual, sovereign nations with all that that entails including of course the EU giving itself the ability to redistribute money from rich areas to less prospeperous areas.  This of course is already done but the scope for a massive increase in this will be handed to the EU.   This naturally would be unwelcome for us [but we’re leaving hurrah!] but Germany would be in line to be the main milchcow to be drained of its wealth.  Putin’s once colleague, Merkel, would no doubt be happy to take yet another chance to emasculate Germany after having set out to destroy its society and culture, now perhaps she will look to reduce its financial clout in the world by emptying the coffers and frittering away the money on white elephant projects in southern Europe, on farm subsidies to the mafia and a growing EU bureaucracy paying itself billions. Look at what is happening in Spain where one reason Catalonia wants independence is that it is fed up, as a rich region, of subsidising the rest of Spain.

Will the Catalans, resentful of subsidising farmers in Andalusia, quietly have no problem with subsidising Polish peasants in Lower Silesia?

Look at the EU’s response as Drunckerwarned the Catalans against “separatist adventures” prior to the vote, asserting that “regional traditions” should not “set themselves as elements of separatism and fragmentation of Europe” and another EU politician stated that this was ‘a nationalistic propaganda act, undemocratic; a coup attempt against Spanish democracy, and so a coup against Europe’. The BBC’s response has been very muted and of course conflicted as it supports these little revolts against the nation state but also sees it as a threat to the EU...hence when an MEP states that the Catalan crisis is a ‘bigger threat to EU than Brexit’ the BBC prefers to talk about May’s coughing fit yesterday and today.

The BBC didn’t dwell much if at all on such important negatives of staying in the EU, never mind the basic one of loss of sovereignty to jumped up little jackasses like Druncker and Barnum but Guido shows that such things should have been, and should still be, considered as the referendum still seems to be ongoing with the BBC putting it about that Brexit is still undecided as Stout Remainer, Stanley Johnson, father of Boris, recants….

For me the critical moment came a couple of weeks ago when EU Commission President Juncker gave his State of the Union address to the European Parliament. The vision he presented of an EU with a single government, and with directly-elected EU ministers with EU-wide responsibilities, including finance and defence, was quite simply – it seemed to me – totally over the top.

Up until then, I was still ready to argue that if you wanted to steer the ship in a different direction, the best thing surely was to stay on board and try to seize control of the steering wheel. In other words, fight from within for change.

But the ship metaphor doesn’t really work. The train metaphor is a better reflection of reality. Mr Juncker’s Federal Express is heading down the track at an ever-increasing speed in a direction we really don’t want to go. Even if Britain stayed on board, I doubt if we would be able to change the points on the track ahead, or even slow the train down.

Boris, I have to say (but I would, wouldn’t I?), wrote a brilliant 4,200-word article in the Daily Telegraph pointing all this out at more or less the same time that Mr Juncker was giving that unfortunate speech. Boris argued that for 40 years Britain has been trying to nudge the EU towards a different destiny and on the whole we have not had much luck.

The time has come to bail out, he asserted. I agree. We may argue about the length of the transition or ‘implementation’ period but there cannot surely be any longer any doubt what the ‘end-state’must be.



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  1. ScottishCalvin says:

    I’m not sure whether those in Brussels are blind/stupid enough to think that this is a passing fad or whether they’re actually smart and recognise that whatever side they support (Catalonia vs Spain) means suicide for their federal project

    My cartoon on Catalonia and the week’s news:


  2. Doublethinker says:

    I know many will disagree but I don’t think we will ever leave the EU in any meaningful sense. the GE result was a disaster for Brexit because it completely undermined the will of the people argument which was the only thing which would have kept the UK elite on the straight and narrow opposite Brexit. Now they can ride rough shod over the referendum result whilst pretending that the people are much less enthusiastic Leavers then they were 18 months ago.
    As to the EU falling apart I think those think that are far too optimistic. Who is going to end the EU? All the European elites support it, many key power brokers make their living out of it. All European MSM are great supporters of it and always do its bidding. This elite cares nothing for the fate of ordinary people. If they did why have they presided over ten years of mass unemployment in Southern Europe. Why did they force the Greeks to endure a thirty % drop in their standard of living. They will do whatever it takes , wreck the lives of however many is necessary , to preserve the EU and their places on the gravy train. Catalonia will be sacrificed on the alter of the EU without any compunction. If the Catalans continue with their struggle their leaders will be removed and the EU will set up a puppet regional assembly in their place which will cling to the EU and Spain for the ‘good’ of Catalonia.
    Overthrowing the EU or changing its aims can only be done by almost all voters across Europe voting in Euro sceptic MEPs at a couple of elections in a row and that is vanishingly unlikely. The chaps who thought up the structures of the EU were cunning and they set up something that is almost unstoppable by ordinary voters.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Dont understand the undermining the will of the people bit.

      What could electors vote for? Both Liebor and Tories were proclaiming leave means leave. The limp dumbs thought they’d hoover up all the 48% remainers.
      Fat chance.
      Why was there no chance of May getting a resounding huge majority? Why should she have, with Liebor concealing its true intentions.
      People genuinely shook off their ‘must get out’ shackles and voted away from UKIP back to their roots.
      They may well be about to realise their big mistake.
      In electoral terms there’s ‘ one born every minute’ and they continue to vote for the same old shit.


      • Doublethinker says:

        Labour weren’t saying that at all. They were saying they would stay in the juristiction of the ECJ and that we would accept free movement, in effect we would never really leave. Anyone who voted Labour voted to stay in the EU.


        • JimS says:

          Freedom of movement will end when we leave the European Union. Britain’s immigration system will change, but Labour will not scapegoat migrants nor blame them for economic failures.

          – Labour Party 2017 manifesto page 28.

          We will introduce legislation to ensure there are no gaps in national security and criminal justice arrangements as a result of Brexit.

          – Labour Party 2017 manifesto page 26

          There is no specific mention of the ECJ in the manifesto. The implication is that UK law will embody EU law as desired, which will make The Supreme Court the supreme court, (another Blair stupidity).

          The manifesto is quite clear, Labour policy was to proceed with Brexit, albeit a BBCBrexit.


          • boohanna says:

            “There is no specific mention of the ECJ in the manifesto.”

            My question to that would be is a manifesto pledge subject to legitimate expectation?


          • Doublethinker says:

            Labour wrote one thing but said quite another.


    • SteveHovis says:

      “As to the EU falling apart I think those think that are far too optimistic. Who is going to end the EU?”

      Itself, sooner or later.


    • Banania says:

      Apparently 70% of the population are now in favour of getting on with Brexit, and, the more obnoxiously Juncker, Barnier, Verhofstadt & co. behave, the more determined we shall become. I wonder whether any main political party will dare to oppose this very welcome trend?


  3. Fedup2 says:

    The EU changes it’s name every so often Common Market eec eu and it’s next iteration will be the United States of Europe USE. It must happen – the ever closer bloody union – has always been there . The Eurocrats just want to expand and unify into a Borg creature. Lord God they even want Turkey to join . Federal taxation, federal military , code napoleon legal system and Anthony Blair as El President .
    Al beeb never really talks about where the EU wants to go and should have done befor the vote as well as now . It’s bigger that the free movements .

    I just hope that when some of players decide to have a dispute which leads to blood shed we ll let them get on with it unlike the 2 times in the last century when we took the moral high ground and buried a lot of our good people in it as a result .


    • johnnythefish says:

      Barroso once said the EU is ‘The blueprint for a future world government’.

      It therefore has the unconditional support of a global elite (think Soros, Gore, Blair, Obama, the Clintons etc) who seem to be controlling our lives these days with their ‘climate change’ agenda their quickest route to a one-world government aka ‘uniting mankind in the face of a common enemy’ (see world view according to the Club of Rome if you haven’t already). They cannot afford for the EU to die as it would just take them back to square one.

      If you don’t believe these shadowy groups and their henchmen at the UN have any influence, just think how successful the ‘climate change’ agenda has been at redistributing wealth to third world countries whilst crippling Western economies with crazy energy policies, thus allowing developing nations like India, China and Indonesia to continue their fossil fuel-driven expansion until they catch up with us.

      Orwell would have had them bang to rights, though he would have had to fight hard against a leftist elite (whom he hated with a vengeance) who would use every dirty trick in the book to undermine his credibility, with the BBC their no. 1 ally.


  4. johnnythefish says:

    Up until then, I was still ready to argue that if you wanted to steer the ship in a different direction, the best thing surely was to stay on board and try to seize control of the steering wheel. In other words, fight from within for change.

    But the ship metaphor doesn’t really work. The train metaphor is a better reflection of reality.

    Bloody hell, where’s Johnson senior been for the last 40-odd years – asleep?


  5. JimS says:

    “During the EU referendum the BBC studiously ignored the negatives of staying in the EU preferring to extol its supposed virtues, though even those are somewhat dubious.”

    Really? No-one on the ‘remain’ side, including the BBC, came up with any virtues, indeed quite a few said that the EU needed to ‘reform’, (but how?). The ‘virtues’ were summed up by that poor girl on YouTube who offered “The NHS?” as the reason to stay in the EU.

    Considering that the BBC clearly likes the EU we actually get very little reporting about it on the BBC, but then that is what the EU is all about, quietly changing everything while letting the national governments take the flak when the people find out.

    The politicians aren’t much better. Corbyn, apparently, has only just realised that the EU would stop him nationalising the railways. Indeed there is very little than he can do railway-wise as transport is an EU ‘competence’, i.e. we get out-voted by all of our ‘friends’. (I think Corbyn knew this all along, it just suits him at the moment to pretend to be in favour of ‘soft’ Brexit, i.e. we obey all the rules, keep paying the money and get no say at all).


    • johnnythefish says:

      The only ‘virtue’ they could muster was the single market. I like to think there’s a parallel universe not far from here where a pro-Brexit BBC is very quick to point out all its shortcomings (far outweighing any benefits), and tackles Remainers on their lack of a plan (e.g. join the Euro or push for a ‘two-speed’ arrangement?).

      As it is, we are sadly stuck in this universe which is rapidly assuming all the characteristics of Bizarro World (those of you old enough to remember Superman comics will know where I’m coming from).


  6. Mice Height says:

    At least they’re being honest about their intentions now.


    • SteveHovis says:

      Ah, Guy Verhofstadt. Whether they like it or not this is the kind of creature that supporters of the European Union give credence too (even if they have no idea who this organism is).


  7. Mice Height says:


    • GCooper says:

      And there, in his own words, is proof positive that the Remainiacs are liars. The EU is designed to eliminate nation states and replace them with a federal system.

      The Implications for personal freedom and democratic accountability are terrifying.


      • JamesArthur says:

        If any of the Remoaners had bothered to read any of the EU policy papers they would be in no doubt about the intention of the EU to be a State – I am still waiting for any of my Remainer friends to give me one factual reason as to why they voted to stay – normally it’s things like …my kids wont be able to work in Europe…It’s racist…We need them….etc. None of them have read anything on the EU and when I quite from EU papers and policies they just shut up…


  8. Fedup2 says:

    This EU upstart is doing more to solidify the Brexiteers than anyone in uk could do. I think he comes from Belgium which isn’t really a country at all so does not value national identity. To think of all the British blood split for a crap country like Belgium. ( and if he’s Dutch ditto ) Despair.


    • Mice Height says:

      Yes, and the dwindling, yet vocal, remainers are either choosing to ignore these facts, or are simply brainwashed by what they read in The Canary and The New European.


  9. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Parliament – European Council Summit Debate. 04oct2017 Strasbourg.

    Being hijacked by the Catalonia vote for independence events …

    “The promise of the EU is the unconditional validity of human rights including freedom of speech. It is the commissions and councils responsibility to uphold these values when they are threatened inside the EU. And this is not an internal matter. … another form of repression took place in the weeks leading up to this weekend (Catalonia’s voting). The Spanish police raided the registrar of the internet domain dotcat, it’s CTO was held for more than 60 hours…” – Reda German Green MEP


  10. chrisH says:

    Hopefully, there`ll be some kind of ongoing enquiry into how the media have been hoodwinking and chiselling away at this nations underpinnings and foundations.
    Even a rudimentary look at the EUs website shows its Frankfurt 2020 plans, its roots in the likes of Kelergi and Maoists etc make it a Euro Soviet Union in the making.
    There`s no excuse these days, the openness to alternative facts is still just about there.
    If we`re lazy and supine enough to trade croissants for our sovereign voting rights as fought for by our great granparents-then Islam will only remind what matters at the end of a Stanley knife blade.

    The BBC have systematically chosen THEIR stories, pushing the agendas of the likes of Soros, Clinton and Kinnocks-and refusing details on how Juncker got his job, what happened to Marta Andreasen and the like.
    Churchills era wouldn`t have let Leni Riefenstahl do the filming with Haw Haw commentating on how the war was going…so why the hell are we letting the BBC do what they(at least) were open about?


  11. Dadad says:

    Surely you have forgotten what Gorbachov said ?

    ‘The EU is the USSR dressed in western clothes’.