Birds of a feather



The BBC is quick to call the AFD ‘Far Right’ and racist based on the fact that some members of the Party have made racist comments…

Alternative for Germany was founded in 2013 as an anti-euro party but later turned its focus to immigration and Islam.

It called for a ban on minarets and declared Islam incompatible with German culture. Several of its candidates have been linked to far-right remarks.

On that basis then the BBC should be referring to the Labour Party as ‘Far Right’ and anti-Semitic judging by the stream of racist comments that flows from  both its MPs and activists.  Oddly the BBC has never seemed too keen to ask too many questions about this unless forced to do…today is no exception.

The BBC reports about the very widely known historic abuse from within the Party….

Labour MP shocked by ‘1930s’ anti-Semitism

A senior Labour MP has said he is shocked at some of the anti-Semitic tweets by party members that come before its disciplinary panel.

John Cryer said some of what is written “makes your hair stand up”, adding: “This stuff is redolent of the 1930s.”

He was speaking at a fringe debate at the Labour conference in Brighton.


But on the same day Guido reported that Party activists were comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and demanding Jews be expelled from the Party.  Whilst the BBC reports only one story the Telegraph reports both….

Jeremy Corbyn accused of having an ‘ostrich strategy’ to anti-Semitism as Labour activists compare Israel to Nazi Germany

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by one of his own MPs of having an “ostrich strategy” to anti-Semitism as Israel was compared to Nazi Germany at a conference fringe meeting.

Wes Streeting, the Labour MP for Ilford North made the comments after Labour activists discussed expelling Jewish groups from the party in what was described as a “thinly veiled call to purge Jews from the Labour Party”.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party admitted he had seen anti-Semitic tweets from party members “that would make your hair stand on end” that he said were “redolent of the Thirties”.

How is it the BBC can ignore a report on current anti-Semitism inside Labour?

Why is the BBC still hiding anti-Semitism inside Labour?

If this was the Tory Party it would be frontpage news just as the BBC excitedly reported a Whatsapp group in which an ‘Activate’ Tory was a member[but didn’t make any of the comments] that talked of gassing chavs but days later ignored a similar Labour Whatsapp group that talked about killing Tories.

The BBC and Corbyn both ostriches burying their heads in the sand, the BBC more concerned about neo-Nazis in Germany than about those in a Party that could be the next government?



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7 Responses to Birds of a feather

  1. wronged says:

    Ironic that in most EU countries the ‘yoof’ are very anti the EU. Clearly they are better educated than our disappointing whoop,whooping lefty ‘yoofs’.

    I think there is now a very strong case for raising the voting age in this country to 25 years old on the basis of ‘yoof’ stupidity.


    • All Lives Matter says:

      I’ve been saying the same thing for years. People should be made to spend a minimum of three years outside of the education system before receiving suffrage. Schools and universities have become liberal indoctrination centres. Only with actual life experience behind them can the young have both the perspective and the critical thinking required to make an informed political decision. ‘Progressives’ know this, and know that their best (only) chance of having power without straight-up taking it is to play on the naive idealism of people who don’t know any better. That’s why many are advocating LOWERING the voting age to 16, such as the SNP wanted for Indyref.

      Incidentally, for anyone about to wave this away as the thoughts of some blinkered old curmudgeon who doesn’t like change and is applying conjecture read in the Daily Mail, I’m actually 30 and don’t read any newspaper regularly. I went to university in London within the last decade and I saw first-hand the intolerant, Marxian regression that prioritised education behind the importance of reinforcing the liberal ideology and attacking anyone who showed any sign of resistance. In fact, I was often taken aside by tutors for refusing to conform to their mindset, such as daring to make jokes that mocked political correctness, or suggesting that refugees should integrate and be grateful for our help instead of whinging about getting occasional awkward looks and not being allowed to speak their own language over here, or explaining (with statistical logic and evidence) why “male violence” isn’t a thing. Even if I hadn’t seen through it at the time, it wouldn’t have taken long trying to find work and support myself without the aid of student loans and bursaries to realise that I’d been lied to for years. It’s simply not fair on students to pressure them to know about politics and make a decision on them that affects the entire country while they’re still trying to learn and are in an environment so separate from the rest of us.


  2. Doublethinker says:

    Surely any political party which excludes Jews from its membership must be racist and therefore , by the current definition used by the BBC , Guardian etc , must be far right indeed ultra far right. I note that just such a motion is being called for by members of the Labour Party. Does this mean that the BBC are going to start to label the Labour Party far right. Surely on the ground of consistency they must. But of course they won’t , they just reserve these tags of ‘ far right ‘ and facist and racist for politicians , parties and other individuals that don’t tow the liberal left line. Of course the liberal left view is that Israel ought not to be a nation state and that it should be removed. Anyone who doesn’t agree with this is a racist facist far right knuckle dragger.
    It remains a mystery to me why any Jew would wish to remain a member of the Labour Party. To do so means dancing on the head of a pin about the difference between anti Zionism and anti semitism.


  3. Rob in Cheshire says:

    It looks like there is a deep rooted vein of anti-semitism in the Labour Party.

    How odd that Shami Chakribarti could not find any anti-semitism when Jezza asked her to have a look for it. I don’t suppose there is any chance she will hand her peerage back?


  4. MarkyMark says:

    Where is the best place to be a woman in Britain? { sep2017}
    “Islington, in north London, was rated the worst place for women to live. … Islington performed near the bottom of the distribution on wellbeing, environmental quality, housing affordability and safety. … Housing in Islington was among the least affordable in Britain. (2017, Corbyn is MP) …”

    Islington North (UK Parliament constituency) {wiki}

    2017, Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, 40,086 73.0% +12.7
    2015, Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, 29,659 60.2% +5.8
    2010, Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, 24,276 54.5% +3.3
    2005, Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, 16,118 51.2% −10.7
    2001, Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, 18,699 61.9% −7.4
    1997, Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, 24,834 69.3% +11.9
    1992, Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, 21,742 57.4% +7.4
    1987, Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, 19,577 50.0% +9.6
    1983, Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, 14,951 40.4% −12.2
    1979, Labour, Michael O’Halloran, 12,317 52.6% −5.3

    … I rest my case and hope this appears at the Labour conference for discussion …
    {old post}


  5. Fedup2 says:

    People say stupid things. Sometimes if the media latch on to them and it’s a quiet day they’ll have the head of a perfectly decent person – of any political persuasion – on a pike by the end of that day . Then they move on to the next victim . Beeboids are exempt from this process of course as evidenced by clear personal bias in so many tweets.

    However – the thought process (if any ) of wishing people gassed is worrying . The Germans – call them – nazis – managed to gas 6000 a day in the biggest camps . No doubt some sick lefty has done the math to solve the final solution of 17 million leave voters .,

    I am not Jewish . I can only guess the level offence caused by such comments . I think history repeats itself because people either never learn in the first place of choose to forget .


  6. Guest Who says:

    Saying something beastly seems to vary in seriousness in various eyes, depending on who is responsible.

    Here’s the Graun getting very upset:

    Here is an alternative view:

    Suspect the political types will go for his run in with the staff, whilst at the BBC. This may open a can of worms, though.

    Popcorn ordered.