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The BBC are aghast…the AFD in Germany [the ‘Far Right’ AFD…ie anyone who opposes Islamisation] have taken 13% of the vote which may translate into up to 90 seats.  Apparently we must reflect on what has caused the rise of the Far Right and a ‘horribly racist party’……voters must be educated about immigration and taught that it is wonderful for them and not a threat to their culture, beliefs, values and society.  Good luck with that….that lie.

What did cause the rise of the ‘Far Right’ or the rise of serious concerns about German society as Merkel invites in millions of people who have no loyalty to Germany, no connection to Germany and no desire to adapt themselves to German culture and values?

Not hard is it?  It was Merkel’s unilateral invitation that most people can see will lead to the destruction of ‘Germany’ as we know it.  Not just Merkel of course, it has been a long, on-going process whereby the elite have ridden rough-shod over the concerns of native populations and imported migrants to serve their own purposes, economic, political and cultural.  It is though ‘Mutti Merkel’ who has brought this to a head and it is ‘Mother Merkel’ who has given birth to the Far Right renaissance.

The likes of the BBC, Merkel and their fellow travellers who campaign relentlessly for open borders have ironically created the very thing they abhor.  Mutti Merkel has become Mufti Merkel.


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32 Responses to Mufti Merkel

  1. Beeb Brother says:

    It’s so annoying how the Beeb have to describe anyone who disagrees with their extremism ‘Far Right.’

    It is ‘Far Left’ to think you can let absolutely anyone from anywhere in and there will not be problems; hence the acid and terror attacks. They make out having any other opinion makes you a Nazi, when in fact they are the extremists for forcing this open borders lunacy on us.


    • Dadad says:

      Completely off topic, but did you notice that at the last night of the proms the Beeb printed the subtitles for Jerusalem, but refused to print the words for Land of Hope and Glory, ? They only printed ‘music by Edward Elgar’ .


    • All Lives Matter says:

      Not to mention that nearly all of the worst movements in modern history, including Nazism as well as the KKK, were of left-wing and/or socialist origins.


      • johnm says:

        The rebranding of the Nazis as “right wing” was the biggest con in modern political history, a deliberate act by Marxist academics. Teach children the evils of the “right wing” while ignoring the socialism of Nazis and not even teaching children about communism.


        • Fol-de-rol says:

          I was amused yesterday when the Beeb had a lunchtime news item about a 100-y-o Polish RAF pilot who “fought the Nazis”. His son was interviewed and launched into a long and bitter statement about how well the Poles taught history to their children. That the Russians invaded Poland too and that the Polish RAF squadrons were banned from marching in the victory parades at the end of the war so as not to offend Stalin! The Beeb interviewer coughed and spluttered a bit before moving on quickly. Reality Check indeed.


          • Oaknash says:

            FOL – I remember my Dad telling me about a friend of his (who also flew in Bomber Command in the war) That just after the war his friend went back to Poland to help rebuild his country (despite knowing the risks). At the time popular war winning socialist Uncle Joe was in charge of the pre Warsaw Pact states. -All attempts to keep contact with this particular bloke failed after he left and he was never heard of again.

            I am sure the likes of John McDonnell and Uncle Jeremy would have approved.


    • Dystopian says:

      “having any other opinion makes you a Nazi,”

      BB- I am also fed up with this fake association with right wing views as nazi-when in fact the nazis were a socialist party. It’s another bBBC false narrative seeking to vilify anyone who opposes any sort of immigration policy.


      • Peter Grimes says:

        They just don’t get that it was the economically disadvantaged who voted against unfettered immigration. In Germany the poorest Eastern states for AfD, here the North of England, Wales and much of E Anglia against the EU and its immigration diktats.


      • vesnadog says:

        “BB- I am also fed up with this fake association with right wing views as nazi-when in fact the nazis were a socialist party. It’s another bBBC false narrative seeking to vilify anyone who opposes any sort of immigration policy.”

        Don’t worry about it! All those 18 and half million leave voters know what its all about!

        Not to mention those millions more who voted remain but now want to leave!


      • Beeb Brother says:

        Conservatives just want to be left alone – how much harm could ever come from that? Rees Mogg described us as people who accept that we have left the Garden of Eden and must be pragmatic.

        It is socialists with their desire for impossible utopias who cause the problems; they think that paradise on Earth is obtainable when of course it is not as man is imperfect, fallen. They want to control everything, even thoughts and language, as it is only through force that people can be made to enact their ludicrous ideas.

        I re-read 1984 recently and it is so terrifyingly accurate. Of course Orwell was describing a socialist society called Ingsoc. He clearly had the BBC bang to rights with his Ministry of Truth.

        It is ‘Far Right’ to oppose Islamisation? How ludicrous.

        “The heresy of heresies was common sense.”


        • GCooper says:

          This is one of the most astute posts (and Mogg’s comment one of the most penetrating) that I have seen on here in a while.

          We often ask why the Left liberals do what they do – well there is your answer. It explains the root of the Whig theory of history which underpins the complete fallacy that is Marxism.

          When you next ponder some rubbish from the BBC, as it tries to nag us into submission, or watch another socialist dream vanish like mist, this is why: because they believe as an article of faith that mankind can be made perfect and that they alone know how to do it.


    • Doublethinker says:

      It’s just the elite trying to scare people off by holding up picture of Hitler and his gang. The elite can’t hide the facts for ever the damn is showing some small cracks already.


  2. Ian Rushlow says:

    Better to be far right than far wrong.


  3. Thoughtful says:

    The BBC have been opposed to anyone on even the centre right for at least the last 50 years, and yet the centre right in the UK is in complete denial it is happening.
    Take US republican presidents as an example. The BBC’s opposition began it seems with Ronald Reagan who they constantly attacked through music and (so called) comedy with the implication he would start WWIII. As we now know his presidency resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war.

    His successor was George H W Bush (senior) and they don’t seem to have given him such a hard time.

    After him came Bill Clinton, and the BBC fawning swooning admiration was in marked contrast, even the Monica Lewinsky event didn’t appear to phaze them, with the BBC blaming the Republicans for encouraging Lewinsky to go public.

    Then there was George W Bush and I think we can all remember the constant innuendo that he was stupid and clueless because of a clumsiness with words. Again the nuclear war issue was a constant theme.

    Barack Obama came next and what a contrast! Here was a man who the BBC appeared to think was the perfect President – what a surprise!

    And now we have Trump and again the BBC is back to its old theme of hate and implying that he will start WWIII just as they have with almost every Republican President since Reagan.

    The rank open hatred the BBC have shown for people like Geert Wilders and Marine Le Penn has not gone unnoticed, but it has done by the clueless Left Wing Tories. Until the people begin to be presented with a credible right wing opposition this is going to continue, and alas UKIP led by ‘the muppet’, Paul Nuttall, who seemed to have no clear vision of where the party should go post Brexit.
    Alas that such a chance has been lost.


    • GRIM REAPER says:

      As regards George Bush.Snr .you don’t get to be a Navy pilot by being clueless…standards are not dropped even in wartime…they tend to be the ‘creme’ of the young men drafted…and he was a Navy pilot….torpedo bombers i think…makes me mad to see dumb BBC types lambasting him..and his son…..


  4. Lucy Pevensey says:

    From the Twit above (Benjamin Zand) “Tweeting “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” isn’t a plan to stop terrorism. What’s the actual proposed solution here? Deporting 40m+ people from Europe?”

    It’s funny how the left always forget their first law (EQUALITY) when it suits them.

    If it has been acceptable to IMPORT millions INTO Europe, why would it be unacceptable to EXPORT millions OUT? The entire world population is not our responsibility. Only an irrational simpleton would think it was.


    • DavidA says:

      It’s the deeply-ingrained racism of the Left, Lucy.

      Their mindset is that non-white people are incapable of having any independent agency and therefore cannot be expected to take responsibility for themselves and their lives.

      Because white people are all-powerful, we and we alone are responsible for all the ills besetting non-white countries. These ills are totally beyond the ability of non-whites to fix, even given their possession of massive natural resources in their own countries. Yet for white people to interfere in those countries or to suggest how those resources should be applied is imperialist and evil beyond belief.

      Since non-whites are unfit to manage their own lives, they need to be treated as perpetual toddlers and brought into white countries, where white people must take responsibility for caring and providing for them, forever.

      Suggesting any other course of action is to be heartless and literally Hitlerian, since non-whites are completely incapable of surviving without white people’s intervention.

      And they call those of us on the right of politics “white supremacists”……….


  5. Tothepoint says:

    Incredibly, there are far-left lunatics protesting the fact that Germans are trying to save their country and their way of life. Western Europe is sick and its dying, and this sickness is in the minds of Europeans. Most importantly, our elite and those in power to save us are infected the most. These are the reasons for that.

    1: The pool of people that are protesting, those in governments and power all over Europe, and those who are writing the articles are from the same community….rich, affluent, privileged, sheltered….they all feel like they are ashamed, or should be ashamed of their privilege, and are therefore doing everything they can to look like they are not what they really are RICH, AFFLUENT, PRIVILEGED!!

    2: The people protesting are so brainwashed and driven by their mission to punish themselves and people like them (white people) that they will completely ignore everything thats bad about those who are not white. The militant left are so racist (or race driven) that the only issue or characteristic that defines a person is their skin colour! Its everything Martin Luther King didnt want, as he wanted a man to be judged on who he was, what he could do, and not by his skin colour. The far left (those who are protesting) are hate filled and bigoted and intolerant to everything that is not them, but their hatred is only to white people. They are a class based supremacist group and we are the plebs

    3: They are so driven and mind controlled to hate us, that they are allowing the very things that make us the most tolerant, liberal, and inclusive society on earth to be eroded. We HAVE the best culture because of the thousands of years of bloodshed, enlightenment and suffering our people have had to endure. All cultures and way’s of life are NOT equal, and those the left are allowing to flourish are generations if not centuries behind ours. The issue with [email protected] is it is trapped in a time 1400 years ago and is so regressive and goes against everything an enlightened and progressive society should be. If the left stopped hating themselves and white people for just a moment, they would see that they should be fighting for principles, a way of life, and an idea to live that is far more important than the colour of a persons skin, or the religion they follow. If we lose this way of life we have, then we lose everything our people have fought and died to create


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Apparently the AFD is the politics of hate, whilst the left is the politics of tolerance and reason.


      Right you are, mate. (And why are you holding up a sign in English when protesting in Germany about the result of the German election?)


  6. EnglandExpects says:

    May wins 43 per cent of the vote and the BBC cheers on labour claims that they won. Merkel wins 32 per cent of the vote so perhaps the BBC can tell us who won in Germany?


  7. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Get a bit tired of the BBC endlessly stating that this AfD triumph means the return of a “far-right” party to the Reichstag.
    Many of us can remember that description being applied to Franz Josef Strauss of Bavarias CDU party in the Thatcher era. I`m sure that they regarded him as Far Right, in comparison to the likes of Schmidt and Brandt.
    Don`t the BBC ever check their history? The AfD are well within respectable bounds. This demonising and delegitimising will only result in the rise of real ugly nationalism if they don`t learn to measure what they`re saying. Sick of this hyping up.
    Maybe they seek a civil war, just so they can send the troops in as they get their money shots. Then the lockdown to “restore order”, no doubt.
    Pegida and AfD are only sensible responses to losing your country IMHO.


  8. TrickCyclist says:

    I don’t often have time to read everything on this site, so I’m sorry if what I’m about to refer to has been mentioned here many times before, it seems relevant to a lot of what is discussed here.
    I’m talking about a BBC TV movie from 1990 called The March. I remember watching it at the time, it was about an exodus of Africans fleeing starvation to Europe. Among the vague details I can remember were that they travelled en masse and had a Moses-like leader. I think at one point this leader made a derisive speech to European journalists along the lines of, “We will be your pets, we will lie at your feet.” I recall that at the end, he is pictured in close-up on TV screens as he and his refugee followers are barred from entering Europe by armed soldiers. The film starred Juliet Stevenson as a sympathetic Irish politician.
    According to Wikipedia, the Africans in the film march with the slogan, “We are poor because you are rich.”
    As far as I can determine, The March was broadcast only once and has never been released on DVD. Again, I apologise if this is old stuff to this site (or if it has been repeated on one of the BBC’s digital channels without me noticing), it just came to my mind recently.
    This montage of clips from the film was posted on YouTube by a lecturer from the University of Bradford to promote a showing at a cinema there in 2011. The bit with the white family at the end looks like some kind of dream sequence – at this distance of time, I can’t remember my reaction to the film but this makes it look like the crudest of propaganda!


    • chrisH says:

      Thanks for this.
      Is this based on that French book “The Camp Of The Saints” which has a similar narrative.
      Also notice Juliet Stevenson in it, who was vocal about letting lots more migrants in that we were doing.
      Get the idea that once you get paid to play a role, you`re probably brainwashed for a few decades afterwards…quite a thought when you see how many luvvies are lefties, likely to be due to the roles they were paid to play when they were impressionable eejits on the way out of RADA.
      Just a theory. Not over-gifted and unable to play themselves I guess. So follow Richard Curtis`script and stay in work voting labour for ever.


  9. Nibor says:

    Lunchtime news on Radio 4

    Protests against AFD in Berlin .

    I reckon from the sound there must be at least six of them .

    And someone from the AFD had a mother whose grandfather was a finance minister in … Hitlers government.

    Does that matter ? I thought Beeboids wanted all old people to be dead and he’s certainly that now . Or do they think that Nazis can control events from beyond the grave ? That the sins of the fathers are … a policy that a certain political party of that era believed and the BBC seems to share .