People dying due to Brexit…hopefully!




Clegg gets madder and madder as so many Remoaners seem to be….he can’t wait for older people to die off…

Second Brexit referendum needed because Leave voters are dying off, Nick Clegg suggests

Mr Clegg, who was deputy prime minister in the coalition government, said the “high point” of support for Brexit had passed because “the oldest voters voted for Brexit in the largest numbers” while the young voted to remain in the EU.

He believes that MPs will reject whatever Brexit deal the government negotiates, and at that point Britain should have the chance to vote on a reformed EU with the UK in an “outer orbit” of it.

Mr Clegg, who lost his seat in June’s general election, argued that voters were “promised a utopia” in the referendum campaign and would change their minds in droves once they saw the reality.

‘Reality’?  What does Clegg know about reality?  He seems well out of touch with that as the polls show even Remain voters just want to get on with Brexit as to fudge it will only bring disaster which is what Clegg and Co seem intent on engineering.

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No doubt Clegg and Dimbleby will be doing the ‘exit’ poll at the cemetry to check the optimum time for a quick referendum. ….Doris, Arthur, Nigel, Albert and Maisie…yep they’ve gone over to the other side…down below probably being Brexit voters….call Jez…his time has come…..


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22 Responses to People dying due to Brexit…hopefully!

  1. Martin Pinder says:

    Unfortunately for Clegg, young people get old & replace the ones who die off. People tend to become more conservative as they get older.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      I’m an old git Mr Clogg but I’m gonna be around for a long, long time just to annoy you.


      • Alicia Sinclair says:

        Clegg-being an unoriginal nasty and privileged tosser-can only have blagged this soundbite from Ian McEwan…or one of those lefty writers like him.
        He said the same thing last year-let the Brexit vote die off, and then reverse the vote.
        This is how the left think, so at least it`s open. But we let these nasties mouth their evils, without blowback.
        As they turn up the temperature, we`ll need to get used to it. These are not the democratic respected opponents we`d once have had….these are Clintons and Blairs vicious shock troops, who double as a Cultural Red Guard for McDonnell, McClusky and the like.
        They`ve been terrorising us for too long. We need to be ready to give a bit back before it`s lost.


  2. Nibor says:

    Yes how about another referendum .. Of the EU nationals that live here .?

    They should be asked along the lines of ;

    Should the EU punish Britain for the temerity of voting Brexit ?

    Or something along those lines . With the result , which should be 99% in our favour , our negotiating team can show the Eurocrats and say ” those EU nationals you say you’re worried about , their concern is that they want to EU and Britain to have a good working relationship ” .

    If they’re not in our favour then why should we care about them , why not use them as a bargaining tool ? Or chuck them out .


  3. Alicia Sinclair says:

    That`ll learn me then.
    For nearly twenty minutes now I`ve been beguiled by some 1942 “Listen To Britain” black and white masterpiece that filmed and recorded the people of Britain in their fight to the death with Nazi Germany.
    Powerful understated landmarks, a nation in uniform and testing tanks . Arts and music , people getting by and defying the Germans.
    I was rather hoping it would be on for much longer-but no, it`s now been replaced by some film maker who was said to be “inspired” by the 1942 film.
    This shows a Polish woman who`s crying because her imagined UKIP customers of Thanet are mocking her accent , even after over 50 years in England.
    So even our patriotic historical archives from WW2 are now a backdrop to shaft Brexit, UKIP and the good people of Britain.
    Words fail me-how biased, deranged and nasty can the BBC be, to get us to stay in the EU and get Trump killed or impeached? And ensure that no-one is able to speak in public about what they`re now doing?


  4. Dave S says:

    When a man reaches the state Clegg is in he has passed beyond what is acceptable in a country like ours and needs to be excised from public life and the BBC should not give him air time to spout his abhorrent views. That is not free speech but something dark and very unpleasant.


    • vesnadog says:

      He wouldn’t be like this if he hadn’t a euro wife!

      I can’t wait to see him sleeping his head orf in his seat in the House of Lords very very soon! Liberals don’t age well, look at their new leader!


  5. Oldspeaker says:

    Ask a used car salesman who they’d rather be dealing with, wet behind the ears or been round the block once or twice, of course the salesman will tell you it doesn’t matter…


  6. Oaknash says:

    What a thoroughly unpleasant and odious little turd this man truly is.

    Having unsuccessfully lead the party of left wing irrelevance – Like some old drug addled failing whore desperate for her next “trick” to supply her addiction he/she/ze is trying to reposition himself “as a bad cop of “anti brexit” mainly I suspect to try and retain some sort of high public profile and additionally to enable lend cover for Theresas forthcoming sell out .


    • vesnadog says:

      I suspect that the usual suspects in British TV/RADIO/newspaper circles are just about to expierence their very first anxiety attack as it can’t be too long before their last Celebrity guest has been used to try to convince the leave voters to change their ignorant/uneducated minds!

      Boy, if Obama can’t move us leave voters to change our minds I’m dead cert that this guy in this clip must be told that even his camera man/agent as gone for lunch!


  7. Kaiser says:

    so how come all these arse holes think the question we should be asked is

    “take the deal or stay in”

    as opposed to the question

    “take the deal or just fucking leave like we said in the first place”

    these treasonous bastards are begging the EU to give us a punishment beating , hoping we will be cowed into staying


    • countryblues says:

      I hear what you say. Vince Cable wants a referendum on the ‘deal’ once it’s known but, what is the question? It annoys me that no interviewer ever interrogates him over this! To Remainers the ‘deal’ is of no importance because they will still vote remain whatever…only the Leavers will be unhappy with the ‘deal’ because it will be too soft, or too hard, or too something. Overall, the result of a referendum is a foregone conclusion.

      Logically, only those who voted Leave should vote in a new referendum on the ‘deal’ 🙂


    • vesnadog says:

      People should be reminded that no one can threaten the UK without them stating: Oh I wish we hadn’t said that to the Brits!


  8. nofanofpoliticians says:

    This excellent article by Paul Goodman outlines very well the perils ahead

    Probably not lost on Remoaners (including the BBC) that delays in the implementation period will knock up against the next election.


    • Up2snuff says:

      nfop, right now the one single thing that will determine whether May survives as PM will be inflation. As soon as internal Tory and external opposition can divert attacks onto the state of the economy, then Theresa May will be lost and will have lost and Brexit may also be gone & lost.

      The PM will have to have a large measure of control over this next Budget to ensure it is highly responsible in tackling inflation.


  9. STEVONATRON says:

    It’s a discriminatory straw man argument they jerked towards in the minutes following the referendum result, and they’ve stuck with it since. I distinctly remember Anna Soubry being one of the first to furiously shout it at Dimbleby, who himself being an old white man and undoubtedly a remainer had nothing to say about her comments. And it’s true that I’ve spoken with old people who said they voted to remain because their grand kids wanted it that way apparently.

    But it’s really telling that a former leader of a party who profess to protecting the rights of every type of person in society should continuously and so rigorously attack one particular type of person – old white British men. The people who helped build this country for twats like Clegg to burn it down.


  10. Lucy Pevensey says:

    The lefties want us all dead. Is anyone really still surprised by that?


  11. Fedup2 says:

    Shouldn’t tempt the Grim Reaper- s/he deserves more respect . Mr Clegg could well have moved up the waiting list for a visit . It take a long time to get over the loss of his MP expenses account .

    Fortunately there are so many on the remain gravy train that he doesn’t get much air time unless he does daytime tele with the lady wife.

    I wonder if he prays for people like me to die when he is going to bed at night . ? C word


  12. Fol-de-rol says:

    This reminds me of the introduction of decimal currency back in the day.

    Some wags in my factory (remember them?) would say that they should have waited until the old folks had died before bringing it in. Some didn’t get the joke and I heard some OAP’s actually agreeing with it. ?


  13. Thoughtful says:

    Here’s a thought for all those people wanting a second EU referendum, because they believe that the results might just change and they can get their own way.

    How about a poll to re-instate the death penalty? Whilst personally I am not in favour of a death penalty I believe the majority of British people are and people like Clegg do not want to give them a voice because they believe that they know better.
    Yet you cannot hold referenda just to return the result you want. If the BBC had any kind of spine they might just be putting those kinds of questions to those people calling for a re-run.