Corbyn steams on



Corbyn reckons his star is rising…or rather the steam….but rising from what?

Marr interviews Corbyn in a pretty lightweight effort that revealed more about Marr than Corbyn who just waffled on about justice and equality whenever asked a question that might prove tricky.

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Marr told us we faced a big choice….whether to essentially stay in the EU, inside its ‘force-field’, or head out into the world and ally with those such as the US.  It’s almost as if the referendum never happened and it’s still to be run….I always thought we’d made that ‘choice’ already…to leave the EU…which means leaving the EU imposed structures such as the Single Market, the Customs Union and of course the ECJ.   Why on earth the BBC keeps on suggesting we should remain under a foreign state’s legal jurisdiction is beyond me.  Do American citizens living here come under US law or British law?  British law of course.  EU citizens should be under British law not some parallel legal system.

Marr also suggested we needed a wealth tax….so let’s tax everyone twice…and do it retrospectively…..a mad and nasty idea that is all about the politics of envy not to mention stupidity.  Who would ever invest in their home or in savings if they thought the government was going to pick their pocket at any random time in the future if it felt the need?  It’s just plain nasty politics attacking the wealthy who in most cases have probably earnt the money and even if they inherited it those who willed it to them worked hard to get it.

Marr also thought that public workers should get a 5% pay rise because ‘it’s not unfair is it?’.  Nice of the BBC to be campaigning on behalf of the workers.  No bias there.

We also heard that only the EU can protect us from the predations of the big tech companies….only the EU can make them pay taxes and act responsibly….note not a single condemnatory word about Corbyn betraying the Leave vote nor about his remarkable u-turn on Brexit….or ‘evolution’ as the BBC now terms Labour flip-flops.

Red Andy still channelling Marx and the usual BBC socialist mantras.


Corbyn insisted on Marr that the Labour Party was all about the People…they could decide Party policy…Guido suggests that’s not happening as Corbyn blocks a vote on Brexit….too late for Marr…but will the question be asked on the Today show?…seems quite a central question at the heart of Corbyn’s ‘man of the people’ appeal……Marr suggested that 66% of the Party members wanted to stay in Single Market [and hence the EU by default]…..

Labour members will not be given a vote on the party’s Brexit policy at conference after it was decided it shouldn’t be prioritised among the eight most important topics for discussion. Big loss for Labour Remainers who hoped to get the party to vote in favour of single market membership and freedom of movement. Momentum helped the Corbynista Brexiters keep it off the agenda to save him from having the party split down the middle. Talk about papering over the cracks and making yourselves look completely irrelevant…

UPDATE: Labour Remainers who wanted to use a vote to adopt single market membership as policy are livid:


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14 Responses to Corbyn steams on

  1. JimS says:

    Before the referendum my nephew was telling me about all the ‘socialist’ policies that he believed in and how much he loved the EU.
    I pointed out to him that the EU prohibited many of these policies, such as railway nationalisation, from being carried out. My nephew’s response was that ‘the EU can be reformed’, (just like Russia, China, Venezuela etc. etc. aren’t ‘real’ socialists countries!).

    At least Corbyn is getting around to admit that is the case.

    Labour is deeply divided but the BBC refuses to play up the divisions.


  2. MarkyMark says:

    Labour Conference UK 2017 …

    Hands up if you have private healthcare.

    Hands up if your kids go to a private school.

    Hands up if you are one of the FEW earning more than £80K.

    Hands up if you think Venezuela is a model of success.

    All those with your hands up leave the Labour Conference {twitter} now.

    // {previous post}


  3. vesnadog says:

    Just watched 3 Labour members discusing labours policy re Brexit on – The Victoria Derbyshires BBC TV “Gay news update show”! And at the end of the piece each one was asked: will we leave or remain in the Euro….leave came out the winner!

    And I could just see the faces of those BBC Editors and Cameramen “whincing” as they said that! Yippee!


  4. STEVONATRON says:

    BBC has just put a fancy video up on their Facebook page showing mask-wearing anti-Brexit protesters outside the Labour conference. I suspect those under the masks probably work for the BBC, or work in the same circles because they’ve been caught protesting against Brexit in the past. And the BBC always seems to be in the right place at the right time when these anti-Brexit snobs show up, but never when it’s the pro-Brexiteers.


  5. vesnadog says:

    Those who are loyal to every part of The United Kingdom already know how treacherous the BBC is and we are still waiting for that blessed day when those BBC Elites and the usual suspects within the Celebrity cheer leading brigade take down the Union Flag outside every BBC Center and replacing it with their blessed red Hammer and Sickle flag!

    Maybe, with just a touch of the rainbow fascist flag in the background somewhere! Perhaps on the back of the flags (in very small print of course) admitting that it was – in part – financed/designed/ and printed by the Pink Brigade!


  6. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    BBC Bias – Propaganda.

    Question 1:
    a) How often does the BBC label political parties “far right”
    b) How often does the BBC label political parties “far left”

    Question 2:
    a) How often does the BBC label a politician “far right”
    b) How often does the BBC label a politician “far left”

    Question 3:
    Does the label “far left” have the same level of repugnance associated with it as the label “far right”?

    Question 4:
    What one policy will have the BBC label a political party or a politician “far right”

    Question 5:
    Why does the BBC not examine members of the Labour Party Shadow Cabinet for:
    a) Qualifications and competence?
    b) Past and current support of terrorists groups and anti-western groups?


    • Dystopian says:

      I’ve another one for you…

      How often do you hear the term far right thugs?
      How often do you hear the term far left thugs?

      Have you also noticed that when they are far left “thugs” they are “campaigners”!


  7. EnglandExpects says:

    When Marr is the Sunday morning biased political commentary on an openly left wing subscription only channel called British Socialist Broadcasting Corporation with a small audience , then I’ll be happy. Until
    then, Marr’s programme enrages me.


    • Deborahanother says:

      Problem is it will carry on regardless no matter how small the viewing figures .Public funds mean two fingers to taxpayers. Marr is a highly favoured BBC appartcik and the rest of us have to lump it.I no longer watch but still have to pay.
      My only good thought about a Corbyn government is we will be going down the pan financially and into a major recession so people will have to get used to rubbish services and lower living standards. harsh but rue .If they really think we have it bad in this country ,they aint seen nothing. Ive been through it .They will be grabbing as much cash and property as they came from we so called wealthy pensioners.


      • MarkyMark says:

        What organisation can survive promoting paedophiles and give those paedophiles a safe space to operate?
        – Jimmy Savile

        What organisation can survive paying outlandish and increasing salaries and not be penalised or even when criticised can spin or down play the reporting of it?
        – Chris “£2.3m” Evans

        What organisation promotes people who make up a sexual attack on someones granddaughter – and then get offered more work afterwards?
        – Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand

        What organisation can write stories that do not show the true story and keep them on their website without apology – and then lecture people on how to spot misleading news?
        – Chaos as police stop Hungary migrant train – Gavin Hewitt – BBC -Sep 2015

        What organisation pays its top executives £450K pa and allows them to claim for a sandwich or drink (hospitality) at £34.76?
        – Tony Hall

        What organisation says it promotes equality and does not apply it and tries to hide the fact it does not want equality?
        – Gender pay differences for same jobs

        What organisation hides it’s expenses and employee’s salaries in secondary businesses and hides many of it’s employee salaries off the books?

        What organisation sets up external auditing company filled with ex-employees who have a stake in hiding the truth or at least playing down the facts?
        – Ofcom

        What organisation allows its staff to use the company brand to promote themselves and their own opinions as agreed facts, or at least formed opinion of the organisation?
        – e.g. CarFest and Crisps

        What organisation forces people to pay for its product, under threat of going to prison and pays its staff wages from these threats?
        – TV License

        What organisation promotes frauds giving them air time when they have been shown to be liars and cheats?
        – Uri Geller exposed by James Randi

        What organisation says it will change and then does nothing about it?


      • STEVONATRON says:

        I’m reading Animal Farm again, and watching segments of the Labour conference is so amusingly similar. They want to throw away all their conceived shackles and “human clothes” and to be free to eat (spend) as much as they want. Only after the party do they realise they’re now walking naked, cold and hungry because no one is producing the goods and keeping order. That’s when communist totalitarianism steps in to control the newly realised anger.

        But of course the Labour Red Army of disabled multi-raced LGBTQ minions claim we’ve never witnessed REAL socialism or REAL communism.


  8. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Amazing how clueless and Stalinist the Labour Party conference has become.
    Brexit is not to be discussed from the floor, Momentum and Corbyn have ordained this, and it has happened.
    No curiosity whatsoever from the BBC-very Chinese Communist Party.
    I find that the Cultural Red Guard that used to do Maos dirty work remind me most of Momentum.
    And the statues, banning of viewpoints not in step with Corbyns is the Weimar Republic.
    Whichever way you look at it-it`s state corporatism and totalitarianism under a faux liberal flag with socialist underpinnings. National Fascism, more Mussolini than Hitler-but still revolutionary socialism.


  9. Martin Pinder says:

    Corbyn evolving? I though he was decomposing!


  10. JosF says:

    Sorry but when it comes to the garden gnome corbyn and raising steam is the steam raising from the pile of steaming shit that is the proposed policies of corbyn and the labour party, The steam raising from corbyn and labour certainly isnt on the scale of A1 60163 Tornado acheiving the magic 100 MPH on the ECML this year on a test run.