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One for the number crunching skills and meticulous record keeping of Craig at Is the BBC biased?

Charles Moore on Any Questions got remoaner hackles up [audience heavily Remoaner, pro-BBC?  Judging by the extremely hostile response to Moore might suggest so] and Dimbleby on the defensive as he suggested the BBC coverage was biased and negative towards Brexit…the BBC more often than not adding ‘despite Brexit’ to any good news stories [that’s if they publish or broadcast that good news and don’t just bury it] portraying Brexit as a bad thing…..

“The answer should not really be blamed I think on those who wish to leave but on those who wish to remain.

“They’re throwing every possible obstacle in the way. 

“Whether it’s a legal case, whether it’s mucking around in the House of Lords, whether it’s the quite extraordinary behaviour of your own dear corporation Jonathan, in the way they report this. It’s absolutely true.

“Have you noticed that whenever there’s a business story on the BBC, they say ‘the profits of this company have gone up, despite Brexit’.

Dimbleby responds….

Mr Dimbleby tried to go on the attack and said “all views were held” on the BBC.

He said: “Just a matter of fact. Of course, you’re on this programme and very good to have you on the programme, that’s the nature of the BBC, all views are held.

“But it would be quite interesting for you to produce, you may be able to, chapter and verse for the number of times in which a BBC business reporter or other has said the words that you attributed to the BBC.”

Moore slips in the knife…

“I think the accusatory answer from Jonathan confirms the point I’m making about where he stands on all this.”

Which I think I fair enough…I was listening to the spat and Dimbleby was most put out…they can dish it out but don’t like being caught out.  They’ll say Farage had blood on his hands over the death of a Polish man when that was, even at the time, a blatant lie, but won’t apologise or admit they were wrong to slander him like that.  Hope Farage sues them for every penny.

The thing is, as we all know, Moore was 100% correct, the BBC, and so many of their carefully selected guests, frequently add ‘despite Brexit’ to economic stories….naturally no one I suspect has been logging every instance…maybe Craig has been noting a few down but in the meantime here’s some Dimbleby can’t deny…

Obama: Special relationship remains despite Brexit

UK construction rises despite Brexit vote

Siemens promises UK investment despite Brexit warning

Of course that particular form of words is not the only one used to suggest good economic news has arrived even as the ‘disastrous’ Brexit takes effect…and even then the BBC still levers in the phrase…

GSK: UK still ‘attractive’ post Brexit as it invests £275m

GlaxoSmithKline is to invest £275m to expand its UK manufacturing sites, saying the country remains “an attractive location” despite Brexit.


and of course we have the bad news stories that are ‘due to Brexit’.

“Brexit has had a stronger effect now. Export expectations in the chemicals sector have fallen significantly due to Britain.”


The UK and US have reached a deal to develop a special relationship for science.

An agreement between the two countries aims to make it easier for researchers to travel, collaborate and share facilities.

US science bodies are said to be “eager” to take advantage of research opportunities lost because of Brexit.


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14 Responses to Craig’s List?

  1. Scroblene says:

    UK business is lapping up all the new sales opportunities, despite the BBC.

    I’d be interested to know how many firms actually base their marketing strategies on the advice from the financial super-human wizards based in W1A…

    I mean, some of them in those expensive champagne-bottled corridors at the BBC have a degree in gender studies!

    They must know the price of fish! (Cheaper and better for our fishermen after Brexit, without some fat stupid idiot in Brussels telling them what they can and can’t do. The others can all bugger off and find new fishing grounds for themselves).


  2. Eddy Booth says:

    Imagine all the good business news that would be appearing, if we were actually leaving on time and on budget next June -and the government were busy sourcing trade deals to start next year.
    Instead we might be escaping 2 years 8 months late, and 20 billion over budget and counting.


  3. Up2snuff says:

    Jonathan Dimbleby reacted angrily and asked for evidence last night. BBC News has obligingly provided more of it in the 7 and 8pm Bulletins tonight on Radio 4. Both mentioned Colin Firth’s reasons for applying for an Italian passport including ‘due to Brexit’. They are stupidly transparent.

    Lord Hall has lost control over the organisation. That is if he ever had any. Perhaps he is happy with the BBC abandoning any degree or pretence of political neutrality?

    I think if this continues he should really be served a cardboard note by OFCOM before being invited to personally inspect the weave, pattern and colour of the carpet in the Director of OFCOM’s office.


    • Scroblene says:

      I wish Colin Firth would bugger off to Italy.

      Luvvies have no place in business here in the UK, they may think they bring money in via the odd film, but most of it doesn’t make much difference, they’ve been propped up with grants etc. for years.

      Gone yet?


      • rthornton says:

        Do you have any figures to support that?

        The “odd film”? Have you seen the size of Pinewood recently?


        • Up2snuff says:

          I wonder how many UK actors and actresses (and come to that, BBC employees) featured in the Mossack Fonseca papers?

          The first thing that luvvies in the money seem to acquire is multiple extra homes, not many of which are in the UK.


    • chrisH says:

      How very dare we besmirch the BBC.
      Moore accused the BBC of continually using the phrase “because of Brexit”. No wonder Dimbleby got the hump. It`s clear that Firth says NOT ” because of brexit”.
      No-he says “DUE to Brexit”.
      Not “because”…but “due”!!!
      BBC-innocent as ever, you fascists will need some serious counselling, if not re-education.


      • Up2snuff says:

        I sentence you to five years of continuous tapes of BBC’s Rumpole of the Bailey.

        Oh! Hang on, that might not be a penal sentence. Make it five years of listening to Mishal Husain AND Laura Kuenssberg on the TODAY Programme.


    • Demon says:

      I personally think if a person holds, or acquires, a passport of a different country then his British passport should lapse and he be forbidden from using it in this country. With that means they lose the right to vote, but must still pay taxes for all work undertaken in the UK. The buggers can’t have it both ways.


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    Scientifically speaking, Brexit has not happened yet, so nothing can be attributed to Brexit, other than from traders optimism about the predicted advantages stated below.

    However, proxy evidence from territories similar to Britain, but not in the EU, indicate that Brexit would boost our standard of living by between 11 percent and 24 percent.

    An analysis of the differences between Britain and these territories would indicate that this would be due to the democratic freedom of not paying billions of pounds for the privilege of having a trade deficit with, and suffering from a protection racket for EU members, making food and fuel much more expensive for the British consumer.

    As you can see, the scientific method can also be used for Brexit, and proves that the statement “Despite Brexit” is an aberration within the minds of people with a fear of the unknown, due to ignorance of the existence of nations outside of the EU, etc. Probably due to not being taught about the Commonwealth at School, as I think Her (Brexit supporting) Majesty would attest too.


  5. Rick Bradford says:

    Dimbleby is right when he says that at the BBC, all views are held.

    It’s just that some views are held in contempt, while others are held up as unchallengeable truth.


  6. Robin Horbury says:

    Alan, you note ‘naturally no one I suspect has been logging every instance’. Well actually News-watch did, they logged all the Today programme’s business news slots for six months after the referendum vote. This is what the report concluded:

    ‘…of the 366 guest speakers, 192 (52.5%) were negative about the impact
    of the vote and only 60 (16.3%) expressed opinions which were pro-Brexit or saw the post referendum
    economic outlook as positive. That is three times more anti-Brexit speakers
    than pro-Brexit ones. There were 114 (31%) neutral contributions.

    ‘The most serious imbalance was that only 10 (2.9%) of the Business News interviews (from
    six speakers) were with supporters of withdrawal from the EU. They were thus a tiny
    minority in the overall welter of negativity, and their positive points were generally not
    followed up by programme presenters. So the pro-Brexit sector of business was virtually

    ‘In classifying 60 speakers as ‘positive’, News-watch has erred on the side of caution. Only 31
    were strongly optimistic about the post-Brexit economic landscape. The others were
    favourable, but only lukewarm or qualified in their assessments. ‘

    The report can be read in full here:


  7. Nibor says:

    I know that BECAUSE of our membership of the EU , our international road haulage is non existent .

    I know that there are still British fishermen DESPITE our membership of the EU .


  8. Jerry Owen says:

    ‘All views are equal, but some views are more equal than others’.