Brexit Uber Alles



If I can put it to you, for someone like myself, it was in 1933, the year of my birth, that Hitler was democratically elected in Germany. He unleashed the most horrendous war. This country played a unique role in securing his defeat.

”So Germany lost the war. We’ve just handed them the opportunity to win the peace. I find that quite unacceptable.“   Michael Heseltine


The BBC has  been feting and glorifying Merkel in the last few days, no doubt in the certainty that she will be re-elected so a bit of sycophancy won’t go amiss from people who want access.

Apparently the German people all love her for her immigration policy which, also apparently, reflects their own views and values.  Naturally this was said with a tone of deep approval from the BBC.

No sign of any real critical thinking from the BBC.  Merkel makes a completely unilateral decision [was the German government asked let alone the rest of Europe?] to fling open the borders of Europe and invite in millions of Muslims.  This ties in with another question….is she the most successful agent that the Russians have ever had?  Merkel was raised in East Germany and was an enthusiastic Young Communist at the same time coincidentaly that Putin, a KGB officer, was stationed near her and quite possibly met her in the course of her duties as a party organiser.  No thoughts on that from the BBC of course.

One side to Putin’s decision to intervene in Syria was that he saw the mass immigration of millions of Muslims into Europe as a weapon…any coincidence that Merkel then actually smashes Europe’s borders and invites in overhelming numbers of people with radically different culture, beliefs and values to Europeans?  Short term we have a massive increase in crime and disruption, long term we have culture wars and the destabilisation and breakdown of society.  What’s not to like from Russia’s perspective?  An irony perhaps that we keep hearing how concerned the Germans are about Russian interference in the German elections….perhaps there is a reason we haven’t actually seen any…as their preferred candidate is the more than probable winner! If it ain’t broke….. Odd how the BBC doesn’t run with this conspiracy theory when it is more than ready to run with a similar one about Trump on less evidence.

Heseltine is wrong about Brexit…Brexit or no Brexit Germany is in charge in Europe….with Putin pulling the strings?


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14 Responses to Brexit Uber Alles

  1. Fedup2 says:

    Hezza couldn’t give a damn about ordinary British people( like me ). He has that air of entitlement which gives to politicians after they’ve been in their game for a while .
    I can’t believe he is being so much attention . Many remainers, after all , accuse grown brexiters of stealing their future when they are gonna be dead soon . How old is hezza ?

    Al beeb has blessed the house Frau for pulling a million alien social problems in to her country without any democratic authority – a worse case that Blair brown decision to allow unrestricted Eastern Europeans into Blighty like a tidal wave. But on the upside many are European as opposed to alien islamists


    • Eddy Booth says:

      The Russia are not so daft as to want to risk a future, Muslim controlled Western Europe.


      • joeadamsmith says:

        To a certain extent I agree with this article, Eddy, but, your comment trumps (no pun intended) it. I still think that Alan has a point. It is also possible that Putin might have underestimated the numbers of muslims coming through to Europe (sic)

        But, and here’s the rub – eastern European countries are rebelling against the migrant influx…. And, who might they turn to for help? Their eastern neighbour – Russia…..

        Therefore, I’m a bit of a fence-sitter on this…


  2. Lucy Pevensey says:
    German police under fire for advising women to ‘jog in pairs’ after brutal rape incident


  3. Englands Dreaming says:

    Merkel may be many things, but Russian stooge I dont think is one of them, conspiracy theories belong on lesser sites. Certainly there is Russian influence, but its more due to troughers like Gerhard Schröder.

    Germany introduces a new law next month, which hasnt got much coverage, concerning “hate” speech on the internet. There was a Beeb report on the usually awful radio program BBC Trending. However, this one was actually factual and well balanced – parties on both the left and right dont like the new law as they see it being used as a tool to lean on the internet companies to censor content. Free speech is becoming more of a concept now than a right, everyday it seems the wedge gets thicker.


  4. tarien says:

    Of course its offensive to many to see Germany negoiating the peace, but the EU et al have encouraged it. Then why was Heseltine for remaining in Europe? One asks. Yes he is a Bildergerger, and a close associate of the Elitist class/Bankers whose aim is to engage in a New World Order as is proclaimed. In fact it would be a good idea of the old boy kept quite and enjoyed his retirement. Whatever may be claimed or said by the media, by allowing and encouraging a million migrants into Germany, the Islamic Ideology will creepingly get a strangle hold that nation as it is doing in other countries of Europe-England has a Muslim Mayor of London, why because the Muslim will always vote for the Muslim candidate its vote will not be split across several other political parties. The muslim should never be allowed to vote, that shoild be the ruling all over Europe like it or not however rather think it is too late to change-too many snow flakes holding us down.


  5. Cranmer says:

    It’s said that generals are always fighting the previous war. I think the same is true for politicians and commentators.

    War and oppression, when it comes, will not come in the form of National Socialism from Germany. We have had 70 years of propaganda indoctrinating us into this ‘warning from history’ stuff. But the trouble is the devil always finds a new disguise to catch us unawares. This time I don’t think we need to worry about the far right in Germany. It’s the far LEFT we need to worry about, and their open-borders, multicultural obsessions which are creating terrible tensions across the continent.

    Three times in the last 150 years Germany has caused devastation. (two world wars and the Franco-Prussian war). In a twisted attempt at humility they risk doing it again.

    The Germans can’t seem to do anything by halves, they have to go all out for whatever ideological goal they have set themselves, whether it’s the conquest of Europe or the replacement of their own population.

    Philip Larkin (I think) referred to a visit he made to Germany before the war and said something like ‘There’s something deeply wrong with a country where someone will wait for a crossing light to change in a deserted street with no cars on it, before he crosses the road.’


  6. NCBBC says:

    Germany is screwed. By Merkel.

    Anyway. If Sharia is to be successful anywhere, it will probably be in Germany, as it will be implemented with typical German efficiency.

    Jews – better get out fast from Germany, while you still can, and still get a good price for immovable assets, such as houses.

    Same applies to genuine Christians such as Heidi Mund. There will be no place for non-collaborating Christians like her, unless they submit as Dhimmis.


    • Doublethinker says:

      It will be a race to see which country falls to Islam first. The current leader in this race to the Islamic hell hole is Sweden followed closely by France and then comes Britain with Germany coming up quickly thanks to Merkel’s migrants. Of course various other countries such a Belgium or Holland are also in the vanguard. Only the Eastern Europeans are holding out against this Islamic tidal wave that is engulfing the rest of Europe. Good luck to them . Ironically the flame of western civilisation may continue to burn in those countries that were once in the Soviet block because they wouldn’t let anyone in or out and so migrants never got there. My advice is keep them out , guard your borders and tell the lunatics in Brussels where they can stick their quota of Merkel’s migrants.
      As for Hezza he is just a silly old fool who thinks that the uk has/had some influence inside the EU. We never had much and it was draining away as the Germans gained strength from the euro . But I still think the liberal left elite will contrive to over turn the Referendum and that we will never effectively leave the EU.


  7. Emperors New Clothes says:

    The Muslim invasion might well be Merkel that opened the flood gates. She is a communist. Once a communist always a communist and has no children of her own and therefore has no stake in the future, but it was the Barcelona Declaration agreed in 1995 that gave the green light to millions of Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East as exchange for trade deals. The agreement became active in 2010 and all Merkel had to do was open the door.
    As for Heseltine, he must know that the EEC was a plan put together during WWII and constructed by Nazis after the war to win the peace and all backed by the CIA and American money to favour US foreign policy. The Plan was to control all the resources of Europe for a greater Germany under the control of a cartel of companies called I G Farben and even its first president of Europe from 1957 for 10 years was a card carrying Nazis Walter Hallstein. And Heseltine has been instrumental in his political career to keep the UK in and still wants us controlled by this organization? That makes him a quisling.


  8. Alicia Sinclair says:

    As long as we are clearly out of the EU and its German dominance, then we`ll be OK.
    Proper borders, no Eurozone and the dying off of the likes of Heseltine, Prescott etc.
    Putin is a patriot who plays an obvious political game, as do most leaders we know of.
    Only the EU seems intent of dissolving its nations into one Muslim blancmange with a furry jackboot in the middle.
    The Visegrad Group are our future trading-we need to rediscover Nicholas Ridley, and be nasty to Brussels-Old Europe will be going Muslim in our lifetimes, and we`ll need Russia and the Eastern bloc with Poland in(etc), to keep Old Eurabia caged.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Having watched the non event of Mays Speach – basically surrendering Blighty to another bloody two years of the poisonous EU I switched off before I could be further wound up by the al beeboid and their acolytes working out the latest attempt to subvert democracy and keep us in the socialist union.

    Do the left and the ‘hard right ‘ – there is none other – will be rightly calling for her head. I guess JRM will remain loyal and either be silent for a while or get prodded by al Beeb to make a self destructive comment .

    Please – brexit terr politician – have a proper go at al Beeb bias instead of ignoring it in so many awful so called interviews.


  10. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Hi – general question to all: was the following before or after Merkel threw open the Gates of Vienna?

    I somehow developed a notion that this event affected the heart and then mind of this Merkel woman – who then acted in the way traditionalist used to say wimmen (with rare exceptions) acted.


  11. Flexdream says:

    Not heard BBC Any Questions for a while. Tonight came from Lancing College, the area has a UKIP councillor, a Conservative MP, and voted 54.6% Leave. Where then did the anti-Brexit pro-Labour audience come from then?