Our dreams died because the BBC lied


Official data from the United Nations reveals where the 5million Britons who have emigrated have chosen to settle


The BBC continues to try and scare the young about Brexit with stupid stories…maybe that’s why they are completely in the dark about the real world…the real world that isn’t suddenly shut off when Brexit happens whatever BBC journalists and Remainders tell them and they seem to believe…..

Young people fear for futures in Brexit Britain, says study

More than two-thirds of young people in the UK have an “international outlook” and many fear for their prospects once the UK leaves the EU, says a report.

Ipsos Mori questioned a representative group of almost 2,000 18 to 30-year-olds for a study by cross-party think tank Demos, for the British Council.

Many of those interviewed were still “angry and emotional” about last year’s vote to leave the EU but the report notes that, while 69% of young people who voted were in favour of remaining, about half did not vote.

Of those polled, six in 10 said they would vote to remain if another referendum was held now.

“While there are certainly those who see leaving the EU as a great opportunity, many participants in our focus groups were worried about impacts on their lives, prospects and future plans, including constraining opportunities to work and study in other countries,” says the report.

“Furthermore there was some concern that internationally the UK will be seen as a country looking inwards at a time when global co-operation has never been more important.”

Hmmm…so a nation that seeks to head out into the world breaking free from the constraints of the EU is isolating itself?  How dumb can you be to believe that?  Just look at the map at the top of the post and see where Brits are emigrating to….and it’s not Europe for the jobs and opportunity…Spain is the most popular destination in the EU but that’s for people who want to retire in the main and so doesn’t count in a survey about young people upset that they won’t be able to work in Europe….supposedly.  It is the young in this survey who seem to have a ‘little EU’ mindset, unprepared to look beyond Europe’s borders for opportunities….it is they who are isolationist and anti-globalisation it would seem.

What do these young want from an education at school?…

The report also found many were frustrated with an education system they saw as overly focused on grades rather than life skills like money management, healthy eating, mental health and relationships.About half felt their education had failed to properly prepare them for the world of work or for adulthood generally.

Snowflake generation…think so.  Not sure how an employer is supposed to assess your suitability for a job when they aren’t able to judge your competence and ability and your willingness to work for a result via grades.  Still, the skill of chatting up the opposite sex, lettuce eating and not spending more than you earn are no doubt also of value in the workplace.

Just another example of how the negative and false BBC narrative on the EU and Brexit damages Britain and society.




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21 Responses to Our dreams died because the BBC lied

  1. Aether63 says:

    BBC still channeling the ghost of Norman Reddaway who was head of the IRD.We need to send for an exorcist.


  2. Edward says:

    So, young people are becoming politically savvy with an international outlook, yet struggling with the concept of work?

    Best to get a grip of work before obtaining an “international outlook”. Perhaps young peoples’ views on Brexit would change?


    • vesnadog says:

      “Best to get a grip of work before obtaining an “international outlook”. Perhaps young peoples’ views on Brexit would change?”


      The majority of them on the very first day when they are told – See that metal box thing over there in the corner – Yes? Well, go and punch your card on the Clock thingy!


  3. TruthSeeker says:

    Youth and the EU.
    In the UK population, the youth have been subjected, for decades, to the best Communist propaganda education our money can buy.
    Most BBBC contributors know about this from personal experience, but have reflected on the lefty lies they were taught at school, and are still subjected to from all directions of the compass while the earth rotates.

    Do you know what kiddies? Many of us now believe that the lefty bollox, is, well, bollox.
    Nasty, treasonous, bollox at that.
    So when we read the latest ‘ism that the BBC and other lefty traitors are peddling as fact. Fact that every person should be know about. We have a dual response. Hilarity that this nonsense is being put forward seriously and concern. Concern that some people are so immature and gullible that many believe it. Yes this is you kiddies, immature, you need to grow up, fast.

    Transgender people, the current lefty favourite, are as rare as hens teeth. Most people outside the medical profession will go through life without meeting some unfortunate with this condition. So stop worrying about it kiddies, leave that to the doctors. You need to think about why you are being lied to and why you are not hypersceptical about your sources of information and opinions.

    Which brings me to Euroscepticism, a BBC favourite. Which before, during and after the referendum was on the lips of every BBC broadcaster 24/7. Some more bad news for you kiddies, Eurosceptics are also rare, always have been. Here on BBBC we are anti the EU. NOT ANTI EUROPE AS THE LYING BEEBOIDS TELL YOU AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY, ANTI EU. Why? Circumspice.

    Concerned about leaving the EU kiddies? Then you are either ignorant, stupid, Communist or some combination thereof. BBBC cannot help with the stupidity, but can assist with the other defects.

    Want a job? Stay in the UK. Dubious? Look at the EU unemployment figures, especially the youth unemployment figures. Grim. They become grimmer when some Eurotraitor imports a million aliens, then gives them priority over Europeans so they will vote for the totalitarian EU. Merkel and Blair being the two most prominent Eurotraitors. Moral vote UKIP.

    Now read the previous sentence again until you are sure you know what I am claiming.

    Mario Draghi. Also known as Mario Whatever It Takes Draghi. Mario printed a couple of trillion Euros (also known as Ponzi money), again, recently. To shore up the totalitarian finances of the Euroarea, he hopes, yet again.

    Do you remember the White Queen in “Through the Looking Glass”? The Queen who could believe six impoaaible things before breakfast. Well kiddies, if you believe the Europhiles you are one of the White Queen generation.

    Homework for today.
    #1 Learn about recent Greek Economic History and what the EU will do to preserve itself.
    #2 Learn why the EU, successors to the Marxists who killed one hundred million people, want its own armed forces.
    #3 Learn why the EU has not only not kept the peace in Europe but its actions have made war in Europe very likely.


  4. Guest Who says:

    I see that article has an open HYS.

    For now.

    Not going well.


  5. JamesArthur says:

    Whilst they say the survey was a representative selection of young people some figures raise my eyebrow and like most reports it doesn’t take much to see through some of it.. 2000 telephone interview, focus groups involving a whole 80 people ..steered by a group of young adults (18-30). It says representative sample..

    A quick look at the spread shows 15% did A level languages – which is way above the normal percentage if you look at the figures over the last 20 years – so skewed already – not representative and 15% have lived abroad…
    What’s worrying is that
    “According to our survey, over half of young adults (51 per cent) feel ‘British’to a great extent, while eight in ten feel at least some sense of British identity”
    only half felt British to a great extent and the rest…Jolly good of them to feel at least some sense of Britishness!

    What this report doesn’t do is ask them whether there is any rationale reason for their dislike of Brexit…or was it all “emotional’ as the report suggests…
    We were all young once and we all thought we knew it all….it’s one of the benefits of experience – you realise how little you knew…

    However what I did find was a report released from the same organisation as the one above last week that states that

    “One in five (21%) on average say that immigration has had a positive effect on their country compared with two in five (42%) who say it has had a negative impact……” This was a world wide study…..and it says views on immigration are downbeat..

    Did the BBC highlight that one?


    • Guest Who says:

      Like most things BBC, their surveys are usually ‘unique’.

      Currently on Facebook BBC Newsbeat is recruiting 16-22 year olds to take part a ‘debate’ about how woefully they are treated by old white men, which is THE problem. Apparently.

      So far it has not gone well for them in the comments, so they are persisting until they get the right kind of Remainers on the line, at which point they pull the plug forever.

      Plus ca change.


  6. charmbrights says:

    I seem to recall a comedian saying:
    When I was 16 I thought my father knew nothing; when I was 21 I was surprised how much he had learned in the last five years!


    • miker22 says:

      I think it was Mark Twain: “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years”


    • miker22 says:

      I think it was Mark Twain: “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years”


  7. Jerry Owen says:

    Oops Alan! Suggesting that people might chat up people of the .. ‘opposite sex’ , bit of homophobia there!!
    You’ll never be employed by the National Trust!
    I found the figure of 6 out of 10 would vote remain in another referendum quite surprising and welcome in that I thought the dumbo figure would be around about 8 out of ten .


  8. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Quote: ” More than two-thirds of young people in the UK have an “international outlook” ”

    Let me fix that sentence.
    Young people in the UK ARE TOLD THEY MUST have an “international outlook”

    It’s what establishment globalists are pushing at youth.


  9. Nibor says:

    Here we go . Young People . Never get old do they , BBC ? Like Peter Pan , they stay in that Club 18 -30 bracket for their whole natural.
    Beeboids, grow up yourselves, stop trying on the old versus young as its either irritating or boring . You are an old institution that we can do without, but if you went back to your old values , before the Gramscians took over , we may learn to love you again .


  10. Wild Bill says:

    As a parent of three healthy (not obese) working children, who are all now in their twenties, I thought teaching “life skills like money management, healthy eating, mental health and relationships” was more the job of the parents than the schools?
    Even now I still discuss these subjects with my kids.


  11. Nibor says:

    Hands up all the people over thirty who still hold the same opinions as they did when they were eighteen .

    How long have you lot worked for the BBC ? I see and have you ever done a proper job or one out of the public sector ? Have you ever met a worker you haven’t despised , patronised or poked fun of ? What private school did you go to and how inferior did you feel to the sporty popular ones there ? When did you start thinking that the wrong people were in power and people like yourself should rule the land ? Was it at ” uni ” that you thought socialism or Marxism would bring the ones you were jealous of down to your level and maybe you would be elevated above them ? Is it then you decided that no job in the private sector was worth your time and you could help undermine society by joining the BBC ?


  12. Alicia Sinclair says:

    I find that Milton Friedmans razor applies to the snowflakes. “Do you want open borders?”

    Well how does that square with having a “nationally funded welfare state then”?
    It doesn`t-freeloaders from outside the nation will bring your system crashing down, getting free care that they haven`t paid for-but you have.
    Clearly hardly anybody is currently paying for anything at all, but the principle still shuts them up.
    Let them square their circus ring?…can`t be done.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Possibly a new BBC campaign – #BBCAndTheSocialistPotOfGlory ?

      A call to all BBC Top Earners who are in the Labour Party, we are going to implement the socialist Labour dream today!

      You will give all your savings, wages, clothing, cars, house keys, furniture, pets, future earnings, pensions and food to Jeremy Corbyn, he will then divide them all up and give everyone, what he thinks is an equal share.

      To begin this momentous moment in history the top leaders and BBC presenters might drop their offerings into the Socialist Pot Of Glory Today – ready to be shared equally!

      Jeremy Corbyn – Salary £125K* + expenses + gifts from companies
      Chris Evans – £2.2 million + expenses + gifts from companies
      Sadiq Khan – £143K + expenses + gifts from companies
      Gary Lineker – £1.8million + expenses + gifts from companies
      Keith Vaz – £75K + expenses + 5 houses (1 house is used for MP duties, so tax payer is paying for it) + expenses + gifts from companies
      Diane Abbot – £75K + expenses + BBC TV appearances + gifts from companies

      * Please note that these people are paid with money extracted from the public in the form of taxes.
      * Salaries based on data found internet, willing to adjust if wrong.
      // {{old post}


    • soyelcaminodelfuturo says:

      Alicia – perfect, basic arithmetic. What could you possibly disagree with?


  13. Up2snuff says:

    alan, where did you get those maps and what time periods do they cover?


    • DongleDong says:

      It looks to have been produced by the Mail Online and yes it would be helpful to know what period it covers.